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NAME: Pokemon Platinum Red
VERSION: Alpha 1.21
pokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum redpokemon platinum red
• Sinnoh Region in its best ~ Using the Platinum tiles, looks, everything [and even things like the distortion world]
• DS styled sprites ~ Thanks to Chaos Rush's DS 64 x 64 Sprite Resource
• 493 Pokemon ~ YES, this IS a feature. NO, I did NOT use the 649 patch or use a tool. This was done by hand, and a little advice from the greatest hackers of all time
• New moves ~ Yes, the moves up to DPPt are in, not fully matching animations but at least you HAVE them ;D Some moves don't have correct effects yet either.
• Forms (Formes) ~ Yes, this isn't all me biggrin My plan was to trick the player, but thanks to my partner daniilS, we have fully functional formes, and a working rotom appliance script (thanks buddy)
• Day and Night ~ Using DNS for now, I'm waiting for Shiny Quagsire's system
• Sinnoh music ~ Wait, this isn't all thanks to ipatix
• Day/night music switch ~ Yep, the music changes between time of day, making the feel perfect thanks to Jambo51
• A removed help system ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay (Doesnt)
• Magma Armor and Flame Body implementation ~ Thanks to Hackmew, eggs hatch twice as fast when a pokemon with one of these abilities is in your party
• Indoor Running ~ I know almost every single hack has this, but it's part of the gen 4 feel
• Platinum intro and titlescreen ~ Yeah, not done yet, but it's being worked on
• Class based trainer music ~ So instead of the trainer battle in every single song like FR, it actually works like it should, playing rival music on the rival, etc.
• A WORKING Physical/Special Split ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay again biggrin
• More trainer encounter music ~ Making the trainer encounters like Pl
• The trainers face you when you come near them ~ FR did this because in RBY you ignored the trainer too
• Incense items ~ You can now get a munchlax from a snorlax with an incense, etc.
• Re usable TMs ~ I know this wasn't part of DPPt, but let's face it, why spend money on the same TM over and over?
• HMs to match Pt ~ Rock climb, defog, etc.
• New Evolutionary stones ~ All evolution stones are officially in and working, INCLUDING the dawn stone!
• New items ~ All new items are in. Also a little Easter egg for the one who finds the dummied out Pt. items biggrin Effects are in progress
• Lowercase ~ The ROM doesn't shout at you
• A working version of JPAN's hacked engine ~ Since the engine has issues, I fixed them thanks to karatekid552's thread on it
• A few Gamefreak bug fixes ~ Including the dex and the roaming pokemon IVs glitch
• DP Font ~ Self explanatory
• No "previously on your quest" ~ thanks to diegoisawesome
• BW2 repel system ~ Thanks to darthatron
• Choose the starter properly ~ An RSE Choose starter port thanks to Shiny Quagsire
• New evolution methods ~ All new evolution methods are in, no tricks, no bugs as demonstrated by the videos
• New Pokeballs ~ WORKING new pokeballs (none replaced). These are thanks to JPAN's research, daniilS' asm and knizz knowledge of FR's inner workings. Also the sprites are thanks to Bela
• Diagonal walking ~ Yes! Walk diagonally biggrin
• EXP when catching a Pokemon ~ Self explanatory
Alpha 1.21 goes up to route 202 and includes 4 trainer battles. It also has a mystery gift event available on XMAS day and the day after, 2014 only. To receive the Mystery Gift Jirachi, Follow these steps:
1: Finish the Rowan Lab event
2: Save game
3: Reset and choose "Mystery Gift" on the menu
4: Receive Gift
5: Go to the Mart and talk to the employee to receive your Jirachi


1. Untuk cara download gamenya silahkan baca DISINI.
2. Untuk cara memainkan game GBA di hp atau komputer silahkan baca DISINI.

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49 responses to "Download Pokemon Platinum Red (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:44 AM, 26-Dec-14

FireRed Hack: Pokemon Platinum Red Version (GBA)

Dafa 14 on 09:47 AM, 26-Dec-14


ibee on 10:22 AM, 26-Dec-14

ini hack bakalan keren banget :3

frozen on 10:46 AM, 26-Dec-14

starternya apa min?

frozen on 10:47 AM, 26-Dec-14

Dan ud full belum

Angga on 10:57 AM, 26-Dec-14

Ajigile ni hack bener" mantapppp.

Frozen@ starternya sama seperti platinum, turtwig dkk.

@@@ on 11:23 AM, 26-Dec-14

gw kira nds :v

Mr.Hohoho on 12:46 PM, 26-Dec-14

Wanjir Mystery Gift D:

dwiki galih on 01:38 PM, 26-Dec-14

mirrip NDS coeg!!

Ainan7 on 02:04 PM, 26-Dec-14

biggrin Mantap Mimin Tamvan *Flakkkkk* smile

davii on 02:30 PM, 26-Dec-14

kyak nds skilas..

Raks on 05:06 PM, 26-Dec-14

Kok di gpsp symbian mental ya?

Taufik Maulana on 06:00 PM, 26-Dec-14


Taufik Maulana on 06:37 PM, 26-Dec-14

Ditunggu file save nya :v

Ichwan on 06:45 PM, 26-Dec-14

Admin kok saat di extract kok filenya corrupt? reupload dong

PokeTrainer Raze on 08:16 PM, 26-Dec-14

Wah ijin sedot gan gambarnya bagus biggrin

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:38 PM, 26-Dec-14

Filenya gk kenapa2 bro, mungkin downloadtanmu yg bermasalah

Trnr on 09:02 PM, 26-Dec-14

Raks: Iya nih cuma sampe gamefreak doang, gimana bang admin?

REVIN on 06:53 AM, 27-Dec-14

Apa ini sudah full version mas?

MR.POKÉ on 06:56 AM, 27-Dec-14

wah ini game pokemon hack gba dengan grafik terbagus nih

MR.POKÉ on 06:58 AM, 27-Dec-14

pasti hackernya berjuang keras untuk membuat pokemon hack ini

Ash on 07:02 AM, 27-Dec-14

ini ceritanya sama kaya pokemon platinum nds ya gan?

MR.POKÉ on 07:04 AM, 27-Dec-14

@REVIN,ini masih alpha gan

Syoka RLZ on 07:41 AM, 27-Dec-14

satu-satunya game gba yang sangat mirip nds...

A7X on 11:12 AM, 27-Dec-14

grafiknya gila..

Hollow on 07:36 PM, 27-Dec-14

ni bkanya platinum red & blue gan..

GOLD on 01:59 AM, 28-Dec-14

I wish it had mega evolution and pkm gen VI smile

ndam on 12:19 PM, 28-Dec-14

kok gak dapet jiraci ya?

3 on 04:32 PM, 28-Dec-14

bagus tp blum full

tHr3e on 10:40 PM, 28-Dec-14

ini game pokemon terbagus+terkeren ke-2 (versi ane) setelah game Pokemon Sovereign Of The Skies, cz Pokemon Platinum Red GBA grafik ama gameplay nya 11 12 ama pokemon nds gan....
btw Mana nih Top 10 akhir tahun game Pokemon Hack gb/gbc/gba/nds/pc yang paling keren & paling bagus versi admin SB???
buat referensi,min... biar para pengunjung SB tambah greget download rom pokemon versi Top ten admin SB....

Gallade on 06:37 AM, 29-Dec-14

Keren abiiiz min kita tunggu fullnya (y)biggrin

aji on 09:07 AM, 29-Dec-14

ini bisa mega evolusi nggak gan

S6v3 on 02:07 PM, 30-Dec-14

Anjrit bgus banget grafiknya

RiidwanSMT on 09:20 PM, 31-Dec-14

Keren ... Tapi mental klo di Gpsp s60v5 ... Bisanya di android aja ...

Pak Polisi on 12:10 PM, 12-Jan-15

Uwiihh keren nih mirip NDS bapak sedot gambarnya ya?

Germaniac on 10:10 PM, 12-Jan-15

Ane kenal hackernya nih, guru ane yang ngajarin asm biggrin

Caterpie on 02:58 PM, 26-Jan-15

Gan kok gak ad computerny ??

X-scizzor on 03:27 PM, 04-Feb-15

Nyimak gan,java soalxwink(tapi kayaknya game bagus tuh).

Brendan on 05:55 AM, 05-Feb-15

gk sabar nunggu yg beta, setidaknya bisa battle Gym Leader

HilmiMaula on 11:20 AM, 05-Feb-15

gan,ada pokemon gba yang regionnya unova gak gan?

Lock si perusuh dumay :v on 05:06 PM, 06-Mar-15

keren ya gan.. izin sedot buat wallpaper

e3 on 05:02 PM, 25-Mar-15


Big on 08:23 PM, 16-Apr-15

Beta 1 dh kluar coeg..
cpat di update..

Big on 08:34 PM, 16-Apr-15

Beta 1 dh kluar coeg..
cpat di update..

riq on 09:03 AM, 18-Apr-15

link-nya mati min

coeg on 07:30 PM, 10-Aug-15

update cokkk..
gk niat bikin blog ya gk usah bikin blog cokk

minggay on 01:38 PM, 27-Mar-16

is it not full version?

on 01:08 PM, 14-Apr-16

Link mati

Rf on 10:31 PM, 22-Aug-16

Grafiknya manteppp smile smile smile smilesmilesmile

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