Legendary location pokemon victory fire

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- Genesect : canyon lab(canyon area)
- Celebi : Pinearoma Villa/Rumors Forest(use dig beside the genius kid in pinearoma villa and a cave will appear, allowing you to get the GS Ball there and after that, there's a house of time in Rumors Forest where you can catch celebi).
- Darkrai : Whitewave City (Finish the event of WIND in Central Area (Hidden Cave), and Darkrai will appear near the Pokemon Center or PC - left side).
- Zorua : Whitewave City(speak to a girl near the Pokemon Center or PC - left side)
- Rotom : Waterwave Path(After defeating Expert S in 20th Century Company, this pokemon will be given to you by his Secretary in a house - head south to find the house).
- Keldeo : Freshair Bay(Surf south of Freshwind Villa)
- Suicune : Pure Tower
- Deoxys : a Cave in High Path.... if dont appear, go to holy karst cave(west of marble city) and press a pokeball there, after that back to cave in high path.
- Mew : High Edge Falls(a cave in shappine path)
- Mewto : Greenland Cave
-Reshiram(Male)/Zekrom(Female) : Jade volcano
- Entei : Dead Volcano(south of pure village)
- Shaymin : Flora Sea. go to whitewave city dan get a key from someone, then go to abandoned ship(south of redwood city) and talk to Dr.cathy. Then go to redwood flower shop and find Glacidea. Then go to Flower sea and enter a cave, then talk to dr.cathy.
- Kyurem : Mt. Snowy
- Latios(Male)/Latias(Female) : Halfleaf Cave
- Giratina : Crystal Villa(in a cave-house)
- Volcarona : Ancient Cave(mist path/south of brightlight city and use dive)
- Cresselia : Rocky Road. you must sleep in a house of Rose Town(bottom right side) and obtain Lunar Wing to catch it in rocky road
- Raikou : Hidden Cave(central area)
- Arceus : Marble Mineral(Marble City).. Find the Azure Flute in Central Area before catching it - far left side.


Legendary location pokemon victory fire
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13 responses to "Legendary location pokemon victory fire"

mm on 07:54 AM, 28-Oct-13


K on 04:42 AM, 01-Aug-14

Can't Get celebi there is no digging spot next to the kid

d ditto on 07:17 AM, 01-Aug-14

try search another kid

Jermein on 08:47 AM, 20-Sep-14

I cought every pokemon exept darkrai he dosent appear in whitewave city

daniel jeff on 01:42 PM, 21-Oct-14

i can't find azure flute where is it?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:10 PM, 21-Oct-14

daniel jeff, At central place or what i forgot the name (the town that you can go with plane) there is azure flute near grass.

Sean Onil on 03:03 PM, 22-Nov-14

Where is the azure flute

Sean Onil on 03:14 PM, 22-Nov-14

Where is the azure flute

eljohn on 09:29 AM, 09-Dec-14

why volcarona is not there?

DARK on 07:25 AM, 23-Dec-14

Theres no zekrom in jade volcano, only rashiram, i got two rashiram and theres no zekrom,how to et it?and i search all central area theres no azure flute

Cant catch celebi on 10:36 PM, 06-Jan-15

I cant catch celebii

Ody on 09:26 PM, 18-Sep-15

You can catch suicune before hall of fame. You need only Strenght. Go to the top floor of pure tower and find the boulder and use Strenght "manually" from the pokemon menu. Then you can move the boulder and go in. Suicune is on the south-east corner, but it is lvl 1 so you need a shitty pokemon to catch it. I did it with 1 ultra ball. But DO NOT go fight the dude on the bottom floor, his pokemon are over 90lvl!!

fff on 05:46 PM, 19-Jul-16

nice information

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