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Download pokemon gust gba | walkthrough pokemon gust gba

Name: Pokemon Gust
Rombase: Firered
Hacker: Truality
Version: Demo
Language: English
-DO NOT play as female. It will cause a lot of gamebreaking bugs.
-The demo officially ends after entering Prune city. Of course, not all is told, so make sure you check everything out twice.
-Getting badges is optional, but getting HMs isn't, so make sure you get at least the 2nd badge for the available HM (Cut)
-Some scripts are altered especially for the demo (because you can't move beyond Prune City)
+New plot, same old "Eight Gyms"
+New maps, same old tiles (for the most part)
+New scripts, same old main events
+New gameplay aspects, same old HMs
+New overworlds, same old Nurse Joy
+Three evil teams to counter, a region to save
+And 386 different ways to go for it
+The details are to be enjoyed
You're a resident of Indigo Town, at the Nebuil Region. You recently turned 14 and it's about time you began your own Pokémon quest. Ain't you happy?

As if. Things do not turn out the way you expect. Your father, who is working at an excavation, hasn't returned from his last errand. You're out to look for him.

Still, you decide to catch two Magikarp with one hook; you go to the local Pokémon Lab to get a starter Pokémon. Why not be both training and trudging?

As if. Prof. Alastor, who is in charge for homemade-brownie-distribution (giving out starter Pokémon), is also missing. You're out too look for him (pun intended).

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8 responses to "Download Pokemon Gust (GBA)"

herman on 07:25 PM, 31-May-14

ter update nih gan

abra on 07:30 PM, 31-May-14

ada spasi 1 biggrin

kayaknya bagus nih pokemon, thanks gan.

Sadaharu on 08:57 PM, 31-May-14

Gimana nih pdhal s40 ane dh di hack , tpi ttp gk bisa maenin gbc na pake meboy-f udah ane test d xy naturia, ice silver ,ama emerald ttp aja gk bisa , mungkin seting yg pling bwh na slah ane coba 2016 awal na lncar" aja pas prtma main freeze .

groundeon on 10:53 PM, 31-May-14

ga ada yg udh full apa gan? Klo ga demo ya beta,,mslh'a nunggu next version'a bsa jdi lma bgt..entah stahun,2 thun,

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:47 AM, 01-Jun-14

@groundeon, sabar ya bro biggrin

yukalan6 on 12:52 PM, 01-Jun-14

gan alamat url buat hack pokemon gba

rising star on 07:43 PM, 05-Jun-14

full gak kak

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:21 PM, 05-Jun-14

@rising star, saat ini masih demo/percobaan.

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