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Download Pokemon Nature Version + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia
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Nama: Pokemon Nature
Hacker: Varion
Rom Base: Fire Red
Bahasa: English
Versi: Beta 1.1
Penghargaan: -

- All 386 Pokémon, All 386 Pokemon from the first three generations of Pokémon will be catchable in some form in this game, in the final release
- Visit Johto 5 years from it's debut. It's been five years since Gold defeated the Pokémon Master Red, and left his home for his epic quest, it's time to re-visit the land of johto and witness how it's evolved with time.
- Travel through time Using Celebi's powers later in game, you may visit areas with a GSC style overworld to it.

- [5.1MB]

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Poketrainer Ifin on 05:50 PM, 02-Aug-13

Download Rom | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon nature version complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | current version | final version | beta 1.1

Ads on 09:57 AM, 02-Aug-15

Gan file nya mana q nga ada

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