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Name: Pokemon Emerald Omega
Hacker: Mamamama
Rombase: Emerald
Version: Final Version
Language: English
pokemon emerald omegapokemon emerald omegapokemon emerald omega
I would like to point out that I got Drayano’s permission to release this, so any issues related to that has already been dealt with. I am NOT the creator of the original Fire Red Omega.
It’s an Emerald Fan Version of Pokemon Fire Red Omega.
* Physical/Special split from Gen IV and onwards
* 53 Moves from future generations with complete animations (No old move is replaced).
New Moves:
X-Scissor, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Magnet Bomb, Aqua Jet, Power Gem, Power Whip, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Zen Headbutt, Brave Bird, Icicle Crash, Aqua Tail, Fairy Wind, Play Rough, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Night Slash, Seed Bomb, Ice Shard, Earth Power, Iron Head, Energy Ball, Drain Punch, Payback, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Rock Polish, Psycho Cut, Scald, Stone Edge, Bug Buzz, Force Palm, Bullet Punch, Lava Plume, Shadow Sneak, Vacuum Wave, Flash Cannon, Bulldoze, Flame Charge, Power-Up Punch, Roost, Quiver Dance ,Coil Flare ,Blitz ,Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang ,Hammer Arm ,Close Combat.
Nasty Plot:
Scald replaces Water Pulse as TM 03, Power-Up Punch replaces Bullet Seed as TM 09 (it now has 60BP), Focus Blast replaces Hyper Beam as TM 15, The other moves have been distributed over more than 150 different Pokemon that would learn them in future generations!
* Elekid, Smoochum, and Magby are your starters just as in Fire Red Omega.
* All 386 Pokemon can be caught (Many through various events).
* This hack is only playable in SET battle style.
* You cannot use healing items such as Potions during battle, but you can use them outside of battle. However, items such as X Attack and Dire Hit can be used in battle.
* The Fairy-type is in the game (called "Cute"-type for now due to icon issues).
* Boss fights now always use 6 Pokemon with good movesets.
* A feature I have not seen in any other hack: Every single Pokemon, in every single significant battle, each has customized Nature and EVs. Compare this to normal games where Pokemon have 0 EVs and a randomly assigned nature. The Elite Four thus have teams that are more difficult than the Frontier Brains WITHOUT being filled with Ubers or Stat-boosted Pokemon that you can't obtain (which is often the case in difficult hacks). No boss within the main game has a Pokemon that can't be obtained by the player (That is, legal movesets, nature, and EVs). In total, I have created 176 unique EV/ Nature spreads which are used throughout the game.
* Gym TRAINERS now have customized movesets and Pokemon.
* Movesets inspired by the Pokemon X/Y movesets but edited since there are only 50 TMs in the game so a many movepools are now quite big.
* Some weaker Pokemon have got stat changes. None has changed in type. I wanted to avoid changing the original too much. List of Fully Evolved Pokemon that got stat changes:
The starters (Magmar, Jynx, Electabuzz), Sableye, Mawile, Luvdisc, Torkoal, Kecleon, Magcargo, Wailord, Electrode, Corsola, Farfetch'd, Castform, Spinda, These have just received slight improvement in stats that do not change their overall role in the game, but more to make them viable options.
* Running shoes work inside houses.
* All TMs can be used as many times as you like, to balance out the increased difficulty. However, some of them are now more difficult/expensive to obtain.
* Some HM moves have been changed to be more useful.
These are:
Cut is now a 60 BP bug-type move (the only move to change in type)
Waterfall may cause flinching Strength may cause defense-drop Rock Smash now has 60 BP
* Every rematch in the game has been updated. You may now challenge the Gym Leaders and Wally to both 2on2 and 1on1 battles which are constantly increasing in difficulty until you face their strongest at level 100 with good EVs.
* Steven has got an updated team when you team up with him against Team Magma to match the increased level curve.
* Frontier Brains have got updated movesets so they fit in with the Special/Physical split
* All trade evolutions and annoying evolutions such as Feebas have been edited. Umbreon and Espeon evolves using Moon and Sun Stone respectively.
* Water, Fire, Thunder, and Leaf Stones can be bought as early as Verdanturf Town.
* Old Rod is obtainable before the first Gym.
* In-game trades now give you Pokemon with good IVs.
* A new dungeon, Cave Of Memories, is accessible after beating the Elite Four.
Pokemon Contest cannot be accessed due to a glitch. You can still get the Pokeblock case from the person outside.
Further balance the difficulty curve (feedback is appreciated).
Implement B/W repel system, as soon as someone releases the offsets for Emerald (I sadly lack the knowledge to do the process from scratch).
Add cross-gen evolutions such as Tangrowth, Hunchcrow, and Yanmega etc. (Might take awhile)
Fix small Decap issues when/if found.
Play around more with Music Editing since it turned out to be really fun.
Add even more future gen moves
Fix the Fairy-type icon

More info about change list:
- Pokemon Emerald Omega: Change List

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54 responses to "Download Pokemon Emerald Omega (GBA)"

Decka Uzumaqi on 07:18 PM, 21-Jun-14


#upload by THD

lucario on 07:21 PM, 21-Jun-14

akhirya upload game baru

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:28 PM, 21-Jun-14

@lucario, ini uploadnya 5 hari yg lalu,tapi baru tadi sempet buat post biggrin

Eevee on 07:30 PM, 21-Jun-14

Game pokemon terbaru yang buat hp java dong gan,...

yveltal on 07:33 PM, 21-Jun-14

kenapa gan kok baru sekarang postnya?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:53 PM, 21-Jun-14

eevee, di tunggu aja kalau ada yg baru gbc akan di share cyndaquilava.
Yveltal, gk ada kuota :v

yukalan6 on 07:56 PM, 21-Jun-14

sama gan pengguna xl

Jin on 08:21 PM, 21-Jun-14

Ada Poke Meganya Nggk ?

abra on 08:37 PM, 21-Jun-14

aq dwnld kok selalu ukurannya 383 B ya? Apa tusfiles lg eror.

Arceus on 08:57 PM, 21-Jun-14

Hp galaxy mini bisa gk gan buat maen gba..

latias on 09:28 PM, 21-Jun-14

bang ifin fairy pokemonnya apa aja

latias on 09:54 PM, 21-Jun-14

Slyveon ka?

latios on 10:10 PM, 21-Jun-14

googling aja istriku...

Rizky Amorieztan on 10:30 PM, 21-Jun-14

bisa gan,,, pake emulator MyBoy

gan, ini pasti gx ada Mega'a yaa??

Arceus on 07:50 AM, 22-Jun-14

Ok gan..
Truz ngatur flash 128 dmna gan?

Lombre Tamfan on 08:40 AM, 22-Jun-14

Starter Jynx ?. Aku harus dapatkan !!

sakuno on 08:45 AM, 22-Jun-14

Update yg java nya mana nih , ama btulin checksum'a biar gk freeze.

Arceus on 08:48 AM, 22-Jun-14

Cara msang cheat di My Boy gmna gan?

Akhdi on 10:11 AM, 22-Jun-14

storynya sama gak ama yang ori??

Farhan firmansyah on 10:36 AM, 22-Jun-14


Sambidoplang Blog on 12:07 PM, 22-Jun-14

@Arceus,option terus emulator,save type

Arceus on 12:42 PM, 22-Jun-14

Tuh ngaturnya pas main atau gk?
Dan msukin code cheatnya gmma?

Tlong pncerahanya..

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:48 PM, 22-Jun-14

@Arceus,sebelum main,cheatnya buka cheats,gameshark

Arceus on 02:33 PM, 22-Jun-14

Gameshark nya yg mna gan,kan ada 2 gan..

Rizky Amorieztan on 02:41 PM, 22-Jun-14

Cheta type'a pilih Auto detect aja,,,

Rizky Amorieztan on 02:43 PM, 22-Jun-14

maksud'a Cheat type

Arceus on 02:48 PM, 22-Jun-14

Yaa gan..
Ane cba gan..

Raka panitis on 07:11 PM, 22-Jun-14

Di gpsp symbian gak bisa cheat ya?

yukalan6 on 09:21 AM, 23-Jun-14

@raka panitis,bisa gan digpsp caranya
buka explore buat file cht ini untuk code breaker. Yang gameshark ane belum taw

Kevin Septianto on 12:53 AM, 24-Jun-14

Qwaw...... smile

Pokechu on 12:41 PM, 26-Jun-14

gan cheat masterball disini apaan gan?
kok ane pake cheat masterball emerald gabisa?

Bulbasayur on 10:59 AM, 28-Jun-14

ini baru ane suka

Issei on 08:38 PM, 07-Jul-14

story nya sama kaya di emerald yg asli apa beda???

Siape kah on 10:44 PM, 23-Jul-14

hack emerald full pokemon dan evolusi tnpa ada trade ... ada ???

Siape kah on 08:54 PM, 25-Jul-14

hack emerald yg bisa dapetin semua pokemon ada gk... dri gen 1 sampai terakhir..
dan tanpa ada trade

tolong di jawab

d ditto on 09:34 PM, 25-Jul-14

siape, expert emerald, neo emerald, emerald omega.

Dei on 08:03 AM, 26-Jul-14

dari ke tiganya ... paling bagus yg mna.???

kirlia on 12:09 AM, 06-Aug-14

yg ini udah ada updateannya loh. bisa di update di sini g? soalnya aku g bisa ngepatch file ups-nya

marshtomp on 03:35 PM, 06-Sep-14

updateannya dong gan, pliiiisssss

swampert on 03:37 PM, 06-Sep-14

iye gan please di update

Nikhil on 07:50 PM, 09-Sep-14

Plese update version over 450 pokemon catcheble.plese plese hurry plese

angelo on 06:01 PM, 05-Oct-14

pls update sad

Joko on 11:49 PM, 29-Oct-14

bro admin salam kenal, cm mau kasih saran aja, lebih baik upload filenya di atau , biar agan yang lain lebih mudah download game ini, trims smile

NetherHQ on 09:33 PM, 14-Nov-14

Anjir udah nggak bisa nge-heal,trus pas selesai datanya malah ke korup. diamana sih otak yang ngebuat hack-nya??

pep on 10:10 AM, 03-Dec-14

update yg terbaru please, ane gak punya akun Pockemonity buat downloadnya

Di update september kemarin, pengen nyoba ane sad

pep on 10:55 AM, 03-Dec-14

udah bikin akun pokecommunity dan Dropbox.. Udah bisa kedownload filenya, eh pas mau di ekstrak filenya .ups bukan .gba ... Bisa diubah gak min? Bantuin please

Sambidoplang Blog on 10:19 PM, 03-Dec-14

pep, di pokecommunity itu bukan update rom,tp update post. Rom ini sudah final.

Girantina on 03:45 PM, 05-May-15

Ini pokemon gen brapa? on 01:32 AM, 17-May-15

:v on 11:02 AM, 16-Jun-15

kok gk bisa pakai cheat gameshak ??

MasEl's on 08:43 AM, 10-Apr-16

Ada code breakernya gak ?

Egi on 01:06 PM, 13-Apr-16

Ada yveltal ama xerneas

Egi on 01:07 PM, 13-Apr-16

Ada yveltal ama xerneas gak??

gardevoir on 01:04 PM, 22-Sep-16

Gan ini cheat kode nya kubah kok gak work ya??

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