Update: Pokemon Ash Gray Beta 4.2 Released

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 06:16 PM, 15-Aug-13

Under: Pokemon gba hack

Download ROMs Pokemon Ash Gray Beta 4.2

- Pokemon_ashgray_beta4.2.zip [5.4MB]

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20 responses to "Update: Pokemon Ash Gray Beta 4.2 Released"

Fyve on 07:29 AM, 31-Aug-13

OMG thank you, I have been looking everywhere for this!

john on 10:18 PM, 10-Sep-13

what is way to reach 3rd gym of orange island in pokemon ash gray beta 4.2

Fan on 02:21 PM, 27-Sep-13

Thank you soo much!!

w-fie on 06:14 AM, 05-Nov-13

requirement to enter Pokemon league

sultan on 02:05 PM, 25-Aug-14

Thank you very very much but please how I get bike

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:19 PM, 25-Aug-14

@sultan,you won't get bike until very later,ash has no bike in the anime,so,stick to those crappy running shoes

sultan on 01:04 PM, 31-Aug-14

Please help me to get bike in pokemon ash gray beta 4.2

sultan on 04:24 PM, 31-Aug-14

Please help me to get cycle in pokemon ash gray 4.2

skylor ray on 05:16 PM, 28-Sep-14

Ay route 25 if u can get past the rocks guys the island u get too is the one where charizard learns to respect u!
Now plz tell me how the hell can i get past those stupid rocks without the wall hack!

anonymus on 10:27 PM, 30-Sep-14

I'm not surprise -_- I knew it would come but still searching for another update

prakhar on 05:42 PM, 06-Dec-14

Please help mee to get cycle

rudi on 12:19 AM, 13-Dec-14

can you upload again please...

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:07 AM, 13-Dec-14

Download from gba hack section.

khan on 01:15 PM, 20-Feb-15

Plz help me get to the island of route 25 how to get plz help.i want my charizard to obey me

faan on 08:04 PM, 07-Mar-15

how to download pokemon beta 4.2 for vba

terry on 08:33 PM, 25-Mar-15

i cant reach tustiles .com

aryaman on 05:07 PM, 10-May-15

is this game have all episodes of orange island

manan on 07:29 PM, 11-Jul-15

please help me what i have to fo after the power of one

binh on 01:55 PM, 10-Aug-15

pokemon ash bate 4.2

Parth on 01:44 PM, 16-Jun-16

To get apart route 25 when team rocket faces us we have to lose to them then when we lose they steal our Pokémon and run showing the way towards mandarin island

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