Cheat hex Pokemon Slot 1 - pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team

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Perdana nih gan, ente nyari di gugel belum ada..

Cheat Hex Pokemon Slot 1:
1. Max level
- address hex: 0xC83B
- nilai Hex: FF

2. Max HP
- address hex: 0xC840
- nilai hex: E7 03

3. Max Current HP
- address hex: 0xC842
- nilai Hex: E7 03

4. Max attack
- address hex: 0xC846
- nilai hex: 63

5. Max sp. Attack
- address hex: 0xC847
- nilai hex: 63

6. Max deffense
- address hex: 0xC848
- nilai hex: 63

7. Max sp. Deffense
- address hex: 0xC849
- nilai hex: 63

8. Exp. pts.
- address hex: 0xC84A
- nilai Hex: E7 03

9. Unlimited Move
- address hex:
*Slot 1: 0xC94E
*Slot 2: 0xC956
*Slot 3: 0xC95E
*Slot 4: 0xC966
- nilai hex: 63

untuk slot pokemon lainnya akan segera ane carikan ^^

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7 responses to "Cheat hex Pokemon Slot 1 - pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team"

yohanes on 11:23 AM, 22-Sep-13

hebat gan ifin tau segala macem game pokemon.

Herdi on 03:26 PM, 01-Dec-13

pas ane masukin cheatnya,kok keluar tulisan invalid adress sih

Herdi on 08:49 PM, 01-Dec-13

@poketrainer ifin gan,jwb dong pertanyaan ane yg barusan

Poketrainer Ifin on 11:13 PM, 01-Dec-13

@Herdi, masukin adress atau nilai hexnya?

Herdi on 12:50 PM, 02-Dec-13

Nilai hex

Herdi on 01:16 PM, 02-Dec-13

@poketrainer ifin tambahan,ane maennya pke vba/laptop

Herdi on 09:04 PM, 03-Dec-13

@poketrainer ifin gan,gimna solusinya

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