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NAME: Pokemon Johto League Showdown
HACKER: IndianCharizard#
VERSION: Alpha 1.3
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I was impressed by his brilliant work in Scripting and Mapping and idea so i decided to make it!I was watching anime since my childhood and now I want to be it a Gamebased on Johto,And so I decided to make this hack. Its about Ash and his great adventure to Johto with his best friend Pokemon Pikachu. You will get a chance to feel the atmosphere of Johto and you can also feel the hardness of Ash by playing this game.
Most of you must have watched the Anime and Ash Going to Johto after Returning from Orange Islands with Prof Oak's GS Ball. So, THe Story is clear, You are Ash Ketcham and are going for a Journey TO the Far Reigon of Johto. Get the chance to catch all the Pokemon that Ash Caught and and all the exitement That Ash had. Get set ready to becoming and feeling the Happiness passion, the hardwork and all the thing he had done,Be Ready because This hack involves all story of Ash in adventurous region of Johto.
*New Geographical changes in Routes and there are some hidden cities too.
*New Story
*New Tiles
*New Sprites(not currently in screens but working on it)
*You can play with other line-ups too,other than Ash's.
*Team Rocket is more stronger now.
*Day and Night System
*New Titlescreen
*New Maps.
Alpha 1.3 contains Episode 1-6 and various bug fixes done!


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18 responses to "Download Pokemon Johto League Showdown (GBA)"

Herdian on 09:38 AM, 07-Dec-14

Pas banget gan, habis nonton anime season 3 langsung main ini mantap banget

Angga on 02:25 PM, 07-Dec-14

Super cool hack, semoga cepet full masta ´ _´)/

rifky182 on 06:43 PM, 07-Dec-14

share walktrough juga min jangan cuma roms yg di perbanyak. Pasti visitor bakal tambah banyak kalau share walktrough

iskandar z on 10:42 AM, 08-Dec-14

Dengan ragu-ragu ia melaju
sedikit demi sedikit. walaupun
ia tidak mau tapi ia harus tetap
berjalan sampai ke depan hotel
yang terlihat lumayan besar.
Ketika ia sampai di depan hotel
itu dengan berat hati ia harus
membayar uang yang relatif
banyak kepada pemilik hotel.
Setelah itu ia boleh pergi.
Apa yang terjadi?

tHr3e on 02:54 PM, 08-Dec-14

game KEREN gan...tapi sayang masih versi alpha, nunggu full versi nya aja gan..

Trainer AL on 08:48 PM, 08-Dec-14

Tolong difull-in bang... Kalau ada rate, ane kasih 9.. biggrin

Raktim on 01:55 AM, 09-Dec-14


Dila on 05:49 AM, 09-Dec-14

Gemenya bagus nenurutku. Sudah nyampai eps 6 saya mas, ditunggu update next alphanya wink

Zerro on 09:07 PM, 09-Dec-14

Awal tahun 2015 katanya akan banyak hack bagus rilis gan, jd ga sabar nih

Zerro on 09:09 PM, 09-Dec-14

Ane lihat di progressing hack keren2 gan hacknya. Semoga cepet rilis dan jaya terus sambidoplang blog \biggrin/

firdaus on 12:14 PM, 25-Dec-14


Chris on 04:54 PM, 13-Feb-15

where is the next part on 01:43 PM, 12-Mar-15


Fardeen on 10:42 PM, 23-May-15

where is the rest of the part of this game.i cant wait, i'm very excited to play.

juancho on 01:38 AM, 09-Oct-15

No puedo pasar de cierto punto me aparece alpha .... Algo así a que se debe?

koplak on 04:14 PM, 05-Apr-16

dapetin totodilenya gimana ih, bingung nyari ane

anonimus on 12:31 PM, 13-Jul-16

full nya kapan sam?

bahartsaxena on 10:51 AM, 14-Jul-16


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