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Download pokemon adventure green chapter | walkthrough pokemon adventure green chapter

NAME: Pokemon Adventure - Green Chapter
HACKER: Aethostode
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This game is based on the Pokemon Adventure Manga. The game follows the manga closely with nearly all the events inside. However, some events were changed to make it longer. The fact that the game follows the manga closely, you don't get to chose your own starter Pokemon. The game follows the storyline of Green. Most of the events that happen in this game weren't shown in the manga but was implied happened. This is a spinoff of my Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter hack.
One day, a girl from the KANTO REGION was kidnapped by a mysterious FLYING POKEMON. Few years later, she returned back to KANTO only to find out her families is gone, and that KANTO is no longer what she'd remember. Enraged and Curious, she decided to investigate her the origin of the Flying POKEMON that kidnapped her. This eventually got her entwined with Team Rocket and a boy named RED.
*Story follows the story of Green (female protagonist).
*Only girl is playable.
*Not all Pokemon are catch-able
*Jigglypuff is the starter Pokemon.
*Red and Blue will get their default name, while you can name Silver.
*Silver debuts in this game.
*New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and pokemon sprites.
*Game would have OPTIONAL events that would change the storyline.
*See the old and new Kanto.
*The main character speaks in color text.
*No HM FLY yet.
*Several reference to the anime.
*Some trainers have special Pokemon.
*3 new Pokemon types: Fairy, Shadow and Glitch.
*Optional events that would affect the game's outcome.
*Day and night system.
*A bit of Hoenn and Johto Region is playable.
*Gen VI attacks are in the game.
*Mega Evolutions (Blastoise, Wigglytuff, Nidoqueen, Milotic and Parasect)
*Primal Evolution (Cloyster)
*Pokemon Contest is playable
*Don't focus on badge collecting.
*Able to create evolution items.
*Pokeball Changer
The hack follows the story of the manga (extended a little). Most of the story elements are canon to the manga storyline (as they were implied). The storyline implemented so far are categorized in "chapters" format. Those are:

*Ilex Forest Chapter
*Hoenn Escape Chapter
*Slateport Path Chapter
*Shipyard Drama Chapter
*Snubbul Trouble Chapter
*Root of Origin Chapter
*Phantom Pokemon Chapter
*Target Squirtle Chapter
*Signup Chapter
*Secret Weapon Chapter
*Viridian Peril Chapter
*Nido Nido Chapter
*Tournament Chapter
*Gyarados Rampage Chapter
*Mount Moon Chapter
*Metal Scyther Chapter
*Silent Assassin Chapter
*Bill Info (Optional) Chapter
*Hiker Warning Chapter
*City Secret Chapter
*Running Man Chapter (Beta 3)
*Run Devil Run Chapter (Beta 3)
*Lavender Chapter (Beta 3)
*Sky High Chapter (Beta 3) (Optional)
The Nanomi Region saga focuses on Green's adventure in the Nanomi Region where she have to combat the deadly disease that is being spread by evil scientist. This saga contains several chapters and would be as big as the main saga. However, this saga can only be played after completing the Main Saga. It should be noted that this saga is non-canon.

*None as of yet
These are some bonus chapters that doesn't exist in the manga but serve as a side story for the players. Most of the bonus chapters offer prizes for the player. Some offer merely an Easter egg or give character development for some minor characters.

*Green Orb Chapter (Completed but only playable when you beat Indigo League).
*Deoxy Destiny Chapter (Incomplete)
*Slateport Contest Chapter (Completed)
*Commerce Contest Chapter (Completed)
*Demon Possession Chapter (Completed)
*Lake Monster Chapter (Partly playable)
*Black Rose Chapter (Incomplete)
*Herp Derp Plot Chapter (Incomplete)
*Deadly Bloom Chapter (Planning)
*Computer Corruption Chapter (Planning)
*Youtube Chapter (Planning)
*Speed Dating Chapter (Planning)
*Blackmail Chapter (Planning)
Q: Why don't I get the Thunder, Earth and Poison Badge?
A: Red only got those badges much much later. Red never gotten the Earth Badge in the manga.

Q: Did the events happened in the game also occurred in the Manga?
A: The main storyline of the game based around the manga. However, there are some events and details that I added inside the game to expand the game play (e.g. Commerce City was a city borrowed from the anime).

Q: I thought I named Blue, why did I end up renaming Silver?
A: I haven't change the sprite in the intro yet.

Q: I thought the girl is Blue, and the boy is Green?
A: That's the Japanese name. I'm going by the English name hence the girl is Green and the boy is Blue.
BETA 3 New!

BETA 2.6


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Sambidoplang Blog on 08:52 AM, 20-Apr-14

Download pokemon adventure: green chapter .gba .zip | full walkthrough pokemon adventure: green chapter gba
#poketrainer ifin

Twin head dragon on 09:08 AM, 20-Apr-14

Keren mas bos,popularitas blog ini akan semakin meroket^^

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:14 AM, 20-Apr-14

@Twin head dragon,
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Meiko Kobayakawa on 09:26 AM, 20-Apr-14

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Rizky Amorieztan on 09:45 AM, 20-Apr-14

wahh Mantap nihh,, ntar ane Download,,

@Dragon'lover$ on 09:57 AM, 20-Apr-14

Wah yg gbc hujan update an yg gba juga..

Rogue Cheney on 10:31 AM, 20-Apr-14

Ane nunggu game pokemon yang meboy 1.6 dan udah final

groundeon on 10:55 AM, 20-Apr-14

ijin comot..

groundeon on 10:58 AM, 20-Apr-14

sukses slalu..
ijin comot gan,

Áñðí Thé Gáúl Blógs on 11:21 AM, 20-Apr-14

Spritenya bagus gan biggrin ane suka

Ryuga on 11:30 AM, 20-Apr-14

@Rogue, gan kalau mau agan bisa buat sendiri, tinggal agan download meboy builder 1.6 dan rom game gbc yang agan mau convert. Nanti tinggal agan convert sendiri dan jadilah game dengan emulator meboy 1.6cheesy-grin

Poketrainer Abdee on 11:56 AM, 20-Apr-14

wah hebat update trus.. majuin ya!

PokeTrainer Arie on 04:38 PM, 20-Apr-14

Wewwss Kerenn.. walaupun anee kalang kabutt mentranslate Fitur nyaa tapii tetep keren..

Kevin Septianto on 06:19 PM, 20-Apr-14

Ane tunggu finalnya aja .. smile

Lulud Setia Agista on 06:22 PM, 20-Apr-14

keren gan.. Ntar malem aj maling ny.

abra on 06:51 PM, 20-Apr-14

yg red chapter belum tamat keluar lg green chapter biggrin bingung ane mau maen yg mana...

chee on 09:59 PM, 20-Apr-14

minta tutorial nya dong gan biggrin

h7ab on 02:19 AM, 21-Apr-14

minta link pokemon xy dong kak..

Ash on 02:36 AM, 21-Apr-14

I dont understand number 15 and 19
How can you dont focus on collection Gym Badges but your main priority is battle with them?

tHr3e on 02:43 AM, 21-Apr-14

Keren... Ada trio geodude (geodudes), M Starmie, Giant Buzz, Pokemon lama tapi grapik dibuat baru..... Manteb beneerrr... langsung ane comot gan.....
@Sambidoplang Blog>#P.I :
ada M.evo pa tidak gan? btw apa bisa evo tanpa tranding?

Sambidoplang Blog on 04:30 AM, 21-Apr-14

@Ash,well the story could be the main priority that you may can skip gyms,battle your rival often,go on an adventure,wandering around,etc

nanang on 10:50 AM, 21-Apr-14

kok tidak bisa evolusi ya??

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:06 PM, 21-Apr-14

@tHr3e, belum ada mega evolusinya. Soal trade evolution aku belum tau :p

cipta budi on 05:01 PM, 21-Apr-14

ada bug nya gak gan?

abra on 07:05 AM, 22-Apr-14

help... Ane stuck di slateport city, jalan dan gym'nya di jaga orang... Ane harus kemana lagi niw?

Ratata on 02:05 AM, 25-Apr-14

Gan, pokemon yg ad mega evolved apa aja ?

Kaz on 05:51 PM, 18-Jul-14

Where does it end

Naru a.k.a H on 02:50 AM, 29-Jul-14

Masa' cuma sampai mt.moon doang...? Blom bisa lawan brock sad
But, It's a nice game... thanks for the one who post it... ^^

SYARIF on 02:07 PM, 30-Jul-14

Ada gak yg blue chapter

Afrizal Defa on 02:58 PM, 21-Aug-14

Yg Blue Chapter rilis tgl 31, bebarengan ama Yellow Chapter.

KyuuJin on 05:33 AM, 23-Aug-14

nyimak dan amati

emad on 04:32 PM, 31-Aug-14

Pokemon is cool and therefun

Fadilz on 08:02 PM, 14-Sep-14

Keren dah ni blog oh iya gan ifin ngepost rom pokemon ndsnya kapan gan jadi gak sbar

从ㄈ之 从人与ㄒ王尺 以了 尺ㄧ之人心 与人ㄗㄩㄒ尺人 on 08:40 PM, 27-Oct-14

Comot biggrin
Ane Bantas Semua Nih biggrin

ELO BOOSTING COMPANY on 02:07 AM, 01-Oct-15

I like this post thnx for posting it im a fan!

AlexMarieAshford on 07:43 PM, 21-Jul-16

In Slateport where do you find Silver so you can get into the boat?

brock on 07:20 PM, 17-Sep-16

esse jogo e foda

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