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Download Pokemon Topaz + Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia
lihat semua screenshot...>>
Nama: Pokemon Topaz
Hacker: Bazza
Rom Base: Ruby
Bahasa: English
Versi: Final Version
Penghargaan: -

- A completely new storyline!
- In POKEMON TOPAZ there is 200+ new POKEMON to catch!
- There is all new POKEMON trainers to battle...
- Completely new mapping ( every town, cave and route changed!)
- Some new attacks...
- Some completely new maps, added to the game!
- And much, much more!

- [4.8MB]

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3 responses to "Download Pokemon Topaz (GBA)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 11:39 AM, 15-Aug-13

Download Pokemon Rom GBA hack | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon topaz complete | cheat | bahasa indonesia | hex | gba ROMs | current version | final version

Rai on 07:32 PM, 02-May-14

Tutorialnya mana ya juragan?

thwo on 06:41 PM, 07-Dec-14

screenshot nya di tambah dong gan

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