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Name: Touhoumon World Link
Hacker: Aichiya Sanae
RomBase: Emerald
Version: v1.42 (FINAL)
Language: English
touhoumon world linktouhoumon world linktouhoumon world linktouhoumon world link
You played as Renko Usami or Maribel Han. They moved to Hoenn region, thus they seek for answer why did Boneka suddenly appear in their world.
*note: Boneka is Indonesian language means Doll
1. Hoenn Region
*You start adventure with one Boneka, either ChibiKurumi, ChibiElly, or ChibiLuize
*It seems there many Boneka that appear in current world, then Renko and Mary are given iDollDex for collecting Boneka data.
*You must beat Gym Leaders and collect Gym Badges, then aim to Boneka League.
*In your adventure you will encounter Team Kalkun that want to control LastWordUtsuho and Team Kodok that want to control LastWordSuwako
*Both LastWordSuwako, LastWordUtsuho, LastWordKanako are the main part of story of Hoenn Region.

2. Gensokyo
*This is minor place where the conclusion why many Boneka have appeared in Renko and Mary World. You can only access Hakurei Shrine, Youkai Road, and Border Island Lake.

3. Kanto and Johto Region
*You can travel to Kanto and Johto Region. They are extended region. You could collect all 8 Gym Badges from Kanto Region.
*Places in Johto region in this game are only Wakaba Town and Mt. Silver

4. Java Region
*This is just joking region for completing your iDollDex. You can access this region after you beat Boneka League.
*The quest of this region is collecting 7 gem (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Topaz, Amethyz) and beat Grand League in this Region.
1. Multi Region
Explained above

2. Day/Night System
This is why you must turn on Real Time Clock

3. New iDollDex
Manage to manipulate crossover between HoennDex and National List.

4. Music House
Check at Route 101, you will see Music House.
In the Music House you can listen music which are transplanted into this game, imported from another touhoumon, from original rom Pokemon Emerald, from another game (such as Megaman, Golden Sun, etc), or other music.
1. Chibi Form (CXxxxx, example: CChiyuri, CKurumi)
Chibi form is the most weak form of most species. Only few Boneka that don't have any Chibi form.

2. Normal Form (Xxxxx, example: Chiyuri, Kurumi)
Normal form is the evolution of Chibi Form.

3. Ex Form (EXxxxx, example: EChiyuri, EKurumi)
Ex Form is evolution of Normal Form Only few Boneka that don't have any Ex form.

4. Advent Form (AXxxxx, example: ACirno, AMukou)
Advent Form is alternate evolution of Chibi Form. Only few Boneka that can evolve into Advent Form. They are basically same strong as Ex Form. Advent Form will not learn signature move. How to get Advent Form: while Chibi Form use Sun Stone.

5. Final Form (FXxxxx, example: FReimu, FMarisa)
Final Form is alternate evolution of Chibi Form. Only few Boneka that can evolve into Final Form. They are basically same strong as Ex Form. Final Form will not learn any moves by leveling up except signature move. How to get Advent Form: while Chibi Form use Moon Stone.

6. DarkEx Form (DEXxxxx) - Trade normal form.

7. Last Word Form (LXxxxx, example: LChiyuri, LCirno)
You may say Last Word Form is the strongest form. Only few Boneka that have Last Word Form.

8. Special Form
a. Inu-Sakuya - use Sun Stone at CSakuya
b. Swim Suit (SSXxxxx) - use Water Stone at Ex Form
c. Gothic Mystia / Princess Wriggle - use Sun Stone at their Ex Form
d. ExAdventMukou - Evolve at Lv 80 from Advent Mukou
e. Angel VIVIT - catch only, no evolution
f. STenshi / SuppaTenkoRan - use Sun Stone at their Ex Form Stones can be bought at Oldman Shop at Kaina City, Hajitsuge Town, or Shidake Town.
Q: I cannot find the way in Route 127, where is the way?
A: Find the way between trees, see the picture below

Q: How to get Kanto Region?
A: Ask person with Renko Sprite in Touka City, you will obtain JX-Pass, then you go to the North of Muro Town, ask sailor there, and you go to Kanto.

Q: How to get Java Region?
A: You will need some tasks to do:
*Ask gentleman in Hanada City, this will allow you pass to Johto through south gate of victory road
*Ask fat person in Wakaba Town (New Bark Town)
*Go to Route 25 and ask people there (with the ship)
*Beat Steven in Mt. Silver
*Return to Route 25 and he will escort you to Java Region.

Q: How to enter Java Grand League?
A: You need 7 Gems to enter Grand League, here the list of gems:
1. Ruby: given before battle with Steven
2. Emerald: Beat trainer named Tenshi in Yogyakarta
3. Topaz: Beat trainer named Woofle in Solo
4. Diamond: Beat trainer named Kryuzei in Semarang (inside house)
5. Pearl: Beat trainer named Kira in North Plain (South of Semarang), he is covered with trees.
6. Amethyz: Beat Yukai in Lost Age
7. Sapphire: Beat Director of Surabaya Hospital.

Q: What is Z Boneka?
A: Z Boneka is secret Boneka that not recorded in iDollDex (like Miku). They are overpowered. Legit Z Boneka in this game always shiny.
1. Extended trainers sometimes random item (include ball)
2. Corrupted Battle Pyramid. Unfixable for now. You can get guts symbol from Grand League.
3. Walk permission in some spot. I'm too lazy for checking it.
4. Some flags reset.

1. Untuk cara download game'nya silahkan baca DISINI.
2. Untuk cara memainkan game GBA di hp atau komputer silahkan baca DISINI.

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Sambidoplang Blog on 05:49 PM, 27-Jun-14


groundeon on 06:26 PM, 27-Jun-14

wuiiih,kya'a keren!
Ijin download gan..

rifky182 on 09:15 PM, 27-Jun-14

update walktrough juga gan, biar seru

anwar on 10:13 PM, 27-Jun-14

gamenya gak bisa jalan

Kevin Septianto on 10:44 PM, 27-Jun-14

Wah keren ,mohon ijin comot ya gan .. biggrin

anjar on 07:02 AM, 28-Jun-14

gan, habis di download kok file ekstraknya berupa mp3 ya?

Syahrul sannin on 07:18 AM, 28-Jun-14

Gan,post gbc dong
Gw nunggu berhari2 kgk post gbc2

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:31 AM, 28-Jun-14

@all, maaf yg udah download ternyata kompresannya salah(soalnya ane kompres online), romnya akan aku upload ulang,tunggu pemberitahuan selanjutnya ya..

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:48 AM, 28-Jun-14

Romnya udah aku upload ulang bro, silahkan download ulang.

roMy on 10:55 AM, 28-Jun-14

keren banget gan, karya anak bangsa.
Tapi kok ane masih bingung sama form evolusinya ya? Dan masih bingung waktu battle karena gak tau type musuh, jadi gak paham kelemahannya. ane udah sampai gym 3.

latias on 11:50 AM, 28-Jun-14

ini yang aku cari cari thanks bang ifin

latias on 04:22 PM, 28-Jun-14

bang ifin tolong buatin list evolution nya dong bang ifin....thanks

anggaksm on 05:14 PM, 28-Jun-14

Wih keren pingin coba yg GBA, sayang hp java :v

amanda on 05:31 PM, 28-Jun-14

ini ada cheatnya gak sih kalau ada kasi tau dong

dimasria on 06:32 PM, 28-Jun-14

,buat yang bingung,form chibi berubah k normal d level 20-30,form ex rata* 35 ke atas,buat cheat bisa pake cheat pokemon biasa kok via hex editor.

chee on 07:15 PM, 28-Jun-14

cheat duit nya bisa pake cheat emerald,tapi yg item gak bisa :s

amanda on 08:25 PM, 28-Jun-14

thanks semua

latias on 08:28 PM, 28-Jun-14

kalau cheat lewat emulator vbag gimana caranya

dimasria on 03:23 AM, 29-Jun-14

@latias pke hex editor gan,ane udah coba kok,work 100%.

bulbasaur on 03:30 AM, 29-Jun-14

share dong file savenya vbag

bulbasaur on 04:34 AM, 29-Jun-14

tolong dong share file save vbag yang udah di cheat

dimasria on 08:36 PM, 29-Jun-14

,caranya? ,upload kemana coba.

d ditto on 10:28 PM, 29-Jun-14

dimasria, upload aja di

dimasria on 03:31 AM, 30-Jun-14

@d ditto.iya gan,tinggal tunggu agan bulbasaur mau req gimana.

bulbasaur on 03:39 AM, 30-Jun-14

@dimasria.thanks udah mau upload filenya

rio on 05:08 AM, 30-Jun-14

minta kode cheat item sma walktrough nya gan

bulbasaur on 05:54 AM, 30-Jun-14

@dimasria.kok gak ada ya di

dimasria on 08:41 AM, 30-Jun-14

@bulbasaur,belum juga req,namax siapa,trus cheatx apa aja -_-

bulbasaur on 10:05 AM, 30-Jun-14

Cheat: full n infinity item
Ok,itu aja thanks

bulbasaur on 12:51 PM, 30-Jun-14

@dimasria.ane tunggu gan

lucario on 03:23 PM, 30-Jun-14

bang ifin gimana setelah mendapat 3 bedge ke mana lagi

tHr3e on 04:47 PM, 30-Jun-14

langsung tek sruput gan....
ukuran gamenya beda dari game pokemon hack yang lain... mudah²an gamenya kagak ngebosenin......

bulbasaur on 05:03 PM, 30-Jun-14

@dimasria.udah apa belum gan

bulbasaur on 03:59 AM, 01-Jul-14

@dimasria.kok lama ya gan

tHr3e on 10:10 AM, 01-Jul-14

@Admin Sambidoplang Blog : keren gamenya ada mp3-nya.... sering² d0nk update game pokemon hack gba yang musiknya pake mp3 gan.......

d ditto on 03:41 PM, 01-Jul-14

vbag gk pernah nyalain sound, ntar malah lemot :v

lucario on 04:47 PM, 01-Jul-14

yang butuh savean gam ni ane udah upload si

bulbasaur on 04:49 PM, 01-Jul-14

@lucario. Thanks ya daripada nunggu punyanya dimasria sekali lagi thanks a lot

lucario on 04:26 PM, 02-Jul-14

caranya dapet pearl aku udah cari kira di selatan semarang tapi kok gak ada

d ditto on 05:49 PM, 02-Jul-14

kira ada di balik pohon

bulbasayur on 06:24 AM, 05-Jul-14

daripada vbag kenapa gak coba My Boy! ? dijamin lebih bagus daripada vbag

??? on 04:46 PM, 22-Jul-14

bulbasahur@ my boy itu buat android

rio on 08:13 PM, 30-Jul-14

gan mana walktrought nya
trus ane pas ke pusat cuaca di rute 119 kan tanya soal hujan gk d kasih tau rute nya tpi d rute 119 hujannya lebat kayak ada kyogre gitu tpi dmna nya ya

rio on 07:00 PM, 31-Jul-14

pliss butuh pencerahan nih udah d kanto tpi gk tau mau ngapain

PokeTrainer N on 12:27 AM, 31-Aug-14

Gan yg dimaksud trade with last tag itu maksudnya gimana?

Trainer N on 07:02 PM, 31-Aug-14

Trade with last tag mksdnya apa?

Pep on 04:53 AM, 10-Dec-14

Kayanya seru nih, tapi kayanya ribet juga xD Ini yg hack Otaku Indonesia? Indo-jepang gitu temanya

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Lucifer on 11:33 PM, 22-Mar-15

Ternyata Hacker nya Aichiya Sanae

Rick on 06:19 PM, 18-May-15

Gan cara ngebangunin Genji(tempatnya nge-replace Snorlax) gimana ya?

azazel on 10:00 PM, 28-Jun-15

gan, tlong touhoumon yang versi freemart donk?

chamender on 11:40 AM, 28-Jul-15

apa cit nya?

chammender on 11:41 AM, 28-Jul-15

apa cit nya?

Zero Trainer Honoka on 04:33 PM, 27-Aug-16

Dh 4 kali aku habisin game ni gan .. thx 4 all ur hard work!

yami on 10:41 PM, 08-Sep-16

Kak please walktrough nya dong

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