Download Pokemon Battle Vactory (GB)

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 09:18 PM, 02-Feb-14

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Name: Pokemon Battle Vactory
Hacker: ShantyTown
Rom Base: Red
Language: English
Version: Version 1.1
pokemon battle vactorypokemon battle vactorypokemon battle vactorypokemon battle vactorypokemon battle vactorypokemon battle vactory
This project is a recreation of the Battle Factory from the Battle Frontiers in Gen 3 and Gen 4 games. Most of the features are present, but I'll describe the main components of the game, anyway. You are presented with 6 initial pokemon, from which you pick 3. You then use these 3 pokemon to battle 7 consecutive trainers. After every trainer you defeat, you are given the option to switch one of your pokemon with one of their pokemon. After defeating 7 trainers in a row, you advance to the next class, and each subsequent class has more powerful pokemon to choose from. There are a total of 9 classes in this hack, and there are Factory Heads, which are like bosses, that will challenge you once you get past the first 2 classes.
All of the available pokemon have custom-defined movesets, so it's very possible that this is not a completely balanced game. But then again, pokemon is not a completely balanced game, so I think we're good.
Also, if it's not clear, this is a standalone game, so the only part of this hack is the Battle Factory. You cannot leave the Battle Factory to pursue a normal pokemon master's destiny. Sorry! .
Pokemon battle vactory v1.1.jar [481 KB]
Pokemon battle vactory (zip) [398 KB]

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21 responses to "Download Pokemon Battle Vactory (GB)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 09:20 PM, 02-Feb-14

Download Pokemon Battle Vactory (GB)

Panji Tranvaner on 06:18 AM, 03-Feb-14

Coba mainin ah...

ken on 08:06 AM, 03-Feb-14

mantap,ini seperti battle tent di versi RSE
inovasi baru nih

Silver on 02:35 PM, 03-Feb-14

izin dunlut ya gan

Romy ZM on 07:26 PM, 03-Feb-14

Udah full ya gan ?

lucario-m on 08:22 PM, 03-Feb-14

Wew GB biggrin
Gan klu ada gba baru cepet di posting ea..^^

Fadils on 04:43 PM, 04-Feb-14

Super sekali

Poketrainer Ifin on 10:47 PM, 04-Feb-14

thanks all 4 ur comments.. ^^

MasixCiffi on 01:35 PM, 05-Feb-14

Lumayan Nih

tHr3e on 11:21 AM, 06-Feb-14

Pokemon battle vactory_ bagus gan... banyak battle nya dibandingkan jalan┬▓

YohanesZz on 05:54 PM, 06-Feb-14

gan ifin please jawab apa hp nokia x5 bisa maen Gba ?

andithreekusuma on 09:02 PM, 06-Feb-14

@YohanesZz , pakai emulator s60v3

Excho za on 06:01 AM, 07-Feb-14

Yang freemart ada gak master

Kelvin on 10:09 PM, 09-Feb-14

Gan, class nya ga abs2 ya?

Tri Andhika on 08:32 PM, 19-Feb-14

Gan kok gk bisa di instal, bisany di simpan
bisa gk sih download di posel ?

Ferdin on 03:37 PM, 22-Feb-14

@Tri Andhika, download ny yg .jar bukan yg .gb / hp km suport java ga ?

Ferdin on 03:44 PM, 22-Feb-14

Ada yg tw ga aplikasi untuk hack bahasa pokemon red/blue

ڪandithreekusumaڪ on 03:33 PM, 23-Feb-14

@Ferdin, aku nggak tahu

Poke ART on 07:22 PM, 24-Feb-14

kang Ifin
skali2 liat coment di dark energy v.4
butuh kelengkapan tutor tuh..
Udah bnyak yg nuntut gan
skali lagi "TOLONG"
makasih gan
maaf mengganggu ..

Mr.z on 07:08 PM, 18-Mar-14

O iya aku mw ngasih tw di game ini ada cheatny biar menang dgn cepat. Pertama pilih pokemon setelah itu save bukan suspend dan ingat sebelum bicara dgn administrasi . Keluar dari game . Buka game buka savean,lalu jalan kekanan dan kiri masing2 3 langkah setelah itu bicara dgn administrasi

rio on 06:47 AM, 26-Jul-14

gan sony ericson j105i / naite bisa mainin gba ga?

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