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Name: Pokemon Fire Red: Generations
Hacker: Suicune™
Rombase: FireRed
Version: Beta 1.4 (Full Game)
Language: English
pokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generationpokemon fire red: generation
I think I've been down this path many times now, meaning created some sort of Fire Red hack which ends up going corrupt or ending up becoming glitched beyond repair! So I'm hoping I can touch lucky this time round. This will be similar to my previous Fire Red entries with extra features added on to make the game much more enjoyable and prolonged!

As always, this game focuses on difficulty and capturing every Pokemon available. I have applied all what I can to make this hack credible, I have spend endless hours perfecting and tweaking the extra features and details to make sure that it runs smoothly so hopefully you won't run into any glitches this time! Scroll down to see the new and improved features that this hack has to offer, enjoy!

*Special thanks to The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource for providing the updated sprites.
*Starters - I have rearranged the Starters to a more diverse mixture which is now Clamperl, Tyrogue and Trapinch. These share similar characteristics with each other which is why I chose these three. Why not the originals? This is because rather than having the generic set of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and give you the opportunity to obtain a Pokemon that you can't usually obtain that early on in the game. Besides, you will be able to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle via events before the third Gym anyway.

*Difficulty - As always, the games difficulty has increased dramaticly, with an adjustable level curve.

*Wild Pokemon - Again, you will be able to capture all 386 Pokemon one way or another, a list of locations has been provided.

*Rivals & Rockets - You will notice that you have two extra companions to battle along the way. This includes May from the Hoenn Region and Jessie & James from Team Rocket! You will battle both of these several times throughout your journey.

*Extra Items - All those useful, unobtainable items that you couldn't get are availble as gift items. This includes Lucky Egg, Silver Powder, Thick Club etc. A list of locations has been provided for these too.

*Stat Increases - A handful of Pokemon have had a suitible stat increase, this mainly applies to those with a lower Stat total. You can find all these on the Document with the download.

*Extra Areas - There are a couple of extra areas for you to nab some different Pokemon! (Mainly legendaries)

*Events - There is also a handful of events scattered around Kanto, this includes Gift Pokemon Events, Egg Events, Legendary events etc.

*Evolution - Obviously, the evolutions of the Pokemon with unaccessable methods of evolution have now been changed.

*Gym Rematches - Since these were left out of FRLG, I decided to kinda create Gym Leader Rematches. These take place in a small building in Vermillion City which you can only access once becoming Champion!

*Familiar Faces - You will notice several Gym Leaders have been replaced with characters from different Regions! See if you can spot them all.

*Type & Gender Changes - Some Pokemon have had their Types and Gender changed, this applies to those who I feel needed them.

*Aesthetic Changes - A few Routes/ Areas will have a slightly overhauled look, including entrances to new areas/caves.

*Attack Changes - Many of the Pokemon now have a more fitting and suitable moveset, this applies to atleast 200 Pokemon. I have also boosted the Power, PP and Accuracy of many Attacks such as Dig, Cut, Aerial Ace etc.
- pokemon location list
- In-game event, gym leader & elite 4 change list
- evolution, ability, item & attack change list
- Gender, Attack & Stat Change List

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28 responses to "Download Pokemon Fire Red: Generations (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:13 PM, 10-Jun-14


Eevee on 12:24 PM, 10-Jun-14

Gan, pokemon strike yellow gan...

Eevee on 12:31 PM, 10-Jun-14

Yg ada di skeetendo,...

Altra on 12:31 PM, 10-Jun-14

udah full belum?

three ko on 12:34 PM, 10-Jun-14

ini sudah full brader. Lihat hack infonya dong.

Altra on 12:45 PM, 10-Jun-14

tp ada beta nya. Jadi meragukan.

three ko on 12:52 PM, 10-Jun-14

terserah anda kalau mau meragukan kredibilitas admin SB biggrin

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:54 PM, 10-Jun-14

Embel-embel Beta belum tentu game itu belum full. Bedakan antara full version dan final version biggrin
pokemon glazed yg beta kenyataannya juga sudah full game.

Vincent on 02:12 PM, 10-Jun-14


(kok komen gw keren terus ya??)

rifky182 on 02:39 PM, 10-Jun-14

mungking story linenya udah full, tapi masih banyak bug, jadi masih Beta 1.4 ya gan.

Kevin Septianto on 02:49 PM, 10-Jun-14

Bagun ,upload terus game GBA nya .. smile

bolang on 02:58 PM, 10-Jun-14

hack ini sudah full tanpa bug-bug an biggrin

akuh on 04:25 PM, 10-Jun-14

gan ada mega evolusinya ga

Bruce willis on 04:44 PM, 10-Jun-14

list pokemonnya tetep fire red tapi sprites nya di ganti sprites BW agar lebih keren dan semua pokemon bisa di tangkap tanpa trade-tradean. Dan juga di dukung fitur2 keren lainnya yg bisa kamu baca di atas.

metapod24 on 06:43 PM, 10-Jun-14

Iam looking an awesome hack here, thanks for sharing .v.

tHr3e on 12:17 PM, 11-Jun-14

@Sambidoplang Blog : perbedaan yg paling mendasar antara Beta version, full version, ama final version....

Kalo Beta version adalah game yang masih dalam tahap uji coba dari suatu game yg mau dihack, jadi game tersebut masih dalam tahap masa uji coba atow masih masa percobaan. tujuan suatu developer menjadikan game menjadi BETA adalah untuk menguji dan mengetahui / mencari kelemahan dan kekurangan game tersebut, jadi tahap ini adalah masih tahap perbaikan agar sebelum di rilis ke publik game tersebut sudah tidak ada lagi BUG, kerusakan, error atau sebagainya. jadi jangan salah bila anda mendownload suatu game dengan type BETA dan banyak terjadi
error karena game tersebut masih dalam tahap percobaan dan masih dalam masa uji coba.....

Full version itu biasanya game
yang masih origininal / masih asli tanpa adanya modifikasi pada fitur game tersebut , biasanya game
full version dimana ukuran filenya pun tidak berubah dan membutuhkkan crack maupun patch untuk menjalankannya dan menjadikannya sebagai game FULL VERSION

sedangkan game crack seperti halnya game full version, game cracked merupakan game yang utuh tanpa adanya pengurangan apapun, melainkan hanya ada penambahan/mengganti fitur game tersebut dengan menggunakan executeable yang sudah dimodifikasi. Biasanya kalo download yang crack-crackan, disertai dengan Crack/ Patch/Serial Number/Keygen atau sejenisnya....

FINAL Version wajib didownload cz biasanya game yang sudah 100% fixed bug, artinya game tersebut sudah bisa dibilang sempurna karena sudah disempurnakan melalui tahapan² sebelumnya yaitu BETA. biasanya game yang sudah mencapai FINAL version maka game tersebut tidak memiliki Update selanjutnya....

yang penting jangan game versi demo aja cz game versi demo itu biasanya hanya memiliki satu / beberapa level / stage saja....

Gible on 12:53 PM, 11-Jun-14

dalam dunia hack pokemon, istilah Beta belum tentu berhubungan dengan bug, tapi dijadikan tanda rilisnya suatu hack.

tHr3e on 02:19 AM, 12-Jun-14

@Gible : Dimana² istilah BETA entah dalam dunia hack pokemon atow apalah.... itu sama saja gan.... BETA berarti game hack yg belum selesai masih berupa tahapan² atow tahap ujicoba / tahap percobaan....
Sekarang coba ente review game hack pokemon glazed disitu pokemon glazed tertera versi Beta 3, Beta 4, Beta 5F, Beta 5I, Beta 6B, dan sekarang Beta 6F....
itu membuktikan versi Beta 3 masih ada bug nya dan untuk versi sekarang Beta 6F mungkin bug nya udah diminimalisir jadi udah kagak crash gamenya meskipun belum versi final dan bisa dikatakan full versi mungkin di Beta 6F udah ditambahin path yang menjadikannya sebagai game FULL VERSION....
seperti yang admin bilang : "pokemon glazed yg beta kenyataannya juga
sudah full game"
Jadi Beta versi bukan tanda rilisnya suatu hack.... Kalo tanda rilisnya game pokemon hack biasanya dimulai dari version Alpha>Demo>Beta>Full version>Final version.....

boybad on 03:35 PM, 14-Jun-14

Agan agan mau tanya kalau game pokemon yang ada mega evolusinya pokemon apa gan

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:41 PM, 14-Jun-14

@boybad,hanya resolute,victory fire,dan mega power

boybad on 12:33 AM, 15-Jun-14

Kalo dipokemon

papados on 11:06 PM, 17-Jun-14

gan walkthrough nya kapan keluar?

elekid on 04:50 PM, 18-Jun-14

papadoz, pakai walkthrough pokemon fire red saja bro,kan sama jalan ceritanya.

Badboy on 06:26 PM, 27-Oct-15

Masih ada bugnya d seven island dan juga satu pokemon gak bisa di temui.
Nama nya Shuckel dong...
Bisa mana mahu full versionnya klau masih ada bug dengan pokemonnya gk lengkap dong

bixopiruleta on 07:19 AM, 04-Mar-16


xtetatinha on 08:59 PM, 11-Mar-16

cara esse jogo é muito locoo!!!!

Suli on 11:50 AM, 29-Jun-16


keke on 01:10 AM, 25-Jul-16


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