Pokemon Resolute Walkthrough (english)

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Note: if you want to read this walkthrough in Bahasa, please Click Here.

Outsea Meadow > Cedar City > Wave Path > Undersea Passage > Pearl Villa > Windy Path > Windy Cave > Solar City(get Snivy in a house, enter Prof.Avery's Lab and get a pokedex > back to Cedar City(talk to your Mom) > Pearl Villa again(beat gym leader and get the 1st badge) > Solar City > Grass Path(get Hm01-Cut) > Amethyst Town(get Oshawott in a house, beat gym leader and get the 2nd badge) > Cloud Path > Cloud Forest > Goldenshine Villa > Peace way(get Drink Card from Luke) > Ultramarine City(get Vennekin in a house, finish an event beside the gym and then enter gym and get 3rd badge) > Orchid Path(get Hm06-Rock Smash from Eliza) > Dianthus Town(get Turtwig in a house and talk to little girl to get Zorua) > Umber Path(get Hm04-Strength) > Lithopone City(get Mach Bike in Bike Shop. Beat gym leader to get 4th badge and then enter a house to get Hm02-Fly) > Lithopone Ferry > Cermine Isla(finish an event there and Grandma will give you Hm03-Surf, dont forget to get Eevee in the Lily's Apartment, You must sleep in your room if u wana get back to Lithopone Ferry) > Lithopone Ferry > back to Cedar City(beat gym leader to get 5th badge) > Solar City > Brown Lake > Cherry Villa(get Item Finder in a house, enter gym and beat Norton) > back to Solar City(enter Sylon Academy and find 4 keys using Item Finder, the keys are hidden in class room, after get that key, open the last door and u will get a basement key from Bezarrye. Then surf in the waters east of the city, u will find a building named Forest Basement, finish an event there and u will get a Card Key. Then back to Sylon Academy and open the locked door with Card Key and finish an event there, dont forget to take Piplup from the Scientist) > Cherry Villa(beat Norton and get 6th badge) > Cedar City > Bluish Path > Spearmint Villa(here u can get a Super Rod, Wailmer Pail, Lapras's Egg, Eevee and Eevee-S) > Celeste Path > Lividity City(here u can get Chimchar, Mega Rock and Anti Mega. Beat gym leader to get 7th badge) > Treeshade Path(get Hm-08 Dive) > Moss Cave > Chinchilla City(here u can get Chespin. Beat gym leader to get 8th badge then finish an event of Nicole) > fly to Sky Castle(finish an event there. Dont forget to leave space in your party) > Chinchilla Town > get Hm-07 Waterfall From Wind > Maize Road > Victory Way > Sylon League(beat the league) > Hall Of Fame > get East Ticket from Elijah > Lithopone Ferry(use your East Ticket) > Eastern City(get Tri-Pass from Veronica. Enter the Central Building and finish event there, u will get Coin Case from Elijah. Go North til u find 2 Crustles blocking the road then press A to that Crustle, Prof.Avery will call u and ask u to go to Sky Castle again) > fly to Sky Casble(put keldeo in your party. Enter a building with Keldeo statue inside and finish the event) > Eastern City(enter the top right corner building, talk to Receptionist and she'll give u mission)

go to Sandy Villa(above of Eastern city) and enter Amberyellow Library, talk to Mr.Rock and he will ask u to find a Tool Box in Abandoned Mine. Go there and find it. Talk to Mr.Rock again if u found it. Then back to Eastern City to get the next mission.

go to Ultramarine City and enter a house that Scientist inside who will ask u to deliver a Microscope, then go to Spearmint Villa and give it to someone in top left corner house. Go back to Ultramarine City and talk again to the Scientist, after that go back to Eastern City for next mission.

go to Lividity City, talk to Receptionist in Super Market and she will ask u to find 3 yellow, 4 green and 2 red Shard. U can get that Shards in Hidden Cave of Windy Cave, Shale Tunnel and Moss Cave. Talk to her again if u got all of them. Then back to Eastern City for next mission.

go to Solar City and talk to Alma beside the Pokecenter. Then go to Windy Cave, find Night and he will give u A-332, then talk to Alma again, after that back to Eastern City to get a Tyron Ticket. Go to Subway Station and use your ticket to get Tyron Region.


Marble City(here u can get Froakie. Beat gym leader and get the 1st badge) > Navel Path > Heat Passage > Jade Lake > Volcano Town(here u can get Tepig. Talk to Autumn in front of Pokecenter. Beat gym leader and get 2nd badge) > Jade Volcano > Holy Land > Peak of Jade Volcano > Jade Volcano Cave(find Steven) > back to Volcano Town(enter Heat Passage in botton of city and talk to Hai Qing, he will give u Hm-05 Rock Climb) > Marble City > Rumors Forest > Sappine Path > Bronze Port(beat gym leader and get 3rd badge, then find Samir in the deep of gym) > Sappine Path > High Edge Fall > Mt.skywall > Pure Village > Volcano Path > Dead Volcano > Ancient Meadow > Greenland City(beat gym leader and get 4th badge. Enter to 20 Century Company and talk to Steven, he will give u Magma Stone) > back to Jade Volcano and find Heatran > back to Greenland City > Ancient Meadow > Amberwood Bridge > Water Wave Path > Redwood City(enter to Amberyellow Cinema and talk to Lily & Aisha) > Amberyellow Town(beat gym leader and get 5th badge) > Light Path > Snowy Path > Mugwort Villa(beat gym leader and get 6th badge) > back to Greenland City > Darkgreen Path > Pine Forest > Pine Path > Pinearoma Villa(enter to Pine Tower and finish an event there) > back to Mugwort Villa > Cloud Meadow > Rainbow Path(enter to Rainbow Rock and talk to Guardian Of Rainbow) > Halfleaf City(beat gym leader and get 7th badge. Enter to Halfleaf Cave and talk to Jacob) > back to Pure Village(enter to Pure Tower and finish an event there, then u will encounter Regigigas) > back to Freshwind Villa > Freshair Bay > Flora Island(beat gym leader and get 8th badge) > back to Marble City > Marble Grass Land > Holy Karst Cave > Tyron Tower > Hall Of Fame.

back to Eastern City to get other Mission

go to Darkgreen Path and enter to Berry Expert's house. Show him a pokemon with move Aromatherapy like Roselia. Then back to Eastern City for next mission.

go to Halfleaf City and talk to Colress, he will give u Power Seeker. Now go to Pure Village, enter to Pure Tower and find Suicune. Talk to Colress again and then back to Eastern City for next Mission.

go to Bronze Port and talk to someone in front of Bronze Tunnel. Then enter to Bronze Tunnel, destroy all rock with pokemon who have Explosion as move like Graveler and then finish Meloetta's event, then talk again with some1 in front of cave. After that back to Eastern City to get Johto Ticket. Go to Mt.skywall(above Tyron Tower) and find Wind. Then back to eastern city, enter to Subway Station


Goldenrod City(beat gym leader and get 1st badge. Go to Underground and talk to Max, then find Bezarrye inside) > Route 34 > Ilex Forest > Azela Town(beat gym leader and get 2nd badge) > Route 33 > Union Cave > Route 32 > Ruin Of Alph(find Falkner) > Violet City(beat gym leader and get 3rd badge) > Route 36 > Route 37 > Ecruteak City(find Morty in Burned Tower. Beat gym leader and get 4th badge) > Route 38 > Route 39 > Route 40 > Olivine City(find Louis in Lighthouse. Talk to Jasnine in Olivine Cafe. Beat gym leader to get 5th badge) > Cianwood City(beat gym leader and get 6th badge) > back to Violet City > Cherrygrove City > New Bark Town(talk to Prof.Oak) > back to Ecruteak City > Route 42 > Mahogany Town > Route 43 > Lake Of Rage(finish an event there) > back to Mahogany Town(beat gym leader and get 7th badge) > Route 44 > Ice Path > Blackthron City(finish event in Dragon Den. Beat gym leader and get 8th badge) > Route 45 > Route 46 > New Bark Town(talk to Prof.Oak) > Route 27 > Route 27 > Route 26 > Route 28 > Silver Cave(beat Red) > Hall Of Fame.

Now back to Eastern City for final Mission.

talk to Veronica(beside the subway station), then go to Dragon Den and finish event there(u can catch Reshiram/Zekrom). Talk to Veronica again, then go to Radio Tower in Goldenrod City and save the Director. Back to eastern City and report ur mission's result.

Now, go to Cedar City and talk to your Dad in front of statue, he will give u Spiral Ticket. Go to Bronze Port Ferry.

here u can battle with many trainers, like as u do at battle tower.

1. Cobalion: Umber Path(after event in sky castle)
2. Virizion: Cloud Forest(after event in sky castle)
3. Terrakion: Grass Path(after event in sky castle)
4. Rayquaza: Sky Castle(after event in sky castle)
5. Genesect: Sky Castle(after keldeo event in sky castle)
6. Xerneas: Fairy Forest(brown lake)
7. Yveltal: Sky Hill(east of Lithopone Ferry)
8. Zygarde: hiden cave in Mt.mortar
9. Meloetta: mission in bronze tunnel
10. Tornadus: Windy Cave
11. Thundurus: Shale Tunnel
12. Landorus: Sandy Villa(need rock climb)
13. Heatran: event in Tyron
14. Mew: High Edge Fall
15. Mewtwo: Greenland Cave
16. Regigigas: final event in Tyron
17. Reshiram/Zekrom: Dragon Den(final mission)
18. Celebi: Ilex Forest(need Gs ball from mr.pokemon)
19. Ho-oh: Tin Tower(need Rainbow Wing from Guardian of Rainbow)
20. Lugia: Whirl Island(need Silver Wing)
21. Diancie: Crystal Chamber in Spiral Island)

Name: Walkthrough Pokemon Resolute
Author: Poketrainer Ifin
Blog: http://sambidoplang.heck.in

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119 responses to "Pokemon Resolute Walkthrough (english)"

Poketrainer Ifin on 09:32 PM, 18-Dec-13

Complete walkthrough pokemon resolute gba http://sambidoplang.heck.in/pokemon-resolute-walkthrough-english.xhtml

naruto on 09:50 PM, 18-Dec-13

Kak , gak ada yang baru ya game nya yang GBC khusus NOKIA ??

ardany on 08:22 AM, 19-Dec-13

nyimak gan mantap ane dh hmpir slesai namantin plora sky ada ga yg baru gan game pokemon nya biggrin

Silver on 08:50 AM, 19-Dec-13

Mantap game gba emang seru !, tapi ane java minyak aja deh gan sad

Panji Tranvaner on 10:39 AM, 19-Dec-13

That's Cool! But I'm Java sad

GreatMaster on 12:46 PM, 19-Dec-13

agan Ifin kemarin Online di Skeetendo nyari apa ya?

Pasti lagi nyari Game GB/C yang udah Up to the Date ya?

Oo iya agan Ifin, Akun Skeetendo agan Ifin kan?

rezza on 06:48 PM, 19-Dec-13

Kunjungan malam smile terus berkarya masta smile

Google backlink on 11:15 PM, 30-Dec-13

Walkthrough pokemon resolute english

pokeMoN MAstEr016 on 10:34 AM, 25-Jan-14

meron kayang cheat d2?

Shashank on 06:00 PM, 19-Apr-14

thanks for the walkthrough......

QUESTION on 01:48 AM, 20-Apr-14

Anyone know EXACTLY where Zygarde is I have been exploring Mt. Mortar FOREVER<br />

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:18 AM, 20-Apr-14

find a hidden cave in mt.mortar.

I need help on 12:10 AM, 21-Apr-14

On the shards mission i cant find the 4th green shard, theres a crack on the ground but i cant step on that tile. is that a bug with my game or do i have to do something to unlock that. Its on the right of the second trainer that appears at the entrance. i think that is the only place where it can be, because i alrery have the other 3 and theres no more hidden caves. if someone could help me i apreciate it. Thanks.

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:17 PM, 21-Apr-14

@I need help, 4th green shard isn't in hidden cave. You can get one more by catching Sigilyph(hold green shard) in Cermine Ruins.

jeph08 on 12:23 PM, 25-May-14

Merong cheat ito, working ang cheats ng pokemon emerald version sa resolute. Sa neoseeker na website my cheats ng emerald dun tested ko na at working sa pc emulator at sa android emulator

Jade Pass on 11:10 PM, 28-May-14

I have gone to meet Stephen at Jade Volcano, and now I can't find Jade Pass for the life of me... Any help?

Serebii on 04:16 PM, 06-Jun-14

When will the rock be removed in xerneas's entrance?

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:35 PM, 06-Jun-14

@Serebii, after final mission biggrin

EeVictinee on 02:36 PM, 07-Jun-14

How do I get Celebi and the GS Ball?

TOP SECRET on 06:37 PM, 07-Jun-14

How to get GS Ball?

TOP SECRET on 07:26 PM, 07-Jun-14

Also, my Yveltal turned to a bad egg! WHAT DO I DO PLEAAASSEEEE HELP MEEEE

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:47 AM, 08-Jun-14

@TOP SECRET,nothing to do,face your destiny

Serebii on 10:23 AM, 08-Jun-14

I cant find any shards. Where else can i search?

d'masiv on 04:15 PM, 08-Jun-14

serebii,go to place was mentioned above then walk across onto the tiles which look different and you may find a hidden cave, not all special tiles in Moss Cave can lead you to hidden caves.

D'masiv on 04:20 PM, 08-Jun-14

top,your poke turned to a bad egg bcause ur use cheat, dont you?

TOP SECRET on 02:07 PM, 12-Jun-14

yeah i cheated a little bit. Doesnt matter since i got him back! not exact stats, movepools and levels, buuuut it i dont careeee

Reno on 11:21 PM, 20-Jun-14

How did you get cheats I can't find any

Gible on 07:43 PM, 21-Jun-14

use emerald cheat,it may work

trey on 01:25 AM, 14-Jul-14

Can't find a-322 and night in windy cave for 4th mission

trey on 12:45 AM, 15-Jul-14

If any one can help that would be awesome

ramz on 04:53 AM, 21-Jul-14

min ko da orang yg ngalangin di depan gym
lividity,cara masuk nya gimana tuh?

ramz on 04:53 AM, 21-Jul-14

min ko da orang yg ngalangin di depan gym
lividity,cara masuk nya gimana tuh?

jason on 01:24 AM, 18-Aug-14

can't find night windy cave either please help I've been searching him for three whole days

pr1meNogard on 03:35 AM, 30-Sep-14

Is charizard in this game?! :/

vi on 04:22 PM, 08-Oct-14

fuckibg lividity huge rock bug at the tree path and cannot ho to the next gym

pokedon on 12:30 PM, 10-Oct-14

i can't enter in pine tower please help..

neil on 08:38 AM, 23-Oct-14

Icant enter fairy forest

Philippines XD on 05:01 AM, 05-Nov-14

How to cheat ?....POKEMON Resolute Cheat Is Like In Pokemon Emerald Cheat In SuperCheat.com

MadderPackker on 02:27 AM, 07-Nov-14


harold XD on 04:44 PM, 08-Nov-14

Why I finish now the last badge in johto I can talk to proff oak plssss help I can go in mountain silver

Arvin on 05:05 PM, 20-Nov-14


ninad on 03:51 PM, 21-Nov-14

Thanx mahn

Ritobroto Banerjee on 07:16 AM, 23-Nov-14

hey please help
i can't go in the room of 7th gym leader in sylon region... ghost gym
the teleporters are white and inactivated
help me

Charble on 04:38 PM, 28-Nov-14


Mark on 07:37 PM, 04-Dec-14

Does any know of the where about of Mr.Fuji? Been trying to locate him for a while please help

Mark on 02:10 AM, 05-Dec-14

Also I was in Ultarmarine because I'm still looking for Mr.Fuji. But in Ulteramarine I see thateeveryone is crowd at the stage and I can talk to everyone else but once I talk to the blonde haired person( sorry forgot name) it glitches. Seeing if anyone knows how to get through it?
Also I actually found a mohawked blue and gold haired person in some trees in one of the towns and he seems to be stuck in a corner top left in the trees. Is that Mr.Fugi would be nice to know. If anyone can make a smoother game antho it was a great game already. Could be better.

Mark on 08:50 AM, 05-Dec-14

Okay also experiencing hard thunder and heavy rain I beat the game; Kyogre and Groudon should or should be near. Still haven't found them. Also the place where in counter thoundorus also heavy rain storm and lightning. Still on the hunt to find Mr. Fugi.

Mark on 10:28 AM, 05-Dec-14

Also at Idea co. The top painter guy doesn't let me reganerate fossil; also I do not have fossil located wonder if anyone knows the whereabouts of any fossils?

john 2x on 07:40 AM, 06-Dec-14

grabe natapos ko rin yung mission ko sa lahat

Pat on 09:05 PM, 08-Dec-14

Haha putangina

mitz on 06:30 AM, 14-Dec-14

please help!,why can't i use Rock Climb on Sandy Villa to capture Landorus?

mitz on 06:33 AM, 14-Dec-14

And where is the gym leader on Bronze Port gym,and it doesnt look like a gym to me,itz a hideout where i find Samir.There is no other gym.Where is she?

MYSTIC on 11:36 PM, 16-Dec-14


philippines XD LOL on 12:10 PM, 23-Dec-14

help me please i cant battle the 8th gym leader in johto region because i lost and then i thought that i was in the right city and finish first the dragons den event before battling the 7th gym leader ,what will i do so that i will battle the 8th gym leader?

Mk on 01:57 AM, 26-Dec-14

nice gamerazz

Pkmon freak on 10:03 AM, 28-Dec-14

HOW DO GET The legendary Pokemon out if spiral island?

angelo on 08:48 AM, 31-Dec-14

you can also catch yveltal in brown lake

renflo on 05:56 PM, 01-Jan-15

Thanks for the walkthrough

haci on 09:49 AM, 04-Jan-15

can someone pleas tell me how i can get to bronze port ferry

Jashin From Philippines on 09:08 AM, 05-Jan-15

Hi ! i want a codes for Shards ! i sell my 1 yellow shards and i can't finish my 3rd mission sad Thanks in advance

PURE TOWER on 10:27 PM, 12-Jan-15

im in those eastern mission things and ive already talked to colress and he gave me power thingy and when i went to pure tower i didnt find susain do i have to go up the stairs or something cuz somethings blocking my way

reyes_reymundjasper@yahoo.com on 04:45 PM, 18-Jan-15

Can anyone help me
How can i pass the whirlpool in dragons den?

need help on 08:11 PM, 18-Jan-15

Can anyone help me
How can i pass in barrier at 8th gym, tyron region?

mary mediado on 08:18 PM, 18-Jan-15

guys. can anyone help me how to pass in barrier at 8th gym, tyron region? it always say "barrier 1 is activated".

whose this pokmon on 09:45 AM, 22-Jan-15

i already finished the game

Presi on 01:10 PM, 09-Feb-15

Can someone tell me where I can get a second red shard

dmc10 on 06:39 AM, 11-Feb-15

I cant the 2nd red shard either...got 5 green ones

HELP PLEASE on 08:17 PM, 12-Mar-15

Is there any legendary pokemon that i can catch without doing missions?

BlazingChicken on 04:43 PM, 19-Mar-15

Where can i find Veronica to get my tripass?
help please..

mandy on 08:08 PM, 22-Mar-15

hey guys....how to reach brown lake from solar city.....i have been tryng for 4 days but i cant fimd it....plz anyone help me.smile smile smile

Tep curey on 07:27 PM, 28-Mar-15

How to get the johto region map

pokemaster on 10:09 AM, 31-Mar-15

pokemon emerald cheats works in pokemon resolute!

Suraj on 01:08 PM, 01-Apr-15

how to evolve togetic

lord xeus on 11:44 PM, 13-Apr-15

how to get celebi....i cant fine mr. pokemon

i cant find him on 11:12 AM, 14-Apr-15

where to find wind

kenny on 01:53 PM, 17-Apr-15

How to get to ho oh

i need help on 12:46 PM, 27-Apr-15

how can I battle to pure

i need help on 12:47 PM, 27-Apr-15

how can I battle to pure

tim on 01:03 PM, 30-Apr-15

pls help me I can't find tin tower which city is it in?

Mr.Question on 06:05 AM, 11-May-15

Its fantastic
Really have magic

Markie on 11:19 AM, 13-May-15

Where i can find the Guardian of Rainbow?

Markie on 11:23 AM, 13-May-15

Where i can find the Guardian of Rainbow?

Arceus on 03:46 PM, 13-May-15

Where to get celebi

hell boy on 10:44 PM, 14-May-15

Where is shale tunnel ?
Plz help

ERROR on 06:49 PM, 23-May-15

Please help me ... After completing sky castle event ..my game restarts ... Any suggestion asap please!!!

celibi on 11:46 PM, 25-May-15

where is the mt mortal

Zoroark on 05:04 PM, 26-Jun-15

Gimana cara rubah zorua? Udh level 45 masih belom berubah

John on 01:55 AM, 14-Jul-15

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ysh on 02:13 AM, 23-Jul-15

i cnt defeat ultramarine gymleader smbody plz hlp...:'(

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Mr.Marvel on 07:13 PM, 13-Aug-15

How Can I find Arceus?

tri pass on 01:35 PM, 26-Sep-15

Where can i find Veronica to get my tripass?

rhonan on 11:33 AM, 05-Oct-15

pokemon is

RAINE on 03:21 PM, 22-Jan-16

I cant enter pone tower a man blocking the door. But after i watched the walkthrough of this theres no man blocking the door... the man keep saying "their building the tower... youll know it soon.."

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Ceddie10 on 04:49 PM, 19-Mar-16

Where can i found mega stone and who know its cheat?

Ceddie10 on 04:50 PM, 19-Mar-16

Where can i found mega stone and who know its cheat?

Ceddie10 on 04:50 PM, 19-Mar-16

Where can i found mega stone and who know its cheat?

bolt on 05:32 PM, 19-Mar-16

best game i have ever played

c on 11:09 PM, 27-Apr-16

does this work in gba

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Aj fan of rayquaza on 11:04 AM, 06-Jun-16

anyone want to make many pokemon mega

AJ on 11:05 AM, 06-Jun-16

want to make many pokemon evolve into mega

Something on 08:48 PM, 07-Jul-16

My keldeo turn into bad egg because i used infinite money cheat. How can i fix ds

Enzo on 09:31 PM, 07-Jul-16

How to turn my keldeo back. It became a bad egg because i try to use infinite money cheat

Triple A on 09:40 PM, 07-Jul-16

My keldeo turn into bad egg.help me

guysmannn on 01:55 PM, 03-Aug-16

after save at the end pokemon league... my save file will be gone every time it restarts and cant continue the bonus ver....anyway to prevent this??

Anonymous on 09:02 PM, 06-Aug-16

Its fine mothafucker my keldeo turned into bad egg too

noob on 07:47 AM, 02-Sep-16

this one is helpful i ve already catch all legedaries in resolute even all evolve form of eevee wahahaha

josh on 06:35 PM, 28-Sep-16

why i cant find the 4rth greenshard is in moss cave is there any bugs in my game or i need anything to unlock. if someone could
help me i apreciate it. Thanks.

ian on 08:50 AM, 12-Oct-16

catch a siglyph in carmine island

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