Download Anime Pokemon: Johto League Champions (English) Complete!

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 06:30 PM, 29-Nov-14

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NAME: Johto League Champions COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Japan
RELEASE : August 3, 2000
LANGUAGE : English
pokemon johto league champions
Eps 160. A Goldenrod Opportunity
Eps 161. A Dairy Tale Ending
Eps 162. Air Time
Eps 163. The Bug Stops Here
Eps 164. Type Casting
Eps 165. Fossil Fools
Eps 166. Carrying On
Eps 167. Hassle in the Castle
Eps 168. Two Hits and a Miss
Eps 169. A Hot Water Battle
Eps 170. Hook, Line, and Stinker
Eps 171. Beauty and the Breeder
Eps 172. A Better Pill to Swallow
Eps 173. Power Play!
Eps 174. Mountain Time
Eps 175. Wobbu-Palooza
Eps 176. Imitation Confrontation
Eps 177. The Trouble with Snubbull
Eps 178. Ariados Amigos
Eps 179. Wings 'N' Things
Eps 180. The Grass Route
Eps 181. The Apple Corp
Eps 182. Houndoom's Special Delivery
Eps 183. A Ghost of a Chance
Eps 184. From Ghost to Ghost
Eps 185. Trouble's Brewing
Eps 186. All That Glitters!
Eps 187. The Light Fantastic
Eps 188. UnBEARable
Eps 189. Moving Pictures
Eps 190. Spring Fever
Eps 191. Freeze Frame
Eps 192. The Stolen Stones!
Eps 193. The Dunsparce Deception
Eps 194. The Wayward Wobbuffet
Eps 195. Sick Daze
Eps 196. Ring Masters
Eps 197. The Poké-Spokesman
Eps 198. Control Freak!
Eps 199. The Art of Pokémon
Eps 200. The Heartbreak of Brock
Eps 201. Current Events
Eps 202. Turning Over a New Bayleef
Eps 203. Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
Eps 204. The Big Balloon Blow-Up
Eps 205. The Screen Actor's Guilt
Eps 206. Right On, Rhydon!
Eps 207. The Kecleon Caper
Eps 208. The Joy of Water Pokémon
Eps 209. Got Miltank?
Eps 210. Fight for the Light
Eps 211. Machoke, Machoke Man!

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28 responses to "Download Anime Pokemon: Johto League Champions (English) Complete!"

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:35 PM, 29-Nov-14

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Kou on 07:58 PM, 29-Nov-14

Min yg sub ataupun dub indo dtnggu ea.
Yg indo nanti Tolong upload di indowebster dong gan.. Atau dimediafire. Kalo di didropbox ane gk bsa download ni lewat komputer entah knapa..

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:23 PM, 29-Nov-14

@kou, ok bray. Loh knp gk bsa download bray? Bukannya setelah melewati langsung direct link

dezz on 10:20 PM, 29-Nov-14

Wih Mantep Nih Btw Mau Upload Anime Pokemon Sampe Season Apaan Gan..??

Dezz on 10:24 PM, 29-Nov-14

Oh Iya ini 480P Bukan..??

Sambidoplang Blog on 11:29 PM, 29-Nov-14

dezz, sampai season 14. Iya bray 480P.

Kushinay on 07:24 AM, 30-Nov-14

Jngan gan, tetep upload di dropbox aja. Jngan upload di mediafire pa lg di indowebster, masak udah melewati adfly harus lewat mediafire kan repot kita swbagai pengunjung.

@kou, ane download di leptop bisa kok gan, coba kamu pakai IDM.

3gp on 07:42 AM, 30-Nov-14

3gpnya mana ?

Kagami on 09:16 AM, 30-Nov-14

Ditunggu Sub indo nya dan juga anime yang sudah 3gp nya soalnya downloadnya lewat hp main game pokemon pun sama lewat Hp

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:34 PM, 30-Nov-14

@kushinay, okey.
@kagami, belum ada gan yg 3gp. Coba aja dulu sapa tau bisa diputer di hp mu bray.

Nanya gan on 05:55 PM, 30-Nov-14

Kenapa ga bisa download pake UC Browser. Ga bisa trus kalo Unduh Cloud.

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:41 PM, 30-Nov-14

uc browser gk bisa melewati bray. Pakai opera mini bray, untuk melewati ketikkan "javascript:" di addres bar, lakukan 2 sampai 3 kali sampai muncul Skip Add di pojok kanan atas lalu klik itu langsung download.

Nanya gan on 07:59 PM, 30-Nov-14

UC BROWSER jg Bisa lewat skip gan, cuma pas di unduh cloud gagal terus.

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:44 PM, 30-Nov-14

@Nanya gan, pasti UC android ya bray? Kalau gitu unduh langsung aja jangan unduh cloud.

Nanya gan on 04:45 PM, 01-Dec-14

Bukan UC Andro, uc java. Kalo download langsung suka eror/restart sendiri.

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:17 PM, 01-Dec-14

coba download pakai opmin bray

Splash on 11:31 PM, 02-Dec-14

- Udh pake Uc cloud, gagal
- udh langsung, gagal
- udh pake opmin, gagal
- udh pake bawaan hp, gagal
*kalo ga pake uc cloud(langsung) ada tulisan:
"Oh, it seems an error occured!
Possible Cause:
Invalid URL or file size exceeds the limit allowed"
*kalo pake uc cloud pas disuruh nunggu selalu ada tulisan "gagal menunggu"

Splas on 11:33 PM, 02-Dec-14

Mending upload di TusFile aja gan.
# saran konsumen.

Youngsta Arya Bagus on 05:55 PM, 03-Dec-14

Gan,yang Ash nya ngelawan Gary di Johto League itu episode berapa?

Sambidoplang Blog on 10:08 PM, 03-Dec-14

@arya, Episode 271 – The Ties that Bind

Trainer AL on 09:28 PM, 10-Dec-14

Bang tolong perbaiki link downloadnya... Contoh eps manchoke , manchoke man! "error 404 not found"

randompokemondude on 12:11 PM, 08-Mar-15

links are broken: episode 204 up to 211. pls fix thanks.

jemmyw on 07:33 PM, 07-Mar-16

knp gak bisa download episode 204-211 ya

uuuii on 08:16 PM, 23-May-16

Gan ada subtitle indo gak gan

dandan on 10:10 AM, 13-Jun-16

season 8 - 19 donk om...

Dsrox on 07:11 AM, 20-Jul-16

Ep 176-imitation confrontation link broken-error 404

Brandon on 08:35 PM, 22-Jul-16

Gan kok ane download season yg ini gagal terus yak?
Padahal 3 season awal bisa? Tulisannya di dropbox file not found melulu
makasih ya gan

pokemon on 02:35 PM, 25-Aug-16

Gan kok season 4 ke atas gak bisa di download ya?

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