Download Pokemon Crystal Shard (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON CRYSTAL SHARD GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON CRYSTAL SHARD GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon Crystal Shard HACKER: Argent Crusader ROMBASE: Emerald VERSION: Beta 1 LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT FEATURES Remember what happened in the Crystal version. But advanced! *New Sprites. *Maps of Johto. *Script more accurate possible to GSC. *Kanto and Johto. *Much more! STORY Three years after a Pallet Town's boy began his adventure, a trainer in New Bark Town, Johto, left his house for... [Read More]

Download Pokemon Arcoiris (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON ARCOIRIS GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON ARCOIRIS GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon Arcoiris (Orange Islands) HACKER: Numus and Ra ROMBASE: Ruby VERSION: Final LANGUAGE: Espanol SCREENSHOT FEATURES *He(she) explores the Orange Islands, the regions of the legendary birds(fire island, thunder island and ice island), the Oringin Island(mewtwo and mew), between others... *Map totally new. *Principal Personage: Ash and Misty. *Presence of pokemon of the 4 season. *Starter: Only Picachu. *Bonuss: Chicorita, Cindaquil, Totodile,... [Read More]

Download Pokemon PurePink (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON PUREPINK GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON PUREPINK GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon PurePink HACKER: MikaruMenoko ROMBASE: FireRed VERSION: Beta 2 LANGUAGE: English HACK INFO STORY You are a girl who for the first time leaves her hometown, Greeninville, to reach the near village and spend a night with a childhood friend. The mother of her friend is a Pokémon professor and she asks to you and her daughter... [Read More]

Download Pokemon Fluorite (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON FLUORITE GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON FLUORITE GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon Fluorite HACKER: Dark Sneasel ROMBASE: Emerald VERSION: Beta 1 LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT INTRODUCTION Hi, I'm Dark Sneasel. I've been hacking for a year now, and am presenting my first hack. My favorite pokemon game was emerald, so this takes a lot of inspiration from it, including it's storyline. Well, I hope you like it. STORY Everyone knows the... [Read More]

Download Pokemon Gold hack(gbc)

Nama:Gold by gran
Fitur:bisa mendapatkan legendary di permulaan game,font berwarna hijau

DOWNLOAD(jar)(817 kb)

Credits:Eident Crawlers

Download Pokemon Yellow Advance (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON YELLOW ADVANCE GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON YELLOW ADVANCE GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon Yellow Advance HACKER: LinkandZelda ROMBASE: FireRed VERSION: Alpha 1 LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT INTRO Pokémon Yellow is how I got into Pokémon for the first time back when I was a kid. I was at some after school club that had gameboy colours, so I got a chance to play one of them with Pokémon... [Read More]

Download Touhoumon Marisa's Magic World (GBA)

DOWNLOAD TOUHOUMON MARISA'S MAGIC WORLD | WALKTHROUGH TOUHOUMON MARISA'S MAGIC WORLD HACK INFO NAME: Touhoumon Marisa's Magic World HACKER: Aichiya Sanae ROMBASE: Ruby VERSION: v1.30 (Final) LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT INTRODUCTION This ROM hack replaces all 386 Pokemon present in the game with the various Touhou characters , where they are called "Boneka" Indonesian for "doll". In contrast to most other Pokemon ROM hacks which usually follow a story, Marisa's... [Read More]

Chap 3

Setelah di white city,kota yang...biasa-biasa saja,di region ini kau tidak bisa membedakan kota satu sama lain "ayo langsung serbu gym-nya!"sahut remus "oke,tapi hati-hati,gym disini kuat-kuat"kata zack "kenapa?"tanya remus "karena-" omongan zack terputus,keluar aura hitam dari langit merasuki zack,lalu zack berbicara "ya jelas dong!10 orang yang daftar pake charizard!sisanya pake poke macam hydreigon,swampert,typhlosion,semuanya pseudo legend!susah ngaturnya tau!" setelah zack selesai bicara,aura hitam keluar dari tubuh zack,kembali ke langit "hah?aku... [Read More]

Download Pokemon Zandite (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON ZANDITE GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON ZANDITE GBA HACK INFO NAME: Pokemon zandite HACKER: SpyGuy ROMBASE: FireRed VERSION: Alpha LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT INTRODUCTION I am glad to say that pokemon zandite is now in ALPHA stage! For those of you who don't know, pokemon zandite is a hack project that is being developed by a team of pokemon hackers (Team solar and lunar!) And thanks to the members... [Read More]

Download Touhou Puppet Play (GBA)

DOWNLOAD POKEMON PUPPET PLAY GBA | WALKTHROUGH POKEMON TOUHOU PUPPET PLAY GBA HACK INFO NAME: Touhou Puppet Play HACKER: Agastya ROMBASE: Emerald VERSION: v1.812 LANGUAGE: English SCREENSHOT INTRODUCTION I'm sure that you've heard of Touhou Puppet Play (referred to as "Touhoumon" from this point on) at least once by now, and that's what this is. For those of you innocent enough to not know what it is, it is... [Read More]
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