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PUBLISHERs: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
pokemon black 2pokemon white 2
pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2pokemon black white version 2
Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are a pair of sequels to Pokémon Black and White, The game has a brand new story than the previous games, having a new plot and features.

The games are set two years after the games Pokémon Black and White, and the Unova region has changed drastically with new locations and Pokémon from previous generations. The player - Nate, the male protagonist, or Rosa, the female protagonist - starts in a location southwest in Unova called Aspertia City with Hugh, the player's rival. They are given a starter Pokémon - Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott - by Bianca, who is now Professor Juniper's assistant. As they venture out in Unova, they will challenge new and old Gym Leaders and encounter the new Team Plasma, while also meeting the old Team Plasma.

Near the end of the game, the Neo Team Plasma's plan is revealed. They want to freeze Unova using their technology and the power of the legendary Pokémon, Kyurem. At the Giant Chasm, Ghetsis orders Kyurem to freeze the player! Thankfully, N and his dragon (Zekrom in Black 2 and Reshiram in White 2) save the player in time. Ghetsis then uses the DNA Splicers that were stolen earlier on Kyurem, whose frozen wings shatter, revealing a set of energy absorbing node-like appendages! Kyurem then blasts N's dragon, sealing it back up in the Dark/Light Stone! Then under Ghetsis' orders, Kyurem absorbs the stone, fusing the two dragons together to make an even stronger dragon, Black/ White Kyurem! The player then defeats the dragon, separating it back into two, N's dragon is given back to him, while Kyurem flees to re-gain it's strength. After a battle with Ghetsis, he suffers a mental breakdown, and is taken away by the Shadow Traid.

Post-game, after a battle with N and his dragon, he kindly lets his dragon go, and gives the Dark/ Light Stone to the player. Then the player can bring it to Dragonspiral Tower where he/she can catch N's dragon. If the player catchs N's dragon, Kyurem will re-appear at the Giant Chasm where the player can catch it too.
(1). Unova

Over the set of two years since Pokémon Black and White, locations have drastically changed. Areas such as Challenger's Cave are no longer accessible. Other areas have changed such as Route 4, which has completed its construction to varying degrees depending on the game. The southwest now contains locations, such as Aspertia City, Floccesy Town and Virbank City. Several new locations previously inaccessible can now be explored, such as the Castelia Sewers.

(2). Pokémon World Tournament

The Pokémon World Tournament is a new feature in which trainers can partake in a tournament against other trainers in a single or double battle. It is held in Driftveil City, hosted by Cynthia, the Sinnoh League Champion.

(3). Pokéstar Studios

Pokéstar Studios allows the player to star in movies varying in genre. Such movie genres include action, horror, and many others. Characters such as Brycen and Sabrina play roles in Pokéstar Studios.

(4). Hidden Grotto
(5). Unova Link
(6). Medals

POKEMON BLACK 2 (black screen & EXP error fixed) New!
[DOWNLOAD] [7Z] (79.5MB)

POKEMON BLACK 2 (clean Rom)
[DOWNLOAD] [ZIP] (148.2MB)

POKEMON WHITE 2 (black screen & EXP error fixed) New!
[DOWNLOAD] [7Z] (79.2MB)

POKEMON WHITE 2 (clean Rom)
[DOWNLOAD] [ZIP] (147.9MB)

HOW TO PLAY! : to play this game, you need a program called Emulator, Choose your emulator HERE.

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43 responses to "Download Pokemon Black & White Version 2 (NDS)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:49 PM, 05-Oct-14


Dezz on 07:11 PM, 05-Oct-14

Nungguin Pokemon Light Platinum DS Aja Gan..!!

YohanesZz on 08:10 PM, 05-Oct-14

Tamat .

Syoka RLZ on 10:09 AM, 06-Oct-14

@Dezz, Light Platinum..
Apa bahasanya inggris...? Kayanya light platinum ds ga pake bahasa inggrs.

Gible on 10:34 AM, 06-Oct-14

Keren min BW2 Sukses Terus

Dezz on 08:01 PM, 07-Oct-14

Berharap Bahasanya Diganti Jadi Inggris

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:23 PM, 09-Oct-14

Ini rom english gan bukan jepang

irawan on 10:00 PM, 11-Oct-14

gan bagaimana caranya nge cheat pada desmume? mohon bimbingannya

anwar on 04:39 AM, 13-Oct-14

bisa dapat exp gk rom ini ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:18 PM, 13-Oct-14

@anwar, bisa bro. Udah tested

irvan.f on 03:24 PM, 20-Oct-14

min, minta link download emulator NDS for android donk!

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:54 PM, 20-Oct-14

udah ada bro di blog ini, namanya drastic, cari aja.

Alwan kun on 12:09 AM, 22-Oct-14

Cara mainin di no$gba gimana min?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:48 PM, 22-Oct-14

pakai emulator drastic bro, ini rom nds bukan gba.

Alwan kun on 08:53 PM, 22-Oct-14

Iya, saya tau ini nds, saya main pokemon heart gold.nds pake emulator ini. Nah pas open rom black 2 tulisannya "save file can't be opened" apakah sama dengan pokemon black yang harus pake code biar bisa masuk?

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:57 PM, 22-Oct-14

@Alwan kun, kenapa gk dicoba dulu?

irvan.f on 09:34 PM, 22-Oct-14

Hp gua Samsung Y Duos gt s6102, agar Emulator Drasticnya bisa di install gmana y?
soalny dah di download tp mlah "aplication not installed"

anonim on 08:20 AM, 11-Nov-14

walkthroughnya mana om

sewaddle on 07:57 PM, 24-Nov-14

min kok saya gak bisa naikkin exp nya ya, gimana dong?

Syoka RLZ on 11:26 PM, 30-Nov-14

Emulator ds terbaik untuk pc saat ini adalah DeSmume, ini game Pokemon biasa bagaimana mungkin expnya ga naik.... Coba cek lagi.
Kalo pake No$Gba memang begitu, kamu harus memasang kode action replaynya dulu baru bisa main.

Kalo ane sih dah tamat main game ni.. Sekarang tinggal nunggu adanya releasenya emulator 3DS, biar bisa main XY dan ORAS.

Robi on 06:26 PM, 08-Dec-14

Kalautrade pokemon nya gimana soalnya aku ga punya wifi

Lanang on 07:18 PM, 01-Jan-15

Kok gw download pake android...emulator drastic nya g bisa di autoddl nya...h aa us gimana?

ao senko on 08:34 PM, 18-Jan-15

gan bagusan b2 atau w2 ?

aw on 01:14 PM, 08-Feb-15

gan kok file broken ya

casper on 10:45 PM, 08-Feb-15

kok black 2 yg dh dipatch game nya crash,

yetra on 11:57 AM, 16-Mar-15

gan tolong share BW2 yang sudah di di patch sama link baru.. terima kasih..

edos on 12:59 PM, 23-Mar-15

min, sy main kok waktunya malam terus ya...gmn carax biar bsa ganti siang malam?

grav on 04:04 AM, 07-Apr-15

guys itu klo mau download klik yg mana??

laylor on 10:09 PM, 22-Apr-15

gk da tutorial untuk pemula nih gan?

golbat on 08:50 AM, 25-Jun-15

mati min link nya..yang pokemon black and white 1dan 2...tolong sih min..mau main lagi nih

Romdoni on 09:24 AM, 01-Aug-15

Linknya mati oyy :'( !!

Romdoni on 10:53 AM, 01-Aug-15

Please Fix'in linknya :'( ,,
Linknya Mati sad

:( on 05:52 PM, 01-Aug-15

Tolong linknya mati sad

Joshua on 09:26 AM, 03-Oct-15

Apa bedanya clean ROM sama yang satu lagi itu ?

steven on 09:49 AM, 11-Oct-15

Gan, disini seadra jd kingdra cara nya gmn? Lalu cara rubahin pokemon jadi mega gmn?

Audi on 10:38 AM, 11-Oct-15

@Steven Kalau Ubahin Seadra jdi Kingdra Hrus Hold Item

steven on 08:07 PM, 13-Oct-15

Seadra jd kingdra hold item apaan? Abis hold lalu naik lvl brubah gk?

dark trainer on 12:48 PM, 25-Feb-16

Ada mega evolusinya pa kgk ni

bro on 09:50 AM, 01-Mar-16

langsung dl fixednya apa cleanrom dulu ? main di pc pakek desumume kan

A grateful person on 11:06 PM, 20-Apr-16


alvi on 05:08 AM, 12-Jun-16

maksud nya (7z) apa ya? beda nya sma yg zip apa?

bocah songong on 11:15 AM, 05-Aug-16

lucu lucu komennya wkwk
@alvi .7z itu sama aja kayak .rar coba di update winrarnya
@bro lsg yg fixed kalo yg clean itu masih gabisa expnya masih ada anti-piracynya
@dark trainer mega evolve adanya di X&Y / gen 6 dan seterusnya. ini masih gen 5.

ini biar pada ngerti pokemon mending main dari pokemon gen 1 dah pokemon red di gbc

Wahyu Harfiansyah on 01:50 PM, 20-Sep-16

Ijin Sedot gan, thanks

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