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Download Pokemon Mirage Of Tales GBA | Walkthrough Pokemon Mirage Of Tales

Name: Pokemon Mirage Of Tales
Hacker: Avara Moon
Rombase: FireRed
Version: Version 2.1
Language: English
pokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of talespokemon mirage of tales
*Explore the new region of Avlar!
*Custom Trainer Sprites!
*Licenses replace Badges.
*My 'Reputation' System depends on References available to gain from main characters.
*SOME de-capitalization where I see fit.
*Your own Personality Alignment!
*NO "evil team" stuff... It's been done to death and for me my least favourite game aspect.
*Some people are good, some people are evil!
*You can choose who you associate with.
*Item prices have been raised and trainers give you less money.
*As well as money and all that stuff, you can earn Fame by gaining References from high-status trainers who've battled you and doing other things...
*A barrage of new characters, including several challenging rivals!
*New Gym Leaders, however the Gym Leader Challenge is now optional.
*Leaders will give you their References if you win and battling them or not wont affect the storyline.
*Badges have been replaced by Licenses which allow you to do different things in the game.
*"Licences" for HM moves SURF, CUT and FLY are obtainable through buildings called Registry Offices scattered aroud the region.
*Pokemon that were previously only able to evolve through trading or through day/night now evolve in different ways.
*PLENTY of small sidequests to keep you busy.
*As well as Pokemon Centres and Marts, most towns now also have Community Centres!
*Pokemon-dependant events!
*Gender-dependant events! (these events differ VERY slightly)
*Item-dependant events!
*An unlockable career where you can run your own Gym! (not as exciting as it sounds, but already implemented so oh well)
*The Elite 4 has become the mighty 9- round Avlar Tournament, which you can only enter if you're a Master Trainer.
*4th, 5th and 6th Generation Pokémon! And finally, ASM!
VERSION 2.1 Contain:
*Ten cities
*Seven optional Gyms
*Major progressions in each Career
*Several more Alignment-altering events added
* Twenty routes to explore!
*The game's first Legendary Pokémon event

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12 responses to "Download Pokemon Mirage Of Tales (GBA)"

ULIENS Dnjepanten on 10:58 AM, 08-Jun-14

hanya pc pa untuk semua pak

nyimak on 11:17 AM, 08-Jun-14

nunggu fullnya aja deh,,,

Vincent on 02:50 PM, 08-Jun-14


Sambidoplang Blog on 03:56 PM, 08-Jun-14

@ULIENS Dnjepanten, untuk semua bro.

Ujind on 10:59 AM, 09-Jun-14

Udah full nih
ijin donlot ᖤ

lucario on 11:35 AM, 09-Jun-14

gan starternya apa aja

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:35 PM, 09-Jun-14


Twin head dragon on 12:39 PM, 09-Jun-14

Starternya fakemon,azradon dan punya 3 macam evolusi,seperti tyrogue ,pada level 40

Kevin Septianto on 09:00 PM, 09-Jun-14

Cara extrack nya pkai apa ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 11:13 PM, 09-Jun-14

@Kevin Septianto,pakai explore atau winrar.

Kevin Septianto on 02:51 PM, 10-Jun-14

winrar aja lh ..

Kevin Septianto on 09:26 PM, 10-Jun-14

gmana caranya ?

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