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Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 07:48 PM, 28-Oct-14

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DEVELOPERS : Nintendo EAD, HAL Laboratory
PUBLISHER : Nintendo
pokemon stadium
pokemon stadiumpokemon stadiumpokemon stadiumpokemon stadium
Battle add-on to the popular Game Boy titles, based on the Japanese Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo further enhanced the game by adding a gallery mode). In the game's Stadium Mode, one player competes in 80 different battles, divided into four tournaments. Beat the Stadium Mode and you're in for a bonus battle against the ultimate Pokémon warrior, Mewtwo, as well as a secret mode that gives you 80 brand-new, and devilishly tough battles. There is virtually no way you can beat the secret mode without having trained your own, elite Pokémon. One to four players compete against each other or the computer in a no-holds-barred battle with customizable rules. You can select rental Pokémon for these battles -- but that makes them much too predictable since their selection of techniques isn't determined by the trainer. You can also select quick and easy versus and random battles.

HOW TO PLAY! : to play this game, you need a program called Emulator, Choose your emulator HERE.

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16 responses to "Download Pokemon Stadium (N64)"

Hercules on 07:51 PM, 28-Oct-14

SB tambah menggila -_-

Abrar_Abe on 08:09 PM, 28-Oct-14

Waww,, SB sudah updet N64!! :v
Tapi gb/gbc terlupakan :3

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:20 PM, 28-Oct-14

gk kok. gb gbc nunggu updetan sketendo.

Dr on 09:15 PM, 28-Oct-14

Mantep Bro Btw Battle Di Game ini Susah Banget Bro .!!

Charizard on 10:04 PM, 28-Oct-14

emulatornya pake emolator apa gan?

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:19 AM, 29-Oct-14

dr, mudah kok om, emang bagian mananya yg susah?
Charizard, pakai mupen64, ni masih aku upload.

Y on 03:01 PM, 29-Oct-14

ini ptualngan apa battle doank..

Ricky Saputra on 04:00 PM, 29-Oct-14

@Y, cuma battle doank

Y on 04:23 PM, 29-Oct-14

ada yg ptualangan gk?
kyak GBA..

Eon on 09:41 AM, 30-Oct-14

Min,udah banyak file .gbc di Skeetendo.tolong jadiin jar dong :v

dracho on 07:18 PM, 30-Oct-14

Thanks bro game"a... Ada update yg pokemon generasi 4 ga? smile

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:30 AM, 31-Oct-14

pokemon n64 gk ada yg sampai gen 4 om.

Hill on 08:36 PM, 19-Nov-14

gan dg spek hh cpu dual core 1 ghz, gpu mali 400, ram 512mb, lncar gk gan untuk main n64 ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:38 PM, 19-Nov-14

@Hill, coba dulu bro

Bang lock on 02:05 PM, 16-Feb-15

ijin nyimak ya Sob :v

indra bayu on 07:08 PM, 14-Mar-15

@hill lancar bgt... di singel core aje lancar. tpi bnyk factor jg sih

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