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NAME: Pokemon Order Destroyed
HACKER: DarkRisingGirl
Uncover the truth behind the conclusion of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 & face the outcome of the results in Pokemon Order Destroyed: The Prequel to Dark Rising 3.
pokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyedpokemon order destroyed
*Physical/Special Split
*4th/5th/6th Generation Moves & Items
*Obtainable Mega Evolution Pokemon
*Survival-Style Hack
-Charizard Y Does Not have the ability Drought. Instead, it has Charizard X's ability, Tough Claws. This is due to a Weather Ability error within the Rom Base. By Episode 3, this will be changed to Drought.

-Everything said within the hack actually effects your gameplay. For example, if the Pokedex is "Damaged", it's really damaged in- game. Do Not try to click it and go through it. Your game will freeze. If an NPC tells you Not to use a Pokeball, Don't Do It. Etc...

-Moves or Items that raise your attack have no effect. This again is due to an error within the Rom Base. By Episode 3, this will be fixed.

-The "Pokemon" selection will appear on the menu after a certain point in the hack If you find a particular Pokemon hidden within the lab.

-When running from a Steelix who has an Assault Vest, you will get dialogue that says "Assault Vest prevents status moves!" Although this message pops up, it has no effect on if you could run from the Steelix or Not. The run ratio is still determined as it normally is.

-If you lose in-game, the hack is Over.

-This is truly a hack of survival. Pay attention to the various characters and plot to see how and why.

-This hack will consist of Episodic releases. As of September 10th, 2014, Episode 1 & 2 have been Released. (It is highly recommended to play both Dark Rising 1 & Dark Rising 2 before starting Order Destroyed)
-You Must always start the Order Destroyed hack series in episode 1 and create Save States which are required to save your progress rather than save in-game. When starting a new episode, load your save state to continue your progress. Never start a "New Game" in any other episode except episode one or you will encounter numerous glitches & wrong sequence of events within the plot.

-After completing an episode, you are allowed to explore, train, and gather items as freely as you like. However, you Must save your game where the hack notified you that the episode is over. For example, if episode one ends on a route titled "Garden", you must save at "Garden" and not anywhere else once you're done with episode one and ready to begin episode two. If you fail to do this, you'll encounter numerous glitches and may not be able to move forward.





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42 responses to "Download Pokemon Order Destroyed (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:29 PM, 12-Sep-14


Sambidoplang Blog on 05:31 PM, 12-Sep-14

ingat ya bro, kamu harus mulai dari episode 1 dulu, kalau sudah tamat, simpan/save state(emulator), lalu ganti rom ke episode 2 dan load save statenya. Dan juga begitu seterusnya untuk lanjut ke episode berikutnya.

Lightning on 06:30 PM, 12-Sep-14

kerennnnn aku kira DR2 terakhir ternyata tidak

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:32 PM, 12-Sep-14

Dan ingat!pokemon yang faint tidak bisa direvive,alias M.A.T.I. Dan pokemon center sudah tiada,jadi kamu harus nyari pokemon n' steal potion dan berry

yaranaika on 07:12 PM, 12-Sep-14

asli DRg niat bikin hack nya, padahal di DR1 graphic nya ga keren amat, terbantu sama epic story, dr2 ane blm tamat :v

Reyxa on 07:41 PM, 12-Sep-14

Mmmmm......gan ini full nggak?

Dark Messenger on 10:17 AM, 13-Sep-14

Banyak Bug nya, buka Pokedex langsung hang, ga bisa liat Pokemon.

Hashirama on 11:41 AM, 13-Sep-14

Mega evo nya apa sja..

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:49 PM, 13-Sep-14

@Dark Messenger,trus apa lagi?cuma satu kan? :3 lagipula digamenya sudah ada dialog bahwa pokedexmu rusak

aldi on 03:22 PM, 13-Sep-14

k mana tutorial nya

NF1234 on 04:40 PM, 13-Sep-14

GILA, kalo mati game ini berakhir!!!, mirip SAO

firman on 01:44 AM, 14-Sep-14

cara download game nya gmana? udah di coba2 tetep ga bisa
jelasin tutorial nya gan tolong

Abrar Abe on 09:06 PM, 15-Sep-14

Benar2 sulvival game,,:v

VJ Rizal Debora II on 10:46 AM, 19-Sep-14

Wow smile
sayang nya cuma Bisa Nyimak sad
Hp ane kage ada sad

manta pocket on 09:40 AM, 23-Sep-14

Kan ku dah masuk ke turfiles tapi kok gak ada tanda downloadnya ya..
Gue udah ikutin cara downloadnya diatas..
Tolong pencerahannya

aa on 04:37 PM, 09-Oct-14

kk cara mindahin sav file nya di android gimana yah ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:22 AM, 10-Oct-14

@aa, sebelum pake android pakai apa?

aa on 01:36 PM, 10-Oct-14

android 2.3

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:24 PM, 10-Oct-14

Aa, di sdcard ada folder drastic lalu di dalemnya ada foldet savestate. Disitu tempatnya

da santos on 08:01 PM, 14-Oct-14

Kok episode 3 ngak bisa di download

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:09 PM, 14-Oct-14

Da, maaf bro linknya error. Akan segera aku perbaiki

da santos on 04:45 PM, 15-Oct-14


isuik on 04:14 AM, 15-Nov-14

nge-save nya dari emulator ya gan?

Newbie User on 12:48 PM, 22-Nov-14

cara loaD sAv file
episosde 2 gimana

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:40 PM, 01-Dec-14

isuik, iya bray,save lewat emu.
newbie, di rename sesuai nama rom yg ke 2 bray

Lucifer on 12:49 AM, 02-Dec-14

Bazeeng.. Riolu ane fainted :v hackernya niat banget
kembangkan terus sambidoplang cyinn..

Desi on 04:09 PM, 02-Dec-14

Tutorialnya gimana mas ?

Desi on 07:54 PM, 02-Dec-14

Mas cepet update ya episode 5 nya !
Nunggu nih smile

Desi on 07:58 PM, 02-Dec-14

Aku udah selesai nih sampe episode 4 ..
Cepet banget mass.. di laptop terlalu cepet

Icchan13 on 07:49 PM, 05-Dec-14

Ceritanya agak bingungin ya. Disitu ada zinnia karakternya oras kan?

yamask on 09:23 AM, 14-Dec-14

gan tolong pencerahannya. di episode 5 kan memang ga bisa ngalahin hoopa. nah abis itu player ane ada di suatu tempat yg cuman ada sprite zygarde doang. abis itu ngapain lg ya gan?

kyurem9090 on 10:11 AM, 14-Dec-14

gan saya kan sudah save emulator kok ga bisa di load

Totodile on 02:18 PM, 14-Dec-14

@kyurem9090, savnya di rename sesuai rom barunya gan. Misalnya Pokemon Order Destroyed Episode 4.sav, lalu rom barunya bernama Pokemon Order Destroyed Episode 5.gba maka savnya di rename jadi Pokemon Order Destroyed Episode 5.sav lalu tinggal load.

Semoga membantu

A7X on 08:29 PM, 14-Dec-14

klo gk ada pc gk bsa cit rare sma master ball..

DarkRisingMaster on 10:40 PM, 14-Dec-14

@YAMASK Gua Baru Aja Ngalahin Hoopa Baru Hoopa ny bicara Abis Bicara Ada Tulisan
"Congratulation!!! You've Completed Order Destroyed True Endings , Download And Play Dark Rising 3 To Experience The Final Installment In The Dark Rising Series , Thank You" Kayak gitu

kyurem9090 on 02:12 PM, 15-Dec-14

totodile terima kasih

Icchan13 on 06:06 AM, 18-Dec-14

@yamask:ini nih cheatnya. unlimited exp:
74000130 027D
7300218C 0001
82023D50 1338
ini cheat gameshark. enable semuanya. lalu, battle wild pokemon manapun. biar langsung naik level ke level 100. setelah itu, disable cheatnya. nah, hoopa itu kan type psychic/ghost, maka kalahkan pake absol mega pake jurus dark. paleng bagus kalau nyerangnya pake move sucker punch. semoga ini membantu >.<

Icchan13 on 06:08 AM, 18-Dec-14

oh ya aku lupa. Hoopa itu abilitynya wonder guard. gak bisa di serang dengan type lain selain dark

nope on 03:53 PM, 22-Jan-15

ada bug di episode 2. lawan nenek-nenek yg ngeluarin bad egg. freeze di tengah battle. gimana beresinnya ?

sp on 02:04 PM, 22-Mar-15

ep 5 is not working.i cant go inside tht house

obet on 05:05 AM, 13-May-15

min tolong dong, koh di awal game kan di suruh masuk ke dalam rumah. koh nggk bisa ?

Ginga on 05:17 PM, 16-Mar-16

Boleh ngak kalau digabungkan semua romnya

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