Download Pokemon Super Rising Thunder (GBA)

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Download Pokemon Super Rising Thunder + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia
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Nama: Pokemon Super Rising Thunder
Hacker: Pink Parka Girl
Rom Base: Ruby
Bahasa: English
Versi: Alpha 2
Penghargaan: Hack Of The Month April 2011

- Tradional RPG styled action
- a post,apocalyptic setting
- a new storyline
- new map layout
- no trainer in the traditional sense
- No TMs or HMs and few man made item
- naturally learned HMs
- set/moveset adjustment
- new scripts
- new palettes and tilesetes
- new music
- new sprites

- [5.0MB]

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5 responses to "Download Pokemon Super Rising Thunder (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 11:45 AM, 15-Aug-13

Download Pokemon Rom GBA hack | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon super rising thunder complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | gba ROMs | current version | final version

Makex on 04:13 PM, 02-May-14

Gan alpha itu versi apa ?:/

no name on 03:21 PM, 16-Jul-14

versi kelanjutan dari beta :v

Orang on 10:37 AM, 06-Apr-16

Tutorial nya mana yak ?

Watashi Wa Namae wa on 10:56 AM, 17-Jul-16

versi nye kya sama thunder emblem,

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