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Name: Pokemon Dark Rising 2
Hacker: DarkRisingGirl
Rombase: Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Complete (2/9/2014)
dark rising 2dark rising 2dark rising 2
You, the player, wake up from a sudden dream you had in the region known as Core, where you live. In the dream, a Pokemon tells you of a dark force that has begun it's reawakening & asks for your aid in stopping it from causing chaos upon the world. You soon discover your best friend also had the same dream as well. After helping your town's professor, you set out on your own adventure paired with your Dragon-Type Pokemon with many unanswered questions in your mind. What is Darugis, the dark force the Pokemon spoke of? Along your journey, you discover Darugis can control the minds of people and Pokemon alike. You meet a man named V, who was a former assistant of your father, who Darugis now has captured along with the Pokemon from your dream. As your journey continues, you meet many enemies, some who become rivals, and even friends. Sydney, a young woman who watched Darugis's reawakening cause the death of her family and her village. Dray, a strong-willed Pokemon trainer who's father assisted your father in defeating Darugis years ago. And Florina, another strong trainer with a genius mind when it comes to technology. Together, along with your childhood friend, Pete, as well as assistance from a once enemy, Kayo, defeated Adrian, the champion of the Omni Region who happened to be one of Darugis's main puppets. Through this time, you've grown to become a very strong Pokemon trainer, even battling the likes of Ash Ketchum himself, the world's greatest trainer. You've also gained the ability to connect and bond with Legendary Pokemon. As some questions became clear with answers, more begin to grow in your mind. For example, what is the true connection between the 3 Chosen Ones? You have the power to Bond and communicate with Pokemon. A young man known as Light has the power to create Pokemon through energy. And your best friend, the 3rd Chosen One, what is his ability? There's still so much unanswered...

Now, You and the rest of your friends (Team Dark Rising) have set off to the Omni Region in search of Darugis & saving your father. Three days have past since the events at Malice Castle...The team has changed their gear, and left all traces of events within the Core Region behind them, including their Pokemon(Except their Dragons). What awaits you & the Team at the Omni Region? Is there an even bigger threat than Darugis being formed?
*Day/Night System
*Physical/Special Split
*Pokemon from Every Generation (1st-6th)
*Even more New Moves. Including Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earth Power, Scald, Flare Blitz, and more.
* Hidden Abilities. Including Drought Vulpix, Drizzle Politoed, Speed Boost Torchic, Dragon Dance Tyrantrum, and more.
*Completely redone learned moves for every Pokemon in the hack. All Pokemon will learn their best egg moves & move tutor attacks by level up instead of breeding & teaching it to them for a price. Including Dragon Dance Tyranitar, Stealth Rock/Spikes/Leech Seed Ferrothorn, Ice Punch/Fire Punch Electivire, and more.
*12 Gym Leaders
*Attacks that had their power changed in 6th gen will be changed in this hack as well. For example, Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Surf are now Base 90, instead of 95. (Hidden Power will remain the same as it did before 6th gen.)
*New Original Music custom designed just for this hack.
*All of the original Grass/Water/Fire Starters from Gen 1-5 will be available in specific areas in the hack with a 1% or 2% chance of them appearing.
*Choose your Dragon Starter from Dark Rising 1 in it’s final evolution as your first Pokemon or choose from the other two if you want to switch up this time around. (In other words, Dragonite/Salamence/Garchomp are the Starters)
- Evolution List
- Wild Pokemon List
COMPLETE (2/9/2014) New!



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66 responses to "Download Pokemon Dark Rising 2 (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 12:37 PM, 02-Jan-14

Download pokemon dark rising 2 gba | zip | firered hack | walkthrough pokemon dark rising 2 | tutorial pokemon dark rising 2 (bahasa indonesia)

lucario-m on 01:54 PM, 02-Jan-14

Ini yg agan ingin posting wink
Ane tunggu sampai full mrgreen
Tetap semangat gann.. cheesy-grin

Volt Storm on 01:59 PM, 02-Jan-14

Sorry gan gak ane comot. Masih ngelanjutin pokemon resolute gan hehehe smile

Poketrainer Ifin on 02:00 PM, 02-Jan-14

@lucario-m, apa game ini terlihat gak begitu menarik karena masih beta 1? Kalau iya, silahkan tunggu full nya ^

Poketrainer Ifin on 02:01 PM, 02-Jan-14

@Volt Storm, ok, ini juga gak kalah dari resolute loh.

lucario-m on 02:32 PM, 02-Jan-14

Emng'a ini sampe brpa gym???

fauji on 02:37 PM, 02-Jan-14

gans ifin kapan nih full verson nya

manta pocket on 02:38 PM, 02-Jan-14

Keren sob..
ane comot ya biggrin

Silver on 03:44 PM, 02-Jan-14

Izin download ya gan buat mengisi waktu luang smile

Cooltrainer Defa on 04:43 PM, 02-Jan-14

@lucario-m, beta 1 masih 5 gym

Romy Ozzora on 05:19 PM, 02-Jan-14

Grafiknya bagus sih dan characternya mirip sprite Lucas tapi sayang masih beta semoga cepet fullnya

AikPeAce on 05:20 PM, 02-Jan-14

Iy Beneran sob... Nih g kalah dri resolute...

Cooltrainer Defa on 06:34 PM, 02-Jan-14

Kata DRG (hackernya), ia akan melanjutkan hack'nya pada February 2014

Webdiver on 11:24 PM, 02-Jan-14

Master itu untuk symbian ya ?

Mau request boleh gk master cuma mw request game poke gbc untuk java yg full pokemon legend

terima kasih biggrin

PokeTrainer Arie on 06:02 AM, 03-Jan-14

ane tunggu full aja gan..
untuk smentara ane mau nge hack dulu..

Dila alrizky on 04:33 PM, 03-Jan-14

Ane gk tunggu sampai kapan pun,wong ane gk punya hp simbiyan

surya rahman on 09:22 PM, 03-Jan-14

ane suka game ini

tHr3e on 01:47 AM, 04-Jan-14

ijin nyoba gan selagi kuota nya masih banyak.... @Poketrainer Ifin: btw berarti pokemon dark rising yang udah pernah dishare sebelumnya masih version alpha y gan? Tetap semangat gan.... Share terus gba hack yg grafisnya bagus² gan.......

Poketrainer Ifin on 12:26 PM, 04-Jan-14

@tHr3e, dark rising 1 sudah full, sedangkan dark rising 2 adalah hack baru.

pokeboy on 07:24 AM, 06-Jan-14

gan ipin rilis gba hack dari room base emerald lagi dong..keren klo base emerald

Zekrom on 08:28 AM, 06-Jan-14

apa sih perbedaan beta sama yg full. Di game pokemon

Hadi on 01:09 PM, 17-Jan-14

Katanya gym leadernya ada 12
tapi masih beta...
Belum tentu lah 12

manusia on 10:34 AM, 23-Feb-14

kasih tau kalo ada pokemon dark rising 2 full version ya kk.

Pokemon lover on 01:50 PM, 25-Apr-14

What pokemon will be best for me from the 3 starters.

Twin head dragon on 02:02 PM, 25-Apr-14

@pokemon lover,i reccomend garchomp

Rama59 on 12:31 PM, 29-Apr-14

Pokemon ini kok rusak kayaknya?

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:49 PM, 29-Apr-14

@Rama59, rusak gimana?

Rama59 on 03:07 PM, 10-May-14

Jadi ngeblank game nya

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:21 PM, 10-May-14

@Rama59, bukan gamenya yang rusak,tapi emulatormu yang bermasalah. #d

lucario on 04:54 PM, 07-Jun-14

nunggu fullnya gan naggung kalo main yang beta

joni blaze on 02:49 PM, 08-Jun-14

di tunggu fullnya gan

aan on 04:29 AM, 26-Jun-14

ada cheatnya ga gan?

Fauzin on 04:00 AM, 17-Jul-14

Udah brapa % gan

Victini on 02:08 PM, 03-Aug-14

Gan, habis ngelawan darluis itu kemana lagi gan? Kan aku dah ngelawan PokeTrainer Dawn sama PokeTrainer Nathan, trus mau ngelanjutin ke victory road kok gak bisa?
Please jawab gan, aku stuck sampek situ aja....(T_T)

gilang ninja on 10:56 AM, 15-Aug-14

Cheat pokemon dark rising 2 : cheat master ball : cheat ini 82025840 0001 lalu buka pc di pokemon center withdraw note : saat withdraw master ball tekan terus keatas jangan ke bawah

Zephray on 08:36 PM, 31-Aug-14

Kapan Fullnya nih?? KK>>??

Corint on 11:28 AM, 13-Sep-14

udah umur 21 juga aku masi main pokemon gan.... weleh2

Irawan Pujirestyan on 09:59 AM, 15-Sep-14

WALKTHROUGHnya doong yang dark rising 2 hewhehee.. biar gampang mainnya.. makasih...

lis on 06:19 PM, 22-Sep-14

share pkmn drak rising 2 yg full gan

ARCEUZ on 08:42 PM, 10-Oct-14

pkmn master gan ifin yg terhormat..

mohon walkthrough bwt si pokemon dark rising 2 full version ini donk please...
ane pusing nih ga ada ptunjuknya
mau jalan ksana salah, ksitu belom bisa, ksini masih ada yg ngeblok, ksono hrus ada yg di obtain dulu
bla bla bla
please ya, master ifin

thank you, gracia, arigato, danke, syukron katsiron

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:17 AM, 11-Oct-14

@ARCEUZ, sabar sabar..

Mixim on 05:43 PM, 11-Oct-14

@ARCEUZ, liat walkthrough di youtube aja gan

topan on 10:44 AM, 18-Oct-14

di tunggu walkthrough

elmath on 12:33 AM, 22-Oct-14

gan, kok saya download yg complete dan main mentok cuma sampai endless garden aja ya?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:47 PM, 22-Oct-14

elmath, beta 2 aja endless garden sudah bisa di akses bro, masak yg complete gk bisa.

ARCEUZ on 02:20 PM, 28-Oct-14

Para PKMN Master Yth,

Mohon petunjuknya ane ga bisa pake HM Rock Smash sama HM Flash nih
soalnya gataau harus dapetin badge yg pertama & keenam nya dimana

Please tutorialnya segera ya para PKMN Master.

Arigato, xie xie, gracias, syukron, danke, thank you.

GIRANTINA on 12:46 PM, 29-Nov-14

ini udah komplet blom kalo blom kapan kompletnya ini

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:15 PM, 29-Nov-14

ini sudah complete bray

Luhung on 09:47 PM, 02-Dec-14

bang, pokemon ini bisa battle multiplayer gak? kok ane coba gagal pas udah masuk ruangan battle dilantai 2 pokemon center

rifky182 on 06:05 PM, 05-Dec-14

udah full tinggal nunggu waltrougnya gan.. Segera update ya...

Luhung on 07:43 PM, 08-Dec-14

bang, jawab bang

Edvan on 05:41 AM, 15-Jan-15

Req Walkthrough ny om..

prastab on 10:31 PM, 13-Feb-15

oeee this game is wonderful

feliks on 01:47 PM, 24-May-15

Walthrough nya ada di

kavya on 05:41 PM, 31-Jul-15

its is awesome

arn on 09:12 AM, 06-Aug-15

gan file pokemon dark rising 1 sama 2 gaada yang bisa di donlod gimana nih

udin on 06:51 PM, 20-Aug-15

linknya mati nih, upload ulang dong

Aerodactyl13 on 10:26 AM, 03-Oct-15

Linknya mati gan

robin on 04:52 PM, 01-Nov-15

link mati gan

xyz on 05:19 AM, 09-Jan-16

gan linknya mati

Gold on 07:49 PM, 10-Jan-16

linknya gan bermasalah

GOLD on 02:34 PM, 07-Jun-16

Gan, linknya mati...
Tolong di repost lagi

AAN on 02:35 PM, 07-Jun-16

Gan, tolong dibenerin, linknya mati
Kalau bisa secepatnya ya gan

EDVAN on 02:39 PM, 07-Jun-16

linknya matiiiiii.......

iman ryman on 09:32 AM, 01-Jul-16

luhung bnr,kok di situ game nya mati ga ada gambarnya.sayang bngt tinggl 1 gym lgi.

ayam on 01:45 PM, 08-Jul-16

bagila link baru

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