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Name: Pokemon Fire Red 251+
Hacker: Projectwolfie
Rombase: FireRed
Version: v4.0 (Full Game)
Language: English
An experiment with a rather large rombase I found here on PokeCommunity kind of evolved into something a little more. The goal with this hack is to enhance FireRed not necessarily in difficulty (though it's there in another form), but as an attempt to make this game feel like more recent generations in gameplay while preserving Kanto as is. I always felt the region was a little too small for a 386, so we have only the first 251 available with mostly canon appearances. As the point of this hack is to enhance FireRed itself, I’ve left the region completely unchanged. No item handouts outside of what you get, no swapping of anything outside of what is mentioned, no script changes, not even a level curve change.
-Run Indoors! With Scissors!
-New Pokemon sprites from various games. Credit goes to The DS-Style 64x64 Sprite Resource
-Diamond/Pearl font, credit goes to diegoisawesome for the patch.
-Instead of having Oak give you the National Dex from the start, I changed the hexes to enable evolutions to pokemon not on the Dex without needing the national dex. You may now play the game as normal with all the evolutions unlocked. Credit goes to Doesntknowhowtoplay and Jambo51 for finding where to do this.
-Every Mew obeys.
-BW2 Repel Routine. Thanks goes to Darathon.
-I went through every trainer, script, and sign that I possibly could with XSE and decapitalized all I possibly could. Everything, including defeat speeches and Vs. Seeker strings is decap’d.
-All Kanto Pokemon can be caught in Kanto, plus all Johto Pokemon can be caught on the Sevii Islands.
-Every wild, non-Legendary Pokemon now holds at least one item
. -Updated movesets and TMs to comply with the most used movesets in Generation 5.
-Also note: there's a way to go back up to Mt. Moon from Cerulean City. And thanks to MrDollSteak and his Decap/Attack rombase, we have a good few things:
-The Damage Split present in any game after Gen 3.
-Decapitalization in many areas I could not reach.
-Many, many, many new moves and abilities added (no replacements) and animations to go with them
-Generation 5 movesets.
-New Items
Poliwhirl to Politoed- Level 27
Kadabra- Happiness
Machoke- Happiness
Graveler- Happiness
Haunter- Happiness
Onix- Fire Stone
Seadra- Water Stone
Slowpoke to Slowbro- Water Stone
Scyther- Fire Stone
Eevee- Sun Stone to Espeon, Moon Stone to Umbreon
Porygon- Thunderstone
-Pidgeot: 100/80/75/80/75/91, can learn Counter, Body Slam, and Taunt. Meant to be more bulky as opposed to Dodrio and Fearow's attack/speed stats.
-Persian: Attack and Sp. Attack are both 80.
-Electrode: Attack and Sp. Attack are both 80
. -Previous 'mons in these lines have also had their Attack and Sp. Attack matched.
-All Gen 4 evolution stats and TM capability are added to what they evolve from, except for Porygon2, Magneton, and Rhydon.
-All moves are to Gen 5's stats except for Vine Whip, Tackle, Struggle Bug, Power Gem, and Energy Ball:
-Energy Ball now has it’s Gen 6 buff to 90 power as is Struggle Bug to 50
-Vine Whip has 40 power.
-Tackle has it's Gen 1-4 power of 35, but it's Gen 5 accuracy boost is there (I felt that Tackle’s new stats didn’t make the beginning of the game feel quite right).
-Power Gem is boosted to 90, and it’s PP is now dropped to 15 (I don’t even know why the strongest special Rock move is only 70).
Where able, abilities from the newer games or Dream World were added. Draught and Drizzle are the only exceptions as they will not be appearing:
-I've gone through every moveset to update things a little. I took only a couple liberties, but I believe they make sense, are sane, and make a few 'Mons a little more interesting.
-All level 1 moves on fully evolved pokes are replaced with moves commonly used but can't be normally learned due to current limits such as Egg Moves and TMs.
-A few more Pokemon can learn Rock Slide, and all Fire-Types get Solarbeam now. There are also quite a few Pokemon who get some TMs and tutors added, as they now learn a few more moves in later games.
-You can actually get the Dive HM, a trade in the Pokemon Lab holds it. I figured another physical Water HM would be a decent thing to have before the Elite Four, where you’re still waiting for Waterfall on a few Pokemon.
-TM02 Dragon Claw (this is a good move, but the replacement is better and has more that can learn it.) is now Outrage. It follows it’s canon tutor self, with a few extras.
-TM07 Hail (It doesn't get much use from me personally, and most Pokemon I would teach Hail now learn it by level up or relearner) is now Avalanche, and this move has a bit wider amount of 'mons that can learn it, pretty much the original Hail TM plus those that could learn it through TM in Gen 4 and Lickitung. It's a sort of balance thing due to getting it so late in the game.
-TM21 Frustration (let's face it, not many use this) is now Work Up. It follows the Gen 5 TM line.
-TM32 Double Team (never found it worth a moveslot) is now Giga Impact. If it learns Hyper Beam it learns this.
-TM36 Sludge Bomb (You just get this way too late to be of any use, to the point that I already gave it to anything that can use it through relearner or level up) is now Gunk Shot. It uses a blend of the Gen V Move Tutor and Sludge Bomb TM lists.
-TM41 Torment (This is a really fun move! But in the end this hack needed some sort of Dark damaging move that a lot of non-Dark pokemon could learn. This was the best candidate due to the fact that there really isn’t very much use for this move outside of fun and the placing is already where you would need this type of move the most) is now Payback. This follows it’s machine line as if it was Generation 4.
-TM48 Skill Swap (The only time I ever found a use for this move, it was with Pokemon that have abilities not present in this hack) is now Zen Headbutt. This follows tutor lines and those that learn the move by level up, plus a couple more that make a little sense because they naturally learn Headbutt anyway.
-The Softboiled tutor teaches something different. I’m keeping this a secret, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to teach something.
-Pokemon that were edited not to explode anymore when they clearly can learn it can do it now. Watch it when doing a Nuzlocke!
-All Cooltrainers, Gym Leaders, some later Rival battles, and Elite Four are given much more variable or potent movesets, a lot of them using egg, TM, and tutor moves. I’m not General Patton or anything, but I believe they provide a much better challenge.
-I've also taken the liberty of giving a couple of Gym Leaders slight swaps in Pokemon that make sense, for example Koga uses a Venomoth while Sabrina has a Hypno instead of one. Also Blane has a few changes in his lineup, but I’m sure this makes sense.
-Rematches of the Elite Four are somewhat different now: utilizing the fact that certain Pokemon are so much better now, I've made some adjustments that make use of other pokemon of their given type. The Champion Rematch is almost completely different now as well, hopefully to make for a more fitting end to your postgame.
-Last but not least, some trade evolutions happened for later trainers so you will actually be fighting Golem every now and then.
-Poke Dolls are now found in Saffron City instead of Escape Ropes.
-The clerk who originally sold them now sells Sun and Moon Stones.
-Tiny Mushrooms are now sold in Three Island instead of Escape Ropes.
-Speaking of Three Island, there is now a girl right next to that mart who will sell you every Berry.
The locations are pretty much FR+LG (minus the surfing/fishing, I had to cut these down) with a few additions to make it 251:
-The trades in the Pokemon Lab are for the Gen 1 Starters.
-Gen 2 Starter locations: Chikorita, Five Island Meadow; Totodile, Water Path; Cyndaquil, Mt. Ember wherever you can find a Slugma.
-Both Mt. Moon Fossil Pokemon can be encountered surfing at Tanoby Ruins. -Because Altering Cave is so out of the way of the game, it now contains those Pokemon found in neither game. Outcast island has the flying and water types.
-There is also a warp to Navel Rock in Altering Cave as it's the only relevant event for this hack.

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Sambidoplang Blog on 06:29 PM, 11-Jun-14

Download Pokemon Fire Red 251+ GBA

ibnu on 07:41 PM, 11-Jun-14

bisa kah deskripsi gamenya pakai b.indo?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:49 PM, 11-Jun-14

tidak,karena pengunjung blog ini bukan dari indo aja. Mohon maklum

ibnu on 08:15 PM, 11-Jun-14

screen shotnya mana min, biar saia tau tampilan gamenya kayak gmana gitu biggrin

genta on 08:19 PM, 11-Jun-14

tampilannya ya kayak fire red biggrin

The Gonners12 on 09:47 PM, 11-Jun-14

Kurang srek ama hack fire red Fiturnya terlalu berlebihan. . .

Gaaraa on 10:34 PM, 11-Jun-14

Yang penting bisa dapet semua pokemon tanpa trade, perlu di coba nih.

tHr3e on 11:42 PM, 11-Jun-14

udah sering maen fire red gan.... tak apa lagh yang penting bisa Gotta catch 'em all....!!!!

mega on 08:54 AM, 12-Jun-14

Gan ane boleh saran sebaiknya deskripsi gamenya pakai bahasa indonesia sama bahasa inggris gan,cuma saran

Kevin Septianto on 06:01 PM, 12-Jun-14

Mna screenshotnya ?

ditto on 06:19 PM, 12-Jun-14

dihatimu. . .

ibnu on 06:44 PM, 14-Jun-14

mega : Setuju biggrin

Swampert on 08:31 PM, 14-Jun-14

terjemahin di google translate aja biggrin

Ibnu on 04:00 PM, 18-Jun-14

di google translate kadang puyeng sendiri kepalaku :v ....

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