Download Pokemon Hollow Mysteries (GBA)

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Download Pokemon Hollow Mysteries + Walkthrough Pokemon Hollow Mysteries

Name: Pokemon Hollow Mysteries
Hacker: Freddy F1shf1nger
Rombase: FireRed
Version: Final Version
Language: English
Pokemon Hollow MysteriesPokemon Hollow MysteriesPokemon Hollow MysteriesPokemon Hollow Mysteries
The Ontak region was once a calm and lax natured region in the world of Pokemon. Ontak is often a forgotten region and has few memorable moments. But not all is well, the mountainous lands have succumb to terrors that were previously thought unimaginable. Ontak on the exterior may seem peaceful, but there is an underground war that is being fought in Ontak. The only thing that keeps the population of Ontak in complete denial of their detriment is that nothing is out of the ordinary on the surface. But in the Underworlds there are sinister plots at hand. On one stormy night a young trainer was born in the Southern Plateau and since that night there has never been rain on the Western Side of the Ontak region. Some believe that this is nothing more than circumstance but some have faith that this is a trainer with capabilities that have previously been unimaginable. The only thing that is certain is that this trainer has a clear goal in life. That goal is to be the very best like no-one ever was.
1) This game has removed the need for all HM's with the exception of Surf and Strength. Some of the other HM's are available but there is no requirement to use them.
2) Players are able travel quickly between towns that they have already visited using the "World Map Warp". To remove people who block the way players must do one of the following; beat the gym in that town, complete an event in that town or simply talk to the individual blocking the path. This has completely removed the need for the HM Fly which has been removed since it is unnecessary. Players can use this along with the map that is provided in the zip files to get an idea of the Ontak region.
- Pokemon Hollow [5.8 MB]

Here the list of Pokemon location in pokemon Hollow Mysteries:
- Pokemon Location

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22 responses to "Download Pokemon Hollow Mysteries (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 02:41 PM, 22-Jan-14

Download Pokemon Hollow Mysteries GBA | Walkthrough Pokemon Hollow Mysteries GBA |

andithreekusuma on 03:07 PM, 22-Jan-14

semua pokemon bisa di tangkap/tidak

Poketrainer Ifin on 03:09 PM, 22-Jan-14

@andithreekusuma, bisa, secepatnya akan ane post Lokasi Pokemonnya.

Eident Crawlers on 03:30 PM, 22-Jan-14

Wahhh,, mantep nhee,,, ane tunggu wild pokemonnya yaaa,,

GreatMaster on 03:33 PM, 22-Jan-14

profil agan keren banget
PokeTrainer Ifin banget ^^

mukhlish on 03:38 PM, 22-Jan-14

gan ifin buatin tutorialnya ya?

raihan on 04:05 PM, 22-Jan-14

tolong buatin tutorialnya ya

andithreekusuma on 04:09 PM, 22-Jan-14

@Poketrainer Ifin,oke saya tunggu

zapdos on 04:26 PM, 22-Jan-14

gan bagaimana catch pikachu yang kelihatan di sunstroke forest

Rafi on 06:11 PM, 22-Jan-14

Ada walktrough-nya ga gan?

Fadils on 12:32 AM, 23-Jan-14

1) Game ini telah menghilangkan kebutuhan
untuk semua HM dengan pengecualian Surf dan
Strength. Beberapa lainnya HM adalah tersedia
tetapi tidak ada persyaratan untuk
menggunakannya. 2) Pemain bisa perjalanan
cepat antara kota-kota yang mereka telah
mengunjungi menggunakan "Peta Dunia Warp".
Untuk menghapus orang-orang yang
memblokir jalan pemain harus melakukan salah
satu dari berikut; mengalahkan gym di kota
itu, menyelesaikan sebuah acara di kota itu
atau hanya berbicara dengan individu
memblokir jalan. Hal ini benar-benar dihapus
kebutuhan untuk HM Fly yang telah dihapus
karena tidak diperlukan. Pemain dapat
menggunakan ini bersama dengan peta yang
disediakan dalam file zip untuk mendapatkan
ide dari wilayah Ontak.

tHr3e on 01:23 AM, 23-Jan-14

@Poketrainer Ifin : SiP gan... ada game pokemon baru lagi neh... Btw masih beta apa udah full final kah game ini? sebelumnya thx.. Langsung ane sedot gan.....
@Fadils : FEATURES dari game ini udah ditranslitkan ke bhs Indonesia... thx petunjuknya gan.....

Ashmore on 08:39 AM, 23-Jan-14

kayanya asik nih

Handhika Hendriansyah on 08:48 AM, 23-Jan-14

saya mau nunggu walkthroughnya dulu..

@rony on 11:32 AM, 23-Jan-14

gan tolong cepat di share tutornya. ...

abimaulana on 05:19 PM, 23-Jan-14

min request cheat pokemon fire red vba

adiyatma on 12:30 AM, 29-Jan-14

gan,ada pokemon gba yg kaya yelow version ga,yg pokemon'a ikut'' di belakang lari''an?? biggrin

Poketrainer Ifin on 06:38 PM, 29-Jan-14

@adiyatma, belum ada gan.

adiyatma on 10:55 PM, 29-Jan-14

oke gan,klw ada di share ya gan

articuno on 03:33 PM, 06-Feb-14

Skrang ane bngung nyari Lost sea itu dmna utk
nangkep manaphy & phione

di pokemon Ruby-Reign of legend...

Sory komen dsini

Poketrainer Ifin on 03:40 PM, 06-Feb-14

@Articuno, mohon komentar pada tempatnya.

endii on 02:45 PM, 22-Jun-14

bikinin sav file unlimited rare candy dong gan?hehehehe

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