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Download pokemon maize gb jar | walkthrough pokemon maize

Name: Pokemon Maize
Hacker: ShantyTown
Rombase: Red
Version: Beta 2.0 (4 gym)
Language: English
pokemon maize
*New Region
*Starter: Growlithe, Staryu and Exeggcute
*165 Total Pokémon
*Steel and Dark Types *New Music
*26 Future-Generation Attacks
*Item Stone (Evolves Pokémon that need items to evolve)
*Young from the indie game Anodyne
*DV Checker
*Super Fun
Please note that not all of these items are obtainable in Beta 2. They are all fully functional in the game, though.
1. Item Stone: Evolves certain Pokémon that require items to evolve. (Scyther, Onix, Murkrow, etc.)
2. Scouter Ring: Beeps when wild Pokémon with high DVs appears, so you know if you've found a top- percentage Pokémon.
3. Focus Ring: Has a chance to prevent your Pokémon from fainting, similar to the Focus Band.
4. Blunt Ring: Boosts the power your physical attacks.
5. Wizard Ring: Boosts the power your special attacks.
6. Shield Ring: Boosts your defense against physical attacks.
7. Bubble Ring: Boosts your defense against special attacks.
8. Amulet Ring: Increases money received from trainers after battle.
9. Booster Ring: Boosts experience gained by your Pokémon.
10. DV Ball: Sets the DVs of the captured Pokémon to maximum.
11. Hustle Ring: Increases levels of wild Pokémon.
12. Wonder Ring: Makes attacks that would do no damage do "ineffective" damage. (Using Body Slam on a Gengar will do 1/2 damage instead of doing no damage.)
13. Healing Ring: Heals your party Pokémon by a little as you walk around.
14. TM 04: Now teaches Iron Tail
1. Skarmory
2. Mareep
3. Flaaffy
4. Ampharos
5. Drilbur
6. Excadrill
7. Steelix
8. Houndour
9. Houndoom
10. Gligar
11. Gliscor
12. Murkrow
13. Honchkrow
14. Scizor
I decided to stick with a traditional Poké-storyline. An organization known as Team Quarry is excavating vast amounts of materials from the ground in pursuit of building a mighty city to be the center of their empire (or something like that).
While wielding your trusty broom, you set out on an adventure to become a Pokémon master. Explore the region of Boldor while you attempt to thwart Team Quarry and tolerate your ridiculous childhood acquaintance. .
BETA 2.0 New!
[DOWNLOAD] [GB] (407kb)
[DOWNLOAD] [JAR] (489kb)

BETA 1.21


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36 responses to "Download Pokemon Maize (GB)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:40 PM, 14-May-14

Download pokemon maize gb jar

Abi on 08:58 PM, 14-May-14

izin comottt...,

Farhan firmansyah on 09:40 PM, 14-May-14

Ayo gan upload masih ada pokemon darkgraystone gbc ane tunggu

RED on 10:05 PM, 14-May-14

When the full version will realise??

Pokemon Master on 09:16 AM, 15-May-14

Apa game x asik?

Zaky M Albanna on 10:39 AM, 15-May-14

Jiah.. Akhir'a diupload juga wkwkwk..

Namikaze ikari on 11:34 AM, 15-May-14

Izin comot gan..

groundeon on 12:15 PM, 15-May-14

@sambidoplang : nyampe generasi berapa bro?

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:52 PM, 15-May-14

sampai gen 4

Kevin Septianto on 12:13 AM, 16-May-14

kunbal dong gan ..

kangsidiq on 08:14 AM, 16-May-14

Hadir master

zhafarzz on 10:12 AM, 16-May-14

akhirnya untuk java

Devil Slayer Wirawan on 01:12 PM, 16-May-14

ijin download BOZ...

azieds on 02:13 PM, 16-May-14

mantap gan.
tapi kalo maen nya di s.goboy pas masuk ke pc/heal selalu macet kenapa nya?

kwekkwek on 05:47 PM, 16-May-14

kenapa gan cerpoknya gak di lanjutin

Sambidoplang Blog on 10:18 PM, 16-May-14

@kwekkwek,lah,ane upload cerpok diprotes...

Lightning on 10:36 PM, 16-May-14

Kenapa di protes ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 10:43 PM, 16-May-14

@Lightning,entah,ane dikatain moderator ga becus updet cerpok mulu

Kevin Septianto on 10:57 PM, 16-May-14

haha ,kok di hpus comment ane ? biggrin

tHr3e on 05:19 AM, 17-May-14

@azieds : kalo maen di pc jangan pake s.goboy gan..... s.goboy buat maen di hp selain hp java yang maennya mengharuskan pake emulator gan (selain s.goboy, ada juga vboy and mungkin juga ada emu² gbc yg laennya) tapi kalo maennya di pc pakenya vba dijamin kagak macet..... kan disini udah ada recommend emulator buat maen di pc gan.......

edo on 06:45 AM, 17-May-14

gan,ada yg tau tutor cheat m.ball di victory fire gk?sy pke gpsp,filenya bkan sav,tp svs

abdullah sidiq on 12:23 PM, 17-May-14

wah keren nie pokemonnya

Trainer_Salim_Crystaleon on 09:02 PM, 17-May-14

@Sambidoplang blog Bisa gk Pokémon GBA ada yg dijadiin jar?
@Hendrixz Bisa gk bikin Pokémon Nusantara jadi jar?

groundeon on 10:21 PM, 17-May-14

@Sambidoplang : yg jar linknya error sob,gw baru nyomot yg gb,
@Trainer_Salim_Crystaleon : kasian,maksain bgt..
Blm ada sjarahnya GBA jd jar,

Fadils FullBusterz on 11:10 PM, 17-May-14

Makin mantap

Käzûkî Hîhärä on 06:07 PM, 18-May-14

Mantap gan...

frieza on 08:20 PM, 18-May-14

gan,kok kalau ane install x-plore selalu sertifikat kadaluarsa

Farhan firmansyah on 12:51 PM, 20-May-14

Gan gimana cara ke pyrite city

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:27 PM, 20-May-14

@Farhan firmansyah, beta ini belum bisa ke pyrite city, nunggu next beta rilis.

groundeon on 12:47 PM, 21-May-14

klo ga slh game ini bsa ke pyrite city dh gan..
Ga bs mlalui darat,tp hrus pake FLY,coz di pyrite city tmpt badge ke 4,klo ga slh yah..

Abi on 04:01 PM, 21-May-14

@groundeon,tetap gx bsa..setau ane hanya kota yang telah disinggahi/pokecenter yg tlah dimasuki yg bsa dengn fly

Andi Gaul Pedia on 05:07 PM, 22-May-14


groundeon on 01:42 PM, 23-May-14

@abi,pyrete city bisa dimasuki gan,tp pake fly,nah nyari fly'nya dgn cara menelusuri gua,
stlh dpt cari kakek2 yg minta diajari fly,klo udh baru bs fly ke pyrete city,ane aja trakhr di pyrete city,

groundeon on 01:48 PM, 23-May-14

pyrete city bisa dimasuki tnpa hrus singgah dlu di poke centernya,yg pnting kita udh ngajarin kakek2 yg mao bljr FLY,Itu intinya,

ramadhan on 06:50 PM, 29-Oct-14

Jngn guna nuzloke your savegame will gone

ramadhan on 08:47 AM, 03-Dec-14


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