Download Pokemon LightRed Version (GBA)

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Download Pokemon LightRed Version + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia
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Nama: Pokemon LightRed
Hacker: Zortac
Rom Base: Emerald
Bahasa: English
Versi: Beta 1
Penghargaan: -

You are a 10 year old kid who is after moving to the town of Snowball in the region of Cramoor.Your dad is a wealthy landlord living in Seaside City. He has organised a group of criminals called Netscape Grunt.It's up to you to get rid of all Netscape Grunts and defeat your dad in a battle of the battles... Anyways, as usual, defeat the gyms, defeat the trainers, defeat the Elite 4's and defeat the Champion.However, you'll battle the Champion several times, in most unexpected places(including places that the Champion is banned to enter, like ZortCo's building?).If you're lucky, you may even fight MissingNo.! Chance:1/100 on 1 route only(or town? who knows).Ohright, back to the point. If you defeat all the Netscape Grunt's you'll be able to travel to the 2nd region...It's going to be a remake of another region in the normal/original Pokemon games...but it definetly won't be any region from the first 3 gens(Sinnoh/ Unova/X&Y Region)(Please note that only half of the region will be included!).

- [6.7MB]

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Poketrainer Ifin on 06:38 PM, 17-Jul-13

Download Rom | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon lightred version complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | current version | final version | beta 1

Manchester United on 07:31 PM, 21-Jul-13

mantap sob . .waltrognya mana

Gentleman on 01:51 AM, 27-Jan-15

Kapan Fullnya Gan?

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