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Download Pokemon Light Rising GBA | Walkthrough Pokemon Light Rising

Name: Pokemon Light Rising
Rombase: FireRed
Version: Beta 1.1
Hacker: SuperChespinX
Language: English
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I'm SuperChespin and I have been hacking this game for months. I think it time to make a thread for this game called Pokemon Light Rising and I also think that I should add better feature to this game. I use Pokemon Fire Red to Hack is because it is very easier and include new maps.
Brendan/May has moved from Hoenn to a New Region named Light Region and lived in Light Town when he/she turned 18 years old. They Decide to leave all of their Pokemon from Hoenn that they caught is because he/she thinks about new life other than Pokemon. One Day, he/she has a dream and it's about Mewtwo.

Mewtwo was a POWERFUL Pokemon that is a Clone of Mew that created by Team Rocket. Anyways in the Dream, he/she saw Mewtwo also Victini arrived and have an epic battle and them he/she gets middle of the battle and it turns into a NIGHTMARE.
*Starter: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
*Pokemon from Every Generation (1st-6th)
*Pokémon's movesets are now updated
*Including New Move. (Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earth Power, Discharge, Flare Blitz, and more)
*New Gym Leaders
*New Rivals
*New Maps
BETA 1.1 New!


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22 responses to "Download Pokemon Light Rising (GBA)"

Eric on 12:42 PM, 08-Jun-14

Stater pkmnnya apa ya?

Rama59 on 02:02 PM, 08-Jun-14

Ada mega evo?

Zaky M Albanna on 03:25 PM, 08-Jun-14

Counterpart dari Dark Rising. Wkwk..

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:50 PM, 08-Jun-14

@Eric, starter trio kanto.

yveltal on 07:30 PM, 08-Jun-14

kenapa hack-hackan dari pokemon leafgreen dan saphire cuma sedikit

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:35 PM, 08-Jun-14

@yveltal,beberapa hacktool gak work di sapphire dan leafgreen

yveltal on 07:43 PM, 08-Jun-14

@Sambidoplang Blog, bisa buat pokemon hack-hackan sendiri nggak, gan!

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:49 PM, 08-Jun-14

@yveltal,sulit,kalau ga percaya coba aja sendiri

yveltal on 07:51 PM, 08-Jun-14

@Sambidoplang Blog, caranya pakai apa gan?

anggaksm on 07:53 PM, 08-Jun-14

Mega evo tu apa gan ? biggrin

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:02 PM, 08-Jun-14

@yveltal,introeditor,sappy,YAPE,advancemap,XSE,NSE,dan tool bejibun lainnya yang sulit dibahas
@anggak,berevolusi menjadi lebih kuat

yveltal on 08:03 PM, 08-Jun-14

hm.., perlu dicoba...

anggaksm on 08:06 PM, 08-Jun-14

Gan ad gk pokemon yg new map&pokemonnya tu dari gen 1-5/6(gk tau gen nya sampe brp biggrin)

Pokemaster yogi on 08:33 PM, 08-Jun-14

Ijin comot gan

Eric on 08:57 PM, 08-Jun-14

Ada mega shinka ndak,

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:33 PM, 09-Jun-14


groundeon on 11:50 PM, 09-Jun-14

beta lagi??O M G helloo..

lucario on 08:38 AM, 10-Jun-14

apa perbedaannya sama dark rising

XerneasYveltal on 03:27 PM, 10-Jun-14

versi laennya dark rising bukan???

megalom on 04:23 PM, 10-Jun-14

bukan lah

bulbasayur on 02:58 PM, 11-Jul-14

gan ada physical / special split nya gak? mohon jawab smile

magby on 11:01 PM, 19-Jun-15

kapan nih rilis yang full version

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