Download Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition + Walkthrough (bahasa indonesia)

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Download Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition JAR meboy & Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia

Name: Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition
Rombase: Blue
Hacker: SinisterHoodedFigure
Versi: Full Version
Award: -


Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition is a hack of Pokemon Blue, with a new storyline, dialogue, region, improved front sprites, a nice item selection and access to huge amounts of money, as well all 151 pokemon available for capture throughout the whole game, with several pokemon available extremely early, and many pokemon will learn the best moves extremely early, and many pokemon evolve very early as well, with stones available inside the first cave. Leveling up by yourself is a minimal effort, as the enemies yield high exp, and eventually, you'll get a near unlimited amount of rare candies. The game has ascending difficulty as opposed to regressing difficulty, as the enemies have better rosters and better movepools, with some changes to the sub AIs. Of course, if the Intense Indigo Edition is too hard, the Indigo Lite Edition is an easier option, though it is still more difficult than the original Pokemon Blue. If you are familiar with the Pokemon Stadium series, then you’ll know that these series were the true inspiration for the gameplay of these 2 hacks. Anyhow, here is the result of my ambitious hobby. You start off normally, so that you can catch several pokemon early on, and the levels are normal. You'll be able to get nuggets that will sell for tons of money, which will net you large quantities of very useful items. As you get to a certain point, you will have to buy exceptionally cheap rare candies to level up to match the highest level. So you don't have to spend an eternity level grinding, which is a common problem about pokemon games, and the enemies are simple enough to handle at the earlier stage. You'll also be able to purchase revives earlier than expected, as well as a high amount of repels. Later, you'll be able to purchase equally super cheap vitamins such as calciums and carbos, to be able to match the more powerful bosses and enemies. All of this is to ensure a fun yet challenging experience. At the end of the game, the endgame boss's maximum level is 127, which is manageable by the time you get seven badges and used vitamins. Pokemon Indigo Lite is significantly easier; the enemies don't surpass level 100 until the fourth gym, and the maximum level is 115. Also, most gamebreaking pokemon are found either endgame or postgame, so there is some player balance.

The setting is the Aizome Region! A new pokemon league world tournament has come to be hosted in the region of Aizome. But the Aizome region is not exactly your friendly pokemon region, as nearly every trainer wants to become famous as the champion of the Pokemon League World Tournament, and will do whatever it takes to become the very next champion. Your rival will inherit a very powerful and extremely rare pokemon from Professor Oak, and will prove to be a formidable adversary, while on the quest of becoming the champion of the Pokemon League World Tournament. To fulfill the requirements of entering the Pokemon League World Tournament, you will have to defeat eight gyms, all of them are very challenging. What is worse, is that the sinister Team Rocket has returned, posing as a much greater threat to the world than it has ever been, with an iron grip of the Aizome nation, capitalizing on the presence of the World Tournament and exploiting its challengers, and merging with a very powerful and corrupt pokemon corporation known as the Trade, all to further their wicked goals of conquering the world. And they won’t be easy to stop. . Do you have what it takes to be the very best?

- pokemon intense indigo edition.jar (459KB)
- pokemon intense indigo [GBC] (377KB)

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56 responses to "Download Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition + Walkthrough (bahasa indonesia)"

Nexteria on 04:51 PM, 04-Nov-13

Gan ini gbc kan...?

Gold on 06:17 PM, 04-Nov-13

Waduh... Kayaknya Difficulty game ini tingkat Very Hard... Plis buatin yg freemart gan.biggrin

Borneo trainer on 07:23 PM, 04-Nov-13

Game gb baru ya gan

Aris.p on 03:32 AM, 05-Nov-13

Ijin dunlut gan bagus andt seru cz region baru am kuat-kuat

Derby on 05:58 AM, 05-Nov-13

tutorialnya mana gan?

Aris.p on 06:39 AM, 05-Nov-13

K0q gk warna gan kan screnshotnya warna

Jr.Trainer Dean on 02:45 PM, 05-Nov-13

Kak Ifin , kok enggak warna di hp aq, kan screenshotnya berwarna.

Anggi on 04:22 PM, 05-Nov-13

Habis kalahin Falkner, kemana lagi nih?
(Dark Future Crystal)

naya on 07:21 PM, 05-Nov-13

nyimak sob, saya sudah puny. yang cristal version

Anggi on 07:29 PM, 05-Nov-13

@Naya, btw, tau ga nih sob, penyelesaian masalahnya? Udah aku puter2in setiap rute yg ada, tapi ko ga ketemu2? Brgkali tau caranya, tolong bantu yah...

Jr.Trainer Dean on 07:41 PM, 05-Nov-13

Kak Ifin, sekali lagi, kenapa pas aku download game pokemon intense indigo ini, terus aku mainin kok enggak berwarna????

Anggi on 07:48 PM, 05-Nov-13

Habis kalahin Falkner, kemana lagi nih?
(Dark Future Crystal)

zhafarz on 02:05 PM, 06-Nov-13

hmm, gb ea.

mariz on 03:12 PM, 06-Nov-13

wah ijin ngambil gan kyknya keren smile

Trainerzach on 05:15 PM, 06-Nov-13

Gb ya gan soalnya ane kurang suka mrgreen

Pokemaniac on 05:50 PM, 06-Nov-13

Buat Agan" Semua "Kenapa Kok Gk Berwarna..?"
Jwbnxa.. SS diatas Diberi Efek.. Jadi Kaya Berwarna..
DAN game Pokemon diatas adlah jenis GB saja.. Bkan GBC jdi tdak berwarna..
Gitu.. GAN.!!

poketrainer alfa on 07:42 PM, 06-Nov-13

gak suka yg gb , nyimak aja gan , ditunggu kunbalnya ea ! biggrin

osaikawa on 08:30 PM, 06-Nov-13

Wahh,,, mantap gank ifin !!!
Fremart G̲̮̲̅͡åк̲̮̲̅͡ nihh ??? Thx y dh buatkan gank ifin

zhafarz on 06:03 AM, 07-Nov-13

@osaikawa, ada game yang kamu request ada,dulu q pernah share pertama kali gamenya.

Zhy Movies on 12:42 PM, 07-Nov-13

wah ane dah lama gak maen pokemon gan...

manta on 05:43 AM, 08-Nov-13

ada yg zip gan?

osaikawa on 10:00 AM, 08-Nov-13

Zhafars : apa nama ny ??? Alamat ny ???

Panji Tranvaner on 05:03 PM, 08-Nov-13

Mantap gan, Izin download... Emang nie game bener very hard?

zhafarz on 12:30 PM, 09-Nov-13

emang kenapa gan? Ane cuma kasih tau aja, kok dihapus? question

lugia on 01:17 PM, 09-Nov-13

@panji tranvaner,
very hard gan
baru di gym ke 2 aja lvl-nya udah 90an

osaikawa on 01:18 PM, 09-Nov-13

Zhafarz : Kata ny u mw ksih alamt ny ???

Ryuga on 01:19 PM, 09-Nov-13

@Poketrainer Ifin, apa nama dan url blog barunya agan THUNDER???????

yohanes on 01:26 PM, 09-Nov-13

ya gan apa nama nya

bagus on 03:28 PM, 09-Nov-13

Mantap gan ijin sedot

yohanes on 05:05 PM, 09-Nov-13

@Poketrainer Ifin,emang yg di share apa gan

bagus on 06:14 PM, 09-Nov-13

Kapan walktroughnya dipost?

Anggi on 06:15 PM, 09-Nov-13

Habis kalahin Falkner, kemana lagi nih?
(Dark Future Crystal)

bagus on 06:16 PM, 09-Nov-13

Wah keren sob gamenya tapi baru start game ...

Anggi on 06:31 PM, 09-Nov-13

Habis kalahin Falkner, kemana lagi nih?
(Dark Future Crystal)

Anggi on 06:46 PM, 09-Nov-13

@Poketrainer Ifin : Please Ka Ifin. Tolong pencerahannya. Habis kalahin Falkner, kemana lagi ka?
(Dark Future Crystal) Please jawab yah Ka Ifin...

Christian on 08:23 PM, 09-Nov-13

gamenya keren-keren cuman memori aja yang udah kepenuhan hahaha cheesy-grin

zhafarz on 04:28 AM, 10-Nov-13

gan ifin, ane lupa pokemon apa
ya, yg didalamnya ada bnyk pkmn
legendary liar, hooh dll.
Freemasterball? dulu ane pernah
download di sini.!? Ane cuma pengin main. Soalnya dulu terhapus hp di flash.

Aris.p on 06:11 AM, 10-Nov-13

.gan tolong buatin game gbc yg jar., dari gen.6 seperty pokemon X&Y
.setuju semua.nya dengan pendapat.q

bagus on 06:31 AM, 10-Nov-13

Baru main sampai rippuku state pokemon liarnya hebat-hebat susah ditangkap

Asep on 07:12 AM, 10-Nov-13

Gan ada tutorial nya gak

Poketrainer on 07:34 PM, 10-Nov-13

Gan ifin bisa di share ga game pokemon midnight yg gbc & jar

anugrah on 06:22 AM, 11-Nov-13

sob request pokemon X y gba yang full hack donk

Yoko Tiyo on 07:01 AM, 12-Nov-13

Kapan dapet rare candy?

Anggi on 07:32 AM, 12-Nov-13

@Poketrainer Ifin : Ka Ifin, makasih banget yah atas pencerahannya... Makasih Ka Ifin atas penjelasannya...

NTON on 03:51 PM, 13-Nov-13

pokemanic, baca aja walkthrough pokemon red

steven on 09:03 AM, 18-Nov-13

Gan, gmana cara rubain seadra agar menjadi kingdra?

Dias on 05:28 AM, 21-Nov-13

pokemon gb atau gbc

Snorlax on 07:12 AM, 23-Nov-13

Ane nunggu yg gbc

Levi on 03:19 AM, 27-Nov-13

Gan cara naikkin pokemon kita sampai seratus lebih, kaya gimana? Soalnya saya udah lawan pokemon berlevel 105 ke atas!!!

volkner on 05:49 AM, 01-Dec-13

gan katanya bisa nangkap 151 pokemon jadi gimana cara dapat machamp?

Silver on 07:29 PM, 07-Dec-13

Gan file gb nya ada

Silver on 07:31 PM, 07-Dec-13

@all, kalo gak berwarna coba main file gb nya lewat emulator gb4me

Poketrainer Ifin on 11:02 AM, 03-Jan-14

@yveltal, opmin ga bisa download file jar gan.

David on 12:22 PM, 24-Feb-14

Agan. tlong gua dh ke kota gym k 3 trz kan gua udh dpt cut,truz masuk k dark cave kog mau k kota yg ad pokemon tower g bsa. pas gua panjat tangga. eh malah masuk k ruangan awal..Trz lwat kota satux g bsa cz ga pux fresh water. lok lwt kota yg ad ss.Ane nya malah d buntu snorlax. please gimana craxxxx........ dapetin pkoke flute m fresh waterx dmna??

RED on 03:46 PM, 10-May-14


Poketrainer DxD on 03:12 PM, 01-Jun-14

Upload file gbnya dong >.<

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