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Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 06:30 PM, 17-Apr-14

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Download pokemon red complete version | walkthrough pokemon red complete version

Name: Pokemon Red Complete Version
Hacker: Pokemon_Master
RomBase: Red
Version: Final
Language: English
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Hi. I am,Pokemon_Master,showing you my first hack. This hack doesn't have much changes,only some minor changes like wild Pokémon etc. Even though it might not be a "good-quality hack"at least it's a fun game.
The same as orginal Red(you get out of your house,want to leave the town but Prof Oak stops you first etc)
First of all i have to thank Danny for doing all the hard work with the Graphics and Music. The rest what i did was easy.

*A completable PokéDex(main objective in this hack]
*Game difficulty increesed
*Some trainers have their Pokémon changed(not all trainers)
*All TMs can be bought at PokéMarts (TM01-TM50,you can't buy HMs)
*Master Ball & Rare Candys(no free Rare Candys)
*Moon Stone can be bought now as well as PP Up
*In-Game trades changed
*Wild Pokémon locations changed
*Pikachu and Gastly are little stronger now
*Cut HM is now Bug/Type,Hypnosis and Dream Eater are now Ghost/Type moves,Karate Chop is a Fighting/Type move and Gust is now Flying/Type
*Wing Attack's damage power now is 60 instead of 35
*Increesed the number of requierd catched Pokémon when receiving somethimg from Prof Oak's assistant
*Gym Leaders have now stronger Pokemon
*Elite Four has only Level 100 Pokémon
*Rival battles changed
When choosing a starter Pokémon it will only say: So you want plant Pokémon Bulbasaur. And if you choose Charmander as a starter and change it's position in Pokémon party it will "transform" into a traded Pokémon. .
[DOWNLOAD] [GB] (397kb)
[DOWNLOAD] [JAR] (478kb)


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26 responses to "Download Pokemon Red Complete Version (GBC)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:32 PM, 17-Apr-14

Download pokemon red complete version gbc jar

Micko48 on 06:44 PM, 17-Apr-14

baru lagi nihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

groundeon on 06:47 PM, 17-Apr-14

Terus berkarya

Huntertz on 06:55 PM, 17-Apr-14

Nyimak' dulu..

Irvan Prastyo Wap LiveGames on 06:56 PM, 17-Apr-14

Wahh..baru lagi.. Yg sebelumnya belum tamat ada lagi.. Gpp ijin amankan gan biggrin

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:58 PM, 17-Apr-14

yang suka nangkep2 pokemon pasti suka game ini, hehe

Hill on 07:18 PM, 17-Apr-14

gan punya pokemon crystal versi jepang gk ? tp format ya .jar...lou da tlong gan d upload...

Kilua on 09:22 PM, 17-Apr-14

Ini SGb gan Atau gb yg berwarna bukan gbc. Kalau di meboy gak berwarna

reigatama on 09:39 PM, 17-Apr-14

ada yang baru lagi nih belum tamat maen pokemon crystal calm udh ada lagi terus berkarya gan

Meiko Kobayakawa on 10:31 PM, 17-Apr-14

update pokemon yg gba donk gan >.<

tHr3e on 04:33 AM, 18-Apr-14

@Sambidoplang Blog : nyimak aje lagh gan.... Sambil nunggu pokemon gba hack²n terbaru di thn 2014 keluar....

tHr3e on 04:33 AM, 18-Apr-14

@Sambidoplang Blog : nyimak aje lagh gan.... Sambil nunggu pokemon gba hack²n terbaru di thn 2014 keluar....

Sadaharu on 07:03 AM, 18-Apr-14

bnyak updetan gbc/gb nih,en skalian nunggu xy naturia final en fixnya, jgn lupa yach.

. on 12:04 PM, 18-Apr-14


Dede a p on 06:26 PM, 18-Apr-14

Gan tutorialnya mana

darkrai on 10:42 PM, 19-Apr-14

aduh,sampe bingung mana yg mau di masukin party. . .

Scoout on 07:53 PM, 22-Jun-14

How to download this rom, i'm confused ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:35 PM, 22-Jun-14

@Scoout,click the link,then click download file,if you're using phone,read the below section of this blog

Fauzan on 03:33 PM, 02-Aug-14

Pokemon apa yang baru?

shinryu on 09:08 PM, 18-Sep-14

bang,itu cartepid ad d route mna?

ghost detector(metal onix) on 08:19 AM, 17-Nov-14

gan,dimana tempat diglet

Alsara on 06:56 PM, 30-Jan-15

Ciipp gan. . . . .

Leader gym on 10:07 AM, 14-Jun-15

@ghost detector(metal onix),diglet cave vermilion city.

Darmansyah on 05:57 PM, 20-Jun-15

Kok aku download masih hitam putih?

rio on 04:48 AM, 13-Oct-15

Kok pas di mainin hitam putih di screeenshotnya berwarna

sayidipblovers on 06:51 PM, 13-Jul-16

gan disini pokemon terhebat nya? apa ya gan

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