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NAME: Pokemon Platinum Origins
HACKER: Linkandzelda
VERSION: Alpha 1
pokemon platinum originspokemon platinum originspokemon platinum originspokemon platinum originspokemon platinum originspokemon platinum origins
Pokémon: Platinum Origins is a demake of Pokémon Platinum from the NDS to the GBA. The story will follow a similar pattern to the original with extra additions and changes here and there. Due to the nature of some things in Platinum that might not be possible on the GBA to their full extent, there will be some substitutes.
Pokémon Platinum has a large set of features, and the plan is to try as hard as possible to have them all implemented in some way shape or form. There will be some substitutes though here and there, at least in the early days.

~All 493 Pokémon~
The plan is to have all 493 Pokémon included and catchable in the game, including the Pokédex, moves, items and anything else that was added to Generation 4 Pokémon games.

~Updated Graphics & Maps~
The maps of Platinum have been re-created in a new style, similar to Pokémon: Liquid Crystal. This gives every aspect of the game a fresh new feeling while exploring.

~NDS Music Remixes on GBA~
Thanks to new developments in GBA music hacking, we can now use the exact same instruments that are used in GBA games, resulting in identical sounding music with no loss of quality!

~Many Other Features!~
The above features are the main changes, but there’s many more such as…
*Raised levels for Increased Difficulty
*New Movesets for Rivals and Gyms
*New wild Pokémon sets for areas
*Obtain all 493 Pokémon
*Additional Rivals and story events to tied into LC
*Much much more!

Since it’s still early days more features will be added to this list as development progresses.
The current version is Alpha 1, which has little progress and goes up to around the first Gym, though things start to get iffy beyond Jublife City. Many houses and scripts are missing throughout, so if you find a missing script this is most likely not a bug but normal behaviour. This is mostly just a proof of concept of what to expect in the future, with many things not currently implemented.


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12 responses to "Download Pokemon Platinum Origins (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:54 PM, 26-Jan-15

Pokemon Platinum Origins (GBA)

uiop on 09:19 PM, 26-Jan-15


firdaus on 09:40 PM, 26-Jan-15

musik campuran dalam game ini tk?

firdaus on 09:42 PM, 26-Jan-15

Ane lihat size tulisan macam emerald aja?

Wah on 06:08 AM, 30-Jan-15

Klo pokemon yang starternya torchic apa aja gan? Ori dan hack

aleks on 09:59 PM, 05-Feb-15

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Ridwan Deluffy on 07:28 AM, 12-May-15

Maksudnya alpha tu gmna?

shreyas on 06:58 PM, 11-Oct-15


lorenzbeam on 07:50 PM, 11-Mar-16

i dont know how to download this one on 12:56 PM, 07-May-16

min tolong benerin dong pokemon platinum origns nya rusak.

Blair on 10:54 AM, 10-May-16

Min di tus file katanya udh terhapus itu file nya
Tolong benerin dong

levuanh on 08:43 AM, 25-May-16

tôi muốn tải pokenom này

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