Download Pokemon Normal Version - Elemental Division (GBA)

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Download Pokemon Normal Version Elemental Division + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia

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Nama: Pokemon Normal Version-Elemental Division
Hacker: FrozenInfernoZX
Rom Base: Fire Red
Bahasa: English
Versi: Beta 2.5
- Sky Forme Regigigas (with new signature ground type move Upheaval)
- Two full regions with plenty of post league activity/ side quests
- Two Pokémon Leagues
- Some tracks from Pokémon Emerald
- Periodic Graphical Overhauls
- Encountering my counterparts
- Custom made "Regional Dex (247 Pokémon)" and "Extended Dex (323 Pokémon)"
- Custom Pokémon abilities, Pokémon stats, and Pokémon types, etc
- Some Pokémon from each of the five regions
- Day and Night (Going to go for making Day and Night Pokémon)
- Day and Night Events
- Physical/Special Split
- New Money Exchange
- DPPtHGSS Pokémon Sprites (I'm going to take the best one from each game)
- New Hero and Trainer Sprites
- Berry Trees
- Fairy-Type!
- Decapitalization
- Custom TM/HM List (Ex. Tri Attack is TM50)
- Uncover the aftermath of the Uiyto Region! (I may make a pre-sequel involving only the Uiyto Region)
- Johto influenced game style (Since I love the Johto Region)
- Youngster Joey's revenge! (My favorite)
- New Criminal Organization with some added twists
- And more...
- Pokemon normal version elemental division [6.6MB] New!
- Pokemon normal version [5.6MB]

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8 responses to "Download Pokemon Normal Version - Elemental Division (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 07:43 PM, 02-Aug-13

Download Rom | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon normal version complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | current version | final version | beta 1.5

Ashmore on 08:19 PM, 10-Jan-14

ane nunggu final versionnya aja

muhammad ihsan on 06:08 AM, 22-Mar-14

ada fairy typenya toh biggrin

Řîžāł on 02:53 PM, 08-Apr-14

Gan,Gimana Cara Dapat in Suicune sad
Ane ketemu Di rumput Lvl nya 20 Gan ...
Ane Pake Dive Ball,2 Kali Gerak Keluar Dia ...
Kalo di lawan darah sisa dikit,Dia Pake Roar ?
Bagaimana ini?

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:22 PM, 08-Apr-14

@Řîžāł,pake electrode,JANGAN pake dive ball,tapi net ball,ultra ball atau master ball


Řîžāł on 09:21 PM, 19-Apr-14

Walkthrough Nya Mana Gan?
Setelah Ane Nangkap Suicune,Trus Mesti Ke mana sad

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Marlon on 04:35 AM, 07-Oct-15


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