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Download Pokemon Altair + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia
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Nama: Pokemon Altair
Hacker: Arshes91
Rom Base: Emerald Japanese
Language: Japan
Versi: Final Version
Penghargaan: -

- New Fakemons with the original cry on the game and some original pokemon generation 1 and 4 and maybe some pokemon of generation 5 beta sprite version
- new Hero/Heroine charaters
- Brandon is now the champion of the region hoenn
- some brand new music on this hack for example the wild battle pokemon and the others if you can find
- the evils is change is called black hole and white hole
- all gyms leader is change to news gyms leader
- elite 4 is now hard tp beaten.ecc
- enjoy ^^

- [7.2MB]

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2 responses to "Download Pokemon Altair (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 07:43 PM, 28-Aug-13

Download Rom GBA hack | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon altair complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | gba ROMs | current version | final version

kelvin on 03:50 PM, 06-Sep-13

gan,tlg upload heroes lore zero yang modifan bhasa indo dan cheatnya(sorry aku minta yg aneh2)

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