Download Pokemon XY Naturia Version (JAR)

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 03:23 PM, 12-Apr-14

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Download pokemon naturia version JAR | walkthrough pokemon naturia version

Name: Pokemon XY Naturia Version
Hacker: Chamber_
Rombase: Gold
Version: beta 0.2.5
Language: English
pokemon xy naturia versionpokemon xy naturia versionpokemon xy naturia version
- Selection of protagonist by gender, like as in Pokemon Crystal only with the protagonists of Pokemon XY.
- Redesign Pokedex. 138 "new" (replacement) species of pokemon from all regions .
- Replacements are based on design and/or qualities/features of each Pokemon. Example, Rattata is replacement for Zigzagoon .
- Progressive levels increase on wild Pokemon and Trainers.
- Different species of wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, while maintaining a logic . Different amount of Pokemon used by coaches.
- Learnset updated to Pokemon BW2 o XY as the case .
- Some event-moves are included in Learnsets.
- Some Trainer Class have new items for use in battle.
- Differences on evolution levels, adequated to the strength of the evolution chain and to the level at which the Pokemon appears for the first time. For a few Pokemon, different methods in which they evolve.
- Some Pokemon can evolve by using a different method. New evolution stones are included.
- Base Stats , Types, Growth Rate and Catch Rates updated Pokemon XY . New type FAIRY is included.
- Different wild held item data and increased probability of appearing the second item..
- Battle System like as in the 4th generation. The moves are classifies in Special or Physical according to their contact nature.
- Some different fleeing Pokemon. Type Boost Items (Charcoal, etc.) increase %33 of ATTACK to compensate the lack of items like Choice Band, Life Orb, etc.
- 24 New items (not all obtainable in game) that improve the player experience. Include GS Ball, Sail Fossil, Fossil Jaw and 3 evolution stones (Dusk, Shiny and Down) plus a new stone that replaces the trade evolutions: TRADE STONE.
- 60 New moves that complement the functions of each pokemon battle. Signature moves are presents: Lucario with Aura Sphere or Blaziken with Blaze Kick are possible.
- New battle effects according to each attack, with this is possible have moves that did not exist, as Calm Mind or Draco Meteor. The new effects come with new animations.
- Update priorities moves. Extreme Speed now has priority over Quick Attack.
- 25 New TM. Replaced the most low-profile attacks by a higher-profile attacks, example ; Mud Slap for Bulldoze. Some moves of the TM replaced were added to Learnset to avoid losses.
- Additional trainers, usually in places that lacked them, like caves and gyms. - (Additional trainer count: 18)
- Properities of healing items (potions, berries...) edited so that said items can't be used in the middle of a battle. However, no changes in the functions of the items when held by a Pokemon (berries still heal, etc.).
- Different items found in the floor and some different berry trees.
- Different trainer DVs (usually higher), mostly adequated to how early a trainer of that class can be found. DVs of many classes are maximized in an attempt to make up for the acumulative boosts provided by EVs.
- Stat and type boosts provided by badges removed in order to give the game a more "professional" feel and increase the difficulty by removing an unfair advantage.
- Removed the 25% extra chance of missing with a status or stat reduction move by the opponent (another unfair disadvantage for the computer that makes little sense).
- Different requeriments and increased probability (1/256) for a Pokemon to be shiny. The properities of the shiny Gyarados have been adequated accordingly.
- The Battle Style is SET by default (little Buggy).
- New graphics (Tileset) for routes and cities taken mainly from the 3rd generation games.
- New graphics in battle (HP bar) and the Town Map, HGSS style.
- New Sprites for some Trainers and Gym Leaders, and therefore new Trainer Class.
- Modifications to existing maps like caves, routes, Gyms, or towers. Cities restored to its beta phase.
- Changes in certain events as well as existing small additional events.
- The player is unable to leave a Gym until he or she beats the Gym Leader or all his/her Pokemon faint in battle (blackout). Thus, Gym trainers and the Leader have to be beaten is succession.
- Partial translation of rom to spanish ( I'm a Mexican Hacker).
- Move Tutors with generic moves have been distributed throughout johto to compensate the replacement of some TM. By this method you can learn Hidden Power, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Toxic and Headbutt (the latter retains its status TM).
- Zigzagoon and Linoone possess her ability "PickUp" like in Pokémon RZE; you have a 10% chance that after a fight are equipped with an object, such as a Potion, Great Ball, Rare Candy, etc...
- Tileset Extension patch is applied.
-Some Traden Pokemon are shinys.
- (Minor)If you choose to be "girl" in start of game and enter your name manually, after doing it, appear the sprite of "boy". - Fixed for next release
- (Minor) Error in the Overwolrd fo the "girl" on the map of FLY. -Fixed for next release
- (Minor) Errors with the font. Some translations come from the Spanish Version, so some characters may be shown to you the American version (does not apply to English-speaking players). - Fixed for next release
- (Minor) In battle only, the moves appear with other type. This is because the game reads the ID of the animations and not the type of the move. - Fixed for next release
- (Minor) Singpost throughout the region without text. This is because the beta versions of the cities have more singpost that the final version. - Fixed for next release
- (Medium) Counter and Mirror Coat are not upgraded to the new rating system physical/special attacks. - MAYBE Fixed for next release
New Version:
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.5.gbc (zip) [878KB]

Old Version:
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.3.gbc (zip) [878KB]
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.2.gbc (zip) [878KB]
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.0.gbc (zip) [878KB]
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.1.5.jar[966KB].
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.1.5.gbc (zip) [878KB]
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.1.4.jar [966KB]
- pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.1.4.gbc (zip) [878KB]

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112 responses to "Download Pokemon XY Naturia Version (JAR)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:28 PM, 12-Apr-14

Download pokemon xy naturia version Gbc | walkthrough pokemon xy naturia version |
#Poketrainer ifin

yukalan5 on 03:38 PM, 12-Apr-14

Kog di hpku, eror trus gan,,
padahal baru pilih nama, trus di kamar itu..

Sultandirect on 03:49 PM, 12-Apr-14

Akhirnya ada game GBC baru.
Izin dunlut gan

@Dragon'lover$ on 03:54 PM, 12-Apr-14

Ini untuk me boy versi berapa gan???

Zaky M Albanna on 03:57 PM, 12-Apr-14

Trus update game ni gan..
Ane slalu menunggu..
N smoga hackernya ngga mnghentikan projek ni..

Lightning on 04:03 PM, 12-Apr-14

Agan agan game ini gx bsa bergerak saat selesai pilih nama jadi harus nunggu next beta deh

Eident Crawlers on 04:31 PM, 12-Apr-14

Apa benar gak bisa bergerak?

Rogue Cheney on 04:48 PM, 12-Apr-14

ane nunggu final aja deh, gan usahain upload yg meboy 1.6 juga ya, soalnya kalo meboy 2.2 banyak lagnya

Gold on 05:00 PM, 12-Apr-14

Minta yang Zip. min. Mungkin beberapa data bisa ane pake untuk Gold Rebirth.

Silver on 05:11 PM, 12-Apr-14

Kayanya seru ane download ya gan

Irvan Prastyo Wap LiveGames on 05:33 PM, 12-Apr-14

Master, minta file ada?

YohanesZz on 05:41 PM, 12-Apr-14

apa bisa di android gan .

rifky182 on 06:15 PM, 12-Apr-14

Nunggu yg roms .gbc nya saja

wirawan on 07:47 PM, 12-Apr-14

ganmau nanya.... ada game pokemon gba Untuk java ndak ya berformat jar

Lightning on 08:11 PM, 12-Apr-14

Kakak eident memang bener gx bsa bergerak gw uduh coba 3x gx bsa bsa

ElWafa on 08:33 PM, 12-Apr-14

game nya keren gan taoi sayang masih beta

Fadils FullBusterz on 09:04 PM, 12-Apr-14

Bagi yg ngga bisa gerak hpnya Ecek"

ane pake hp china aja lancar tanpa macet,,

Huntertz on 09:24 PM, 12-Apr-14

Harus cpat diamankan ini..

Ryuga on 11:05 PM, 12-Apr-14

Wah bagus banget, keren. Grafiknya hampir menyamai haiiro dan emerald 2 generation. Alias grafiknya hampir sama dengan gba
@Gold, jadi agan masih ngelanjutin gold rebirth?

Achmadz on 05:15 AM, 13-Apr-14

yang format gbc gan sad

Dila alrizky on 05:59 AM, 13-Apr-14

Nunggu finalnya aja gan

Gold on 06:17 AM, 13-Apr-14

@Ryuga, ngeliat post ini jadi pengen ngelanjutin.

groundeon on 07:21 AM, 13-Apr-14

kayak'a mnjanjikan nih,
tak comot gan..

groundeon on 07:44 AM, 13-Apr-14

ternyata ga bisa dimainin gan..
Macet parah diawal2..
Tinjau lg ye..

Sadaharu on 07:50 AM, 13-Apr-14

mntep sih mantep tpi syng ny ndak bisa grak ,udah gue coba pd ke-2 karakternya lgi ,d tunggu yg fix nya y kang.dn jgn brhnti brkarya.

Tyrannitar on 08:01 AM, 13-Apr-14


Excho za on 08:35 AM, 13-Apr-14

Wah keluaran baru yah kren gan.

BraderMachamp on 10:57 AM, 13-Apr-14

@Bro ifin, bro bisa gak ngepatch pokemon ice silver dan jadiin meboy? Coz ice silver udah demo. Liat di

Syahrul sannin on 12:57 PM, 13-Apr-14

Akhirnya yg ane tunggu2 sekian lama tlah tiba poke xy untuk javabiggrin,tak comot ah

nightmare on 06:50 PM, 13-Apr-14

error gan

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:31 AM, 14-Apr-14

maaf, beta 0.1.4 belum bisa dimainkan di HP

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:32 AM, 14-Apr-14

@brader, ice silver belum keluar link downloadnya

tHr3e on 10:26 AM, 14-Apr-14

kq bentuk filenya jar gan...yg bntuk filenya GBC mana gan.... kq gax ada?

BraderMachamp on 10:33 AM, 14-Apr-14

udah ada bro beneran
ane dah download file (ips) nya , cuma ane gak bisa patch
nih link nya :

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:29 PM, 14-Apr-14

@Brad, sudah ane post, klik "view all gb-gbc hack"

reigatama on 04:39 PM, 14-Apr-14

bener gan gk bisa bergerak tapi grafik ny sudah seperti gba, aku nunggu yang dh final aja

reigatama on 10:11 PM, 14-Apr-14

kapan bisa dimainin di hp java gan

tHr3e on 12:07 PM, 15-Apr-14

game pokemon gbc dgn grapik yg wonderful patut untuk dicoba tp sayangnx masih versi beta.... sambil nunggu final versionnx keluar... maenin game yang ada dulu lagh gan.... cz yg 1 aja bel0m tamat udah muncul gbc baru lagi......

groundeon on 02:02 PM, 15-Apr-14

yg gbc macet ga ya?

reigatama on 05:52 PM, 15-Apr-14

gw jajal dulu game nya terus update game ini gan

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:19 PM, 15-Apr-14

@groundeon, pakai emu super goboy lancar bro.
@reigatama, ok gan.

reigatama on 06:26 PM, 15-Apr-14

di blog ini ada gak gan emulator nya

reigatama on 06:37 PM, 15-Apr-14

untuk java pake emulator apa gan untuk maenin game ini

COOLTRAINER KYUUSUF on 08:28 PM, 15-Apr-14

Buih keren grafisnya ijin download.

groundeon on 12:57 PM, 16-Apr-14

kereen,mirip gba..

Sogo on 02:40 PM, 16-Apr-14

Kc yg new version sma juga gan gx bisa grak...??

Sambidoplang Blog on 02:43 PM, 16-Apr-14

@Sogo,@ace,tanya hackernya

Abdurrohman on 03:10 PM, 19-Apr-14

Udah lama gak main pokemon biggrin
ijin dunlud biggrin
full versi nya kapan? cheesy-grin rolleyes

groundeon on 04:19 PM, 19-Apr-14

untung dah make super goboy,,

reigatama on 10:59 AM, 20-Apr-14

gan mau tanya pokemon yg punya move razor wind di pokemon crystal pokemon apa gan

reigatama on 01:24 PM, 20-Apr-14

gan kalo java maenin game ini gimana gan

groundeon on 02:26 PM, 20-Apr-14

gan,kawan ane request minta yg jar versi trbarunya,bwt hp java gan,tolong dibntu,

Sambidoplang Blog on 02:34 PM, 20-Apr-14

@reigatama, scyther dan scizor, kalau dari egg move ada spearow,horsea,gligar.girafarig dll.

Sambidoplang Blog on 02:38 PM, 20-Apr-14

hp java belum bisa main xy naturia, pake meboy atau emulator meboy-f sekalipun karena hackernya belum bisa memperbaiki bug di tileset.

groundeon on 05:43 PM, 20-Apr-14

@decka,y0i gan..thank's,klo disymbian lancar beud..

reigatama on 08:31 PM, 20-Apr-14

@sambidoplang thanks gan informasinya

reigatama on 10:06 PM, 20-Apr-14

@sambidoplang scizor ku dh lv 100 kok belum dapt move razor wind aku maen pokemon crystal calm

groundeon on 06:04 AM, 21-Apr-14

dapetin m0ve Rajor wind cuma bisa via trading..

reigatama on 01:28 PM, 21-Apr-14

@groundeon thanks gan informasinya gk jadi dapet move razor wind

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:36 PM, 23-Apr-14

beta 0.2.3 sudah rilis bang cyndaquil

Fajar Asakura on 03:14 PM, 23-Apr-14

Gan ini yg terbaru bisa maen di hp ga ?

reigatama on 05:01 PM, 23-Apr-14

ya gan hp java udah bisa main belum ?

TeoMcDohl on 12:05 AM, 24-Apr-14

Gan, ane mw tnya knp pas waktu pokemon xy dibuka pake meboy f error truz gan, mohon pencerahannya.

TeoMcDohl on 01:33 PM, 24-Apr-14

Apa mngkin filenya kebesaran y? Mohon diberi petunjuk.

girantia on 02:48 PM, 24-Apr-14

kak, maksudnya level x di scereshot apa ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 02:56 PM, 24-Apr-14

@girantia, aku juga gak tau heheh

groundeon on 01:50 PM, 26-Apr-14

gan,pokemon xy naturia dan ice silver bnyk bgt bugnya,
hack'an'nya parah tuh..
Dua2nya ga da yg beres..

the_fallen on 08:20 AM, 29-Apr-14

@groundeon, namanya juga masih beta version wajarlah kalo banyak bug...
@blog admin, link versi 2.3 kok bad gateway ya ? Error pas mau di download...

The_fallen on 08:41 AM, 29-Apr-14

Ternyata bisa d'download lewat uc...

Fajar Asakura on 11:47 AM, 29-Apr-14

Masih ga bisa main di hp java ya T.T

the_fallen on 02:14 PM, 29-Apr-14

ada salah satu member skeetendo yg bilang dia bisa mainin di hape java nokia 303 pake emu jmeboy...kalo user di sini ada yg pake hp java yg RAMnya gede boleh dicoba...karena gw coba pake nokia 206 tetep ngak jalan...

Lawliet on 06:08 PM, 29-Apr-14

buat yg full nya kk kalo bisa juga yg free mart terus versi jar usahain ya soalnya banyak yg mau main kalo udh full

the_fallen on 12:01 AM, 30-Apr-14

masih ada juga yang nanyain freemart...amatiran...kalo pengen yg full tanya langsung ke hackernya d skeetendo forum atuh...bukan disini...

groundeon on 11:37 AM, 30-Apr-14

@the_fallen,pake Jmeboy jg seandai'nya ada yg bisa psti ujung2nya macet ditengah2..
Super goboy aja msh bisa macet gan..
Mending nunggu yg fix deh..

the_fallen on 03:41 PM, 30-Apr-14

kayanya ngak bakalan di fix itu game, orang hackernya sendiri terang"an bilang kalo mau maenin musti pake pc ato android...kalo ngak percaya tengok aja d sketeendo forum

reigatama on 04:06 PM, 30-Apr-14

dh ada versi baru tapi bisa gk ya di hp java?

Fajar Asakura on 04:50 PM, 30-Apr-14

Wah ada yg baru, dah bisa di hp java belum ?

iqbalzXvV on 07:03 AM, 04-May-14

kalo lucario ngeganti pokemon apaan?

bull on 08:26 PM, 05-May-14

game meboy di hp nokia asha 306

Noraname on 10:15 PM, 09-May-14

Percuma gan nungguin soalnya memang susah banget ngatasi bugnya

Poketrainer Ken on 11:19 PM, 26-May-14

Gan,ini jalan cerita.a sampe mana soal.a kan masih beta version?

Poketrainer DxD on 03:03 PM, 27-May-14

Kira" di BB bisa ga ya ?

burat on 08:32 PM, 06-Jul-14

Mga putang ina nyo! Ano ano pinagsasabi nyo! Di ko maintindihan,. Mga kupal kayo!

Arcafire on 11:39 AM, 12-Jul-14

Masih menungguuuu..,!!

<(") on 10:49 PM, 23-Jul-14

bb bisa main
pake jmeboy

Chandra on 11:01 PM, 11-Sep-14

Please contest pokemon xy into meboy 2.2 .jar...please please

Greninja on 08:00 PM, 12-Sep-14

I cant download, it shows error as link not available.. please, make it's .jar version for direct download.

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:59 PM, 12-Sep-14

@Greninja, that link still working. Download with UC BROWSER from this blog.

chandra on 11:49 PM, 01-Oct-14

I have downloaded this game from u c browser but still cant play says error.....after choosing the charecters

Charmander Boy on 06:33 PM, 12-Oct-14

Bang mau tanya kadabra bisa evolusi gak?
Klo bisa evolusinya lvl brp?

Harry cool trainer on 02:55 PM, 16-Oct-14

Kenapa ya gan di hp ku gamenya di awal sudah macet padahal sudah beta 0-1-5

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:26 PM, 16-Oct-14

Kalau kamu main di hp java memang macet

Harry cool trainer on 05:31 PM, 16-Oct-14

Ooo gitu ya gan

Harry cool trainer on 12:38 PM, 22-Oct-14

Lalu versi mana yang tidak macet?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:37 PM, 22-Oct-14

mainnya di symbian bro

vincent on 09:17 AM, 19-Nov-14

Gan qx ad untk bb(jar) y

vincent on 09:31 AM, 19-Nov-14

Error gan dawn

Nishan on 05:56 PM, 30-Nov-14

I have just downloaded the older version of the game because i cannot download any game except jar format but why cant i mov whn the game start i cant read other commets because i dont know that languagesad

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:37 PM, 30-Nov-14

be patient, I'll update it soon.

vincent on 02:35 PM, 18-Dec-14

Gan fast please update this game I want to play this game.

bolado on 11:37 PM, 11-Jan-15

essa porra de jogo nao funciona trava e da erro q merda porrrrrrra

paulo on 11:43 PM, 11-Jan-15

esse jogo nao pega sera q dar para melhorar a qualidade do jogo obrigado

Sigyn on 08:58 PM, 15-Jan-15

Gan diblognya chamber_ udah nyampe versi 0.4.0 disini kok masih versi 0.2.5 ya.?
Tolong di update.

mr.black_o9 on 02:29 PM, 16-Feb-15

I DOwnloaded this game,but i doesn't work,It says error after choOsing the characters

nora on 12:13 PM, 19-Apr-15

kok di alihkan ke tusfile aku jadi nggak bisa download game pokemon ni! Gimana ni min?

new trainer (ln) on 05:14 PM, 19-May-15

pemula cuma bisa pilih eeven doang saat pergi ke cherigrov saya pilih fennekin

adarshsahu on 05:41 PM, 26-Jun-15

like the game

eevee trainer on 04:54 PM, 13-Jul-15

gan saya bisa mainin game ini di hp saya tapi waktu ngelawan scyter dan scyzor kadang macet kadang engga terus waktu ngelawan ketua gym fly macet padahal brelom yang di keluarkannya

eevee trainer on 05:01 PM, 13-Jul-15

gan coba edit dong game versi gold ganti pokemonnya jadi pokemon gen 6 terus downloadnya jangan ketusfile

kathleen on 07:42 PM, 20-Jan-16


Poketrainer A on 07:10 PM, 14-May-16

Knp di hp gw error trs abis tulis nama pas di kmr mlh ulng lgi dri pertama. Tolong di jwb

Taylor on 05:04 PM, 20-Aug-16

Gan up date dong! ane dah nunggu lama nich!

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