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Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 06:34 PM, 14-Apr-14

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Download pokemon blue kaizo gb | walkthrough pokemon blue kaizo

Name: Pokemon Blue Kaizo
Hacker: SinisterhoodedFigure
Rombase: Blue
Version: Final
Language: English
pokemon blue kaizo
Here it is, an official Blue Kaizo Version hack, with the title image complete, and after going through several updates and playtests. Blue Kaizo itself has been circulating on youtube for quite a while, but at the same time, I always felt that there were parts that could have been improved. So, after all this time, I have finally completed Pokemon Blue Kaizo.

Basically, it's Pokemon Blue, only, you can catch all 151 pokemon, but it is much more difficult than the original in many ways. The enemy's movepools have improved drastically compared to the original red and blue, which can make what was once simple battles into something more intense. The Gym Leaders and many other bosses in particular have bigger rosters, better pokemon for their types, and many of them have a pokemon that counters the pokemon that are Supereffective against their theme. In addition, several maps have been changed, including the frequency of pokemon appearing, or mazes. Certain pokemon that are considered to be overpowered are accessible in either the late game or post game.

Oh… and there may also be some surprises in Blue Kaizo…

However, the catch rates have been improved for many pokemon, so that they are very easy to catch, you have access to a very wide variety of pokemon throughout the game, especially early on, you can use flash in the rock tunnel, and you can train at a good pace, without too much grinding necessary. Fighting all the trainers gives a lot of good exp. As you progress through the game, the quality pokemon you can catch grows stronger and stronger. Poke balls are also significantly less expensive than before, as well as repels, and you can get free ethers for those difficult dungeons and marathon routes. Like everything else, the more you progress through the game, the better items you’ll get from the stores.
Welcome to the Kanto Region, where you will recieve your very first starter pokemon from professor oak, while you're rival is about to recieve his starter. Unfortunately for you, the rival has a particularly special starter, which gives you a taste of what's to come. You have to collect about 150 pokemon, eight gym badges, and defend yourself against the nefarious Team Rocket..
[DOWNLOAD] [GB] (375kb)
[DOWNLOAD] [JAR] (457kb)

kalau mau mencoba yang gb, silahkan menggunakan emulaor Meboy-f, download Disini.


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16 responses to "Download Pokemon Blue Kaizo (GB)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:37 PM, 14-Apr-14

Download pokemon blue kaizo .gbc

Huntertz on 06:45 PM, 14-Apr-14

Aduh nggx' ad yg jar..

marvick on 07:05 PM, 14-Apr-14

nyimak gan

Tyrannitar on 07:16 PM, 14-Apr-14

Gan gimana cara mengextract file zip

groundeon on 07:37 PM, 14-Apr-14

nyoba akh,ijin comot gan..
@Tyrannitar kya'a make Blue ftp bisa deh,

Sadaharu on 08:02 PM, 14-Apr-14

tlong ksih yg .jar pake meboy builder

Reigatama on 09:22 PM, 14-Apr-14

Ini storyline nya bara apa sama kyak yang ori gan

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:48 PM, 14-Apr-14

@rei, sama coy

tHr3e on 10:52 AM, 15-Apr-14

@Tyrannitar : gak perlu di extract langsung aja dimaenkan juga bisa kq tapi kalau pake hp java extract nya pake blue ftp gan..betul yg dkatakan kang groundeon

@Sambidoplang Blog : makasih gan...buat ane gak perlu dialihkan ke laman yang lain gan..... langsung aja ane comot gan......

Lightning on 12:11 PM, 15-Apr-14

Agan tolong Upload yg jar plisss

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:05 PM, 15-Apr-14

yang Jar sabar aja, nunggu agan ifin.

Lipun on 03:20 PM, 15-Apr-14

Plz make it .jar

Tyrannitar on 03:35 PM, 15-Apr-14

@thr3e , ya gimana caranya

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:26 PM, 15-Apr-14

@Lipun, please wait for 1 or 2 days until ifin online.

COOLTRAINER KYUUSUF on 09:24 PM, 15-Apr-14

Nunggu yang jar aja dulu

rico on 06:12 PM, 18-Sep-15

Gan gimana sih cara pakai aplikasi blueftp kasih tau dong caranya

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