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NAME: Pokemon Shattered Dreams
HACKER: Quilava's Master
pokemon shattered dreamspokemon shattered dreamspokemon shattered dreamspokemon shattered dreamspokemon shattered dreams
3 years ago, a group known as Team Rocket, wreaked havoc in the Kanto region. The goal of this organization was clear: rule the world with powerful Pokemon by their side. Using his many resources, Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni, acquired the powerful Pokemon Mewtwo. Fortunately before they could enact their evil plot, Team Rocket was foiled by a young Trainer named Red. Giovanni was eventually apprehended and Mewtwo was taken from him. To ensure that Team Rocket's plan would never come to fruition Mewtwo's power was trapped and locked away in the legendary Jirachi, who fell into an eternal slumber as a result. A small price to pay for peace.


You are a young boy/girl aged 17 living in the lush Zinnos Region. You and your best friend, Conan/Claire [changes with gender], are given a Pokemon by Professor Oak from Kanto. As part of the experiment you have to document the changes a non- native Pokemon experiences in a new region. After a brief eye-opening encounter with a snobby gym leader, Eris, you and your best friend decide to train and disprove Eris' theory that you two will never be more than mediocre Trainers. On this journey you meet a cocky Pokemon hunter and uncover Team Rocket's plot to capture Jirachi and release Mewtwo's power. But why has Team Rocket returned, and why in Zinnos? And how does Team Rocket's attack on Johto coincide with their Zinnotian attack? Find out in Pokemon Shattered Dreams!
*One of the most advanced 3rd Gen Hacks out
*Day, Night, & Seasons
*Swarms & Roaming Legendaries
*Time Based Events
*Pseudo-Mystery Gift/Wi-Fi Events
*New Battle Backgrounds
*Updated Sprites & Movesets for Pokemon
*Completely De-Capitalized Game
*New Items & TM's!
*New Field Moves [ie. Dive]
*Trainer Rematches!
*Classic Fire Red Tiles mixed with
*Emerald Tiles!
*Sidequest & Side Stories
*Realistic Weather
*Generator Gen IV Special/Physical Split

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17 responses to "Download Pokemon Shattered Dreams (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 02:30 PM, 03-Aug-13

Download Rom | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon shattered dreams complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | current version | final version | beta 1

Poketrainer Ifin on 05:19 PM, 03-Aug-13

Ada orang gila ngamuk gan... Kononnya orang gila ini pernah ngaku blogger sejati gan.. Syur syur maknyus.. Hihihi

Gold on 06:35 PM, 03-Aug-13

Maaf, gan ifin. Komentarnya nyasar kesini. Takutnya gak kebaca. Di pokemon RG, dimana dapat HM Surf? Mau ke dance theater ga bisa, tertutup air yang gak bisa dilewati. Mohon bantuannya gan.

Poketrainer Ifin on 07:12 PM, 03-Aug-13

@Gold, ane belum pernah main yg RG gan...mungkin dapetnya hm surf bukan di dance theater..mungkin

Mysterious human on 03:48 PM, 04-Aug-13

Sory gan....kalo game poke crystal editan ada gx yang model model ametyst. Maksudnya pokemonnya gen 5 trus bisa gerak gitu.....

Gold on 11:24 AM, 05-Aug-13

Gan ifin, mampir ya di blog ane. Ada game pokemon GBC baru.

Traineroldfisco on 01:06 PM, 05-Aug-13

@gold,alamat blognya apa gan,ane ingin icip-icip game agan

rocky on 05:45 PM, 06-Aug-13

se7 deh..

PikachuTrainer on 12:57 PM, 07-Aug-13

@ridho nasution,no problem

PikachuTrainer on 07:23 PM, 07-Aug-13

Minal aidin wal faidin,mohon maaf lahir batinbiggrin

ridho nasution on 09:20 PM, 07-Aug-13

@all pengunjung

right-arrow Minal aidin wal faizdin,mohon maaf lahir batin left-arrow smile

Dheigan on 12:53 AM, 08-Aug-13

@ifin, knpa komen ane yg barusan di hapus..

@Dragon'lover$ on 12:31 PM, 11-Aug-13

@poketrainer ifin, aku mau nya ada gk ya pokemon yg starter nya pokmn naga? Tlong di jawab ya...

@Dragon'lover$ on 12:39 PM, 11-Aug-13

Maaf ya klo sya ikut gabung... Sya hnya ingin mengucapkan "minal aidin wal faizdin" untuk semua trainer di blog ini..@

@Dragon'lover$ on 12:41 PM, 11-Aug-13

Sya trainer baru mohon bimbingan agan2 semua ya...

@Dragon'lover$ on 12:44 PM, 11-Aug-13

Maaf ya sya trainer baru ...saya mohon bimbingan agan2 semua

denny on 09:57 PM, 24-Aug-13

Ini mana tutorialx mohon petunnjukkk

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