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NAME: Pokemon Valentine Edition
HACKER: joexv
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It's that time of the year, the time that couples get together in public and nom on each others faces. It's also the time for another holiday hack!!!
During a time after the adventures of Wooper and the Saffron City curse, and before the great destruction of the Altar Region, a young couple are celebrating the very special day of love. Until an unexpected burst of cowardice bursts upon the young man, causing him to flee and leave the one he loved behind. 20 years later, the man sees his lost love in a mart enjoying life, married....

Distraught the man thought of one thing, fixing the past. So he sets out to build a machine that will allow him to travel back in time and make the girl of his dreams stay with him forever.

Travel the Nelav Region as a young Prof. Sades. to reclaim the love you lost. And to stop the evil forces that want to keep him from his happiness.
After a white out you appear in front of the pokecenter instead of inside it. Young couple will see you even if you only have one pokemon but they wont battle you.

Young couple boy will take an extra step if you walk right in front of the girl. Cant refight Dialga at time's Peak. So until its fixed save once you get to the peak!!!

1. Untuk cara download game'nya silahkan baca DISINI.
2. Untuk cara memainkan game GBA di hp atau komputer silahkan baca DISINI.

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40 responses to "Download Pokemon Valentine Edition (GBA)"

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:52 AM, 21-Feb-15

FireRed Hack: Pokemon Valentine Edition

Aj on 08:27 AM, 21-Feb-15

Gud mrng blogger. . .Visit back my blog..latest trick included

kagami on 09:29 AM, 21-Feb-15

story nya kayaknya bagus lumayan buat gamers yang lagi galau

java gamers on 11:58 AM, 21-Feb-15

GBA mulu GBCnya kapan...???

*** on 12:29 PM, 21-Feb-15

warning : tidak dianjurkan untuk jomblo tingkat menengah ke atas :v

Kagami on 04:33 PM, 21-Feb-15

story nya mantap baru Route 1-3 Wild Pokemonya udah ada yang level 20 belum Dialga yang menjaga Time Flower nya itu lagi di level 32, ini mah harus di coba

Uiop on 07:33 PM, 21-Feb-15

siiip gan

Bang lock on 08:46 PM, 21-Feb-15

keren gann.. kayaknya seru nih

Sarahkuai on 08:24 AM, 22-Feb-15

wih... cocok buat jones :v

X-scizzor on 09:59 AM, 22-Feb-15


Altra on 09:57 PM, 24-Feb-15

What The Heck!?! *FA (For-now Alone)*

MrRamadhanf on 06:49 AM, 25-Feb-15

Game ni agak 3d lol lol lol

MrRamadhanf on 06:52 AM, 25-Feb-15

biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

MrRamadhanf on 07:15 AM, 25-Feb-15

rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes

Snow on 11:50 AM, 27-Feb-15

A little bit..

Hm on 03:26 PM, 27-Feb-15

Duh udah pernah main ini emang keren storylinenya tapi apa emang waktu player buat mesin waktunya dan layarnya hitam apa emang gitu atau bug?

Oh Da Ni on 04:03 PM, 28-Feb-15

Coba download ah...

smk398 on 07:55 PM, 06-Apr-15

Link off. on 01:23 PM, 26-Apr-15

this is amazing

pokeneo on 11:35 AM, 02-May-15

min, link nya kagak bisa buat download
katanya ude kagak available
gmn tuh?

Katana on 03:10 PM, 02-May-15

Min, kok link-nya rusak sih min

poke trainer gfs on 03:39 PM, 06-May-15

kok gg bisa di download? ada yg punya solusi gg? aku mau download nih?

masnya on 10:43 AM, 08-May-15

link nya mati kk min, bisa di perbaiki nggak plz^^

kisame on 03:49 PM, 10-May-15

iya gan, cepetan diperbaiki

Donquixote on 06:35 PM, 30-Jun-15

file not found gan! Perbaiki dong ane mau donlot

Donquixote on 06:35 PM, 30-Jun-15

file not found gan! Perbaiki dong ane mau donlot

pixelaxe on 05:37 AM, 05-Jul-15

Min tolong perbaiki linknya dong penasaran mau nyoba biggrin

otong on 04:03 AM, 18-Jul-15

wah valentine :v

pakpol on 04:07 AM, 18-Jul-15

otong,kamu disini rupanya! masalah kita kan belum selesai! :o

otong on 04:07 AM, 18-Jul-15

amfun pak :v

ibunya otong on 04:10 AM, 18-Jul-15

hoy siapa kamu!,marah" in anak saya,jangan di marahin dong!! bunuh aja sekalian!! :v

acep on 08:22 PM, 04-Aug-15

linknya downloadnya kok gak bisa om

ninjask on 10:46 AM, 08-Aug-15

mohon linknya di perbaiki gan mau download nih...

Edwards on 10:34 AM, 23-Oct-15

Mau tanya nih, bagai mana cara mendowoload game pokemon. Tolong dikasih tau terima kasih

diky on 04:49 PM, 16-May-16

link eror

wahid on 12:20 AM, 23-Jul-16

reuplod dong om

boxlagump3 on 08:59 AM, 28-Jul-16

Kayak Pokemon Go kah ?

gilang on 03:29 AM, 23-Aug-16

huaaaaa mau main tapi link nya brokeeeeen

Sekar on 06:47 AM, 18-Sep-16

Link broken

Rinkia on 11:14 PM, 14-Oct-16

Min please tolong upload ulang yang valentine kebebet pingin main nih...

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