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NAME: Pokemon Lilac
VERSION: Beta 1.1
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G'Day and welcome to my project, Pokemon Lilac. This can probably be considered a revamp of my original hack (Shimmering Tempest), except it is of a higher quality and will hopefully be released. It is set at the same time as G/S/C, but in the brand new region of Lowen. Enjoy the eye-candy and please comment biggrin
It has been a long time coming, but you are now ready to take on a Pokemon adventure across your home region. You're all set to recieve your Pokemon from Professor Oak a larger neighbouring town when your mother informs you that Oak is investigating the nearby Haplon Cave system. Upon your arrival at the caves, a small earthquake shakes the earth around you and a local hiker insists that the fleeing Pokemon demonstrate that it is too dangerous to progress. Once things settle down, you are given the all-clear signal and are allowed to continue to the next town. Inside the cave you come into contact with a determined Professor Oak, spying on a suspicious charcter further into the cave.

The man is no other than a member of the villainous Team Rocket which was thought to have been disbanded three years ago under their leader, Giovanni. Why are Team Rocket snooping around a small cave in Lowen? Why does a shady character continuously follow your every move? Why is your rival so mad at you, despite being friendly for many years beforehand? The life of a rookie can be a tough one...
~ The new region of Lowen
~ Fabulous tiles
~ D/P/Pt/HG/SS sprites
~ An engaging storyline
~ New TMs and custom move tutors
~ New evolutions methods to catch 'em all
~ New movesets/ base stats for previously forgettable Pokemon

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6 responses to "Download Pokemon Lilac (GBA)"

Fran on 04:59 AM, 03-Apr-14

Help by god am lockout and stressed
When you have defeated team rocket pokemon raikou where it was after you go to the mountain but the trope of the stairs disappear and mountaineer but something tells me not to do and have toured all cities and routes.

sky tamer kania on 04:54 PM, 05-Jul-14

i think thats the end of the games...this game olny Beta 1.1 so, just two gym.... i stop my play too

sky tamer kania on 04:56 PM, 05-Jul-14

kak Ifin, game ini cuman sampe gym ke dua aja ya gym api habis gtu gamenya ngga bisa d lanjutkan lagi krn blm full version ?? barusan nyoba game ni kmrn

d ditto on 05:55 PM, 05-Jul-14

udah bisa ke elite 4 kok

sky tamer kania on 10:46 AM, 06-Jul-14

ditto...wahhh pgn main sampe elite 4 !! gamenh bagus bgt soalnya...klo gtu aku cari jalan ke gym ketiga

sky tamer kania on 12:29 PM, 06-Jul-14

gimana caranya ngelewati mt trope...ada batu yg nutup jalan, pdhl aku sdh pny flash

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