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NAME: Touhou Puppet Play
HACKER: Agastya
ROMBASE: Emerald
VERSION: v1.812
touhou puppet playtouhou puppet play
I'm sure that you've heard of Touhou Puppet Play (referred to as "Touhoumon" from this point on) at least once by now, and that's what this is. For those of you innocent enough to not know what it is, it is a Japanese fakemon hack of Pokemon Fire Red that replaces Pokemon with characters from the Touhou Project series while still following the basic progression of Fire Red. The latest version, 1.8, was another huge shift which was more focused on balancing the power creep between obtainable characters along with a new type chart and the Physical/Special class split for moves.

There are two main features to 1.8. The first main feature is that stats are very balanced and nearly everything (barring a few joke characters) is viable without abusing X Items or overleveling, and the second is that the vast majority of the cast has multiple evolutionary paths they can take by either leveling or simply using an evolutionary stone. As an example, something's level evolution could be a slow bulky special attacker, but by using a stone it could choose to become a fast physical attacker instead. This allows for a large amount of variety in team building, and adds replay value.

Now that the boring preface is out of the way, let's get to the main draw here: this is a hack of Pokemon Emerald (U) that uses Touhoumon's lineup of obtainable 'mons to take everything you know about Pokemon and snap it in half. This hack follows Hoenn's basic plotline and gameplay progression, but the changes to the 'mon lineup, attacks, and type chart changes the game rather drastically. Its mostly vanilla Hoenn since that was my aim, but there's a few curve balls thrown at you to keep you on your toes.

"But wait!" somebody cuts in, "Can I still enjoy this if I don't know the first thing about Touhou?"
Well, yeah. It's still just Pokemon. A lot of the typings will make more sense if you know the characters, but there's a fair amount of documentation about 1.8 to tell you what character/move typings are.

"I don't want to learn a new type chart. That sounds dumb."
You learned a type chart when you first played Pokemon, didn't you? Just leave a type chart image up, it's not hard.

"I played a Touhou hack before, and it was an obnoxious grindfest where things just had high stats. Is this hack like that?"
No, because I'm not a complete idiot. That said, the difficulty level is overall higher than vanilla Emerald, but you won't have to grind to 100 or anything for the main game.

"I've seen Emerald hacks that replaced Pokemon before, and the Battle Tents and Frontier were a complete mess."
Not this one! The Battle Tents and Battle Frontier have been edited to reflect the in-game changes. They're fully playable, and they will kick your butt up and down the street if you're not careful.

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15 responses to "Download Touhou Puppet Play (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:27 PM, 19-Jul-14


Briyanuyee on 09:44 PM, 19-Jul-14

Bagus gan!
Tpi gua masih bingung sama s60 gua gk bisa mulu!

anon trainer on 10:52 PM, 19-Jul-14

bedanya versi ini ama versi touhoumon sebelumnya apa ya gan?

Fandango on 11:31 PM, 19-Jul-14

mantap brot, jadi semangat kalau main emerald hack biggrin

^anon trainer, di atas sudah dijelasin bedanya.

sudah lama bhs inggris jadi bhs internasional tapi kok rakyat indonesia masih buanyak yng g' bisa bhs inggris ya? #miris

angga on 03:25 AM, 20-Jul-14

@fandango, bukan mereka gak mau belajar bahasa english, tapi mereka lebih bangga menggunakan bahasa indonesia. tidak seperti anda yang lebih bangga menggunakan bahasa asing daripada bahasa sendiri. #miris

Fandango on 06:39 AM, 20-Jul-14

g' bisa bhs inggris lalu berdalih lebih bangga menggunakan bhs indo, itu alasan yng sudah terlalu mainstream broth.

kok kamu malah salah kaprah gitu brot, apakah saya disini menggunakan bahasa asing(inggris)? kalau nulis dipikir dulu brot biar g' malu pada akhirnya biggrin

menurutku tantangan paling besar untuk guru di indonesia adalah untuk mendidik murid indo agar bisa bhs inggris. biar anak bangsa bisa berpikir kayak org cerdas.

g' bisa bahasa inggris berarti pengetahuanmu terbatas broth, punya limitasi dalam mendapatkan informasi karna mayoritas
g' bisa membaca dlm bahasa inggris yang
sudah lebih 1 dekade lamanya menjadi bahasa
internasional.. biggrin

lihat.. dengar.. dan fikir..

Raka panitis on 07:46 AM, 20-Jul-14

Yaudh kan udh terlanjur gak bisa , tolong dibantu dulu lah

Farhan firmansyah on 08:21 AM, 20-Jul-14

Hp ane kagak mau di kompormi < kompromi > biggrin

groundeon on 10:59 AM, 20-Jul-14

bagus,gw colong!

Le TS on 01:36 PM, 20-Jul-14

gan, waktu ane download di tusfile
Muncul tulisan your ip banned by administrator

Mohon pencerahannya biggrin

NF1234 on 06:14 PM, 20-Jul-14

jujur, ane sudah rada bosen ama 'touhoumon'

tHr3e on 02:28 AM, 21-Jul-14

koq kagak ada audio mp3 nya gan... padahal kan 2 touhoumon versi sebelumnya udah ada audio mp3 nya saat opening gamenya gan......

??? on 04:51 PM, 22-Jul-14

tinggal pake google translate

46us on 06:42 AM, 16-Oct-14

pokemon bisa di smping statter ga

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:34 PM, 16-Oct-14

Agus, maksudnya?

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