Download Pokemon FireRed Super Extra Nostalgia Edition (GBA)

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 07:08 PM, 25-Jun-14

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Name: Pokemon FireRed Super -Extra- Nostalgia Edition
Hacker: captnotatroll
RomBase: FireRed
Version: Final
Language: English
Are you tired of new games where the Pokemon sprites actually look like the Pokemon they are supposed to be? Does the idea of Pokemon who don't have oversized heads and weirdly shaped eyes make you sad? Do you wish we could go back to the days of the Gameboy when all the sprites looked totally ridiculous?

Well now you can! In this hack, two months in the making, all 151 of the original Pokemon have been replaced with revamped versions of their original sprites, revamped to fully fit alongside generation III sprites! Playing Pokemon FireRed has never been so Nostalgic!
-New front sprites for all 151 Pokemon
-Possible to get all 151 Pokemon in the wild!

Info on Pokemon locations not normally available:
Bulbasaur - Berry Forest
Charmander - Mt. Ember
Squirtle - Seafoam Islands
Eevee - Berry Forest
Mew - Victory Road (Where Moltres was)
Jynx - Seafoam Islands
Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd, Lickitung - Safari Zone
Aerodactyl - Victory Road
Lapras - Seafoam Islands (Surfing)
Porygon - Silph Co.

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17 responses to "Download Pokemon FireRed Super Extra Nostalgia Edition (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:09 PM, 25-Jun-14

Download Pokemon FireRed Super Extra Nostalgia Edition (GBA)

Farhan firmansyah on 07:28 PM, 25-Jun-14

Hp java s40 Nyimak aja

Farhan firmansyah on 07:49 PM, 25-Jun-14

Gan ada game 2 pokemon gbc baru tuh di hax imarck us tolong diupload file yang jar ya thanks

lucario on 08:53 PM, 25-Jun-14

horay ada game gba baru.........

lucario on 08:55 PM, 25-Jun-14

tapi sayang pokemonnya cuma dikit

Briyanuyee77mywaplogcom on 10:02 PM, 25-Jun-14

Orang mau Gbunk bleh gk!!!!

sadaharu kusonoki on 05:10 AM, 26-Jun-14

Ane 5u req bole gk , ane mau minta rom game poke'crystal revolution.gbc (rom nya aj) , bole gk , klo dh ad bgi link'a donk.

groundeon on 06:46 AM, 26-Jun-14

minimalis bgt..
Nyimak aja,

dennydayni on 11:10 AM, 26-Jun-14

mohon di foll back gan biggrin

Kevin Septianto on 02:14 PM, 26-Jun-14

SS nya mna ?

Doryu on 01:24 AM, 27-Jun-14

Buat pembuat blog ini tolong buatkan walktrough versi indo saya mau main kalo versi english kebingungan,kalo bisa pisahkan antara indonesia diatas dan bhs. inggris dibawah jadi pas mau maen pake walktrough gampang.

udah gitu aja dari gw,tapi kalo bisa usahakan rapihkan kembali tata letak bahasa nya dan kadang gak nyambung.

gitu aja dari ane overall blog ini saya kasih 8/10

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:32 AM, 27-Jun-14

@Doryu, look at here

Ridwan Deluffy on 09:42 AM, 27-Jun-14

tlng upload yg gbc gan :o

yukalan6 on 12:43 PM, 27-Jun-14

gan tolong kasih nama badge dikomentar badge kanto

Doryu on 05:02 AM, 28-Jun-14

Thanks sambidoplang blog!

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