Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Beta 0.2.3

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 01:55 PM, 23-Apr-14

Under: Pokemon gb/gbc hack

*Yanmega is named Megayanma.
*Flareon learn "Seed Bomb".
*Houndour learn "Seed Bomb".
*After defeating Clair, if you go back to the GYM You can't get out of there.

*Berrys names were changed by the equivalent of the 3th gen.
-Berry / Oran Berry
-Bitter Berry / Persim Berry
-Burnt Berry / Aspear Berry
-Gold Berry / Sitrus Berry
-Ice Berry / Rawst Berry
-Mint Berry / Chesto Berry
-Miracle Berry / Lum Berry
-Mystery Berry / Leppa Berry
-PrzCureBerry / Cheri Berry
-PsnCureBerry / Pecha Berry

[DOWNLOAD] [GBC] (878kb)

Note: If you wanna play 'GBC' RoM on your Java phone, you need an emulator called Meboy-f .


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16 responses to "Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Beta 0.2.3"

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:56 PM, 23-Apr-14

update rom gbc pokemon xy naturia beta 0.2.3

Dila alrizky on 02:41 PM, 23-Apr-14

Nunggu yg final aja

Tyrannitar on 02:55 PM, 23-Apr-14

Gan emulator gbc untuk nokia asha 305 apa meboy f gak bisa waktu dimainin pasti eror terus

Syahrul sannin on 02:57 PM, 23-Apr-14

Mas bro,kasi link yg jar dung

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:07 PM, 23-Apr-14

xy naturia masih belum bisa dimainkan di hp java gan

Syahrul sannin on 03:12 PM, 23-Apr-14

Owh,klo gtu ane nunggu yg finalnya aj bro

Fajar Asakura on 03:24 PM, 23-Apr-14

Asem Tileset belum dibenerin :3

Excho za on 03:31 PM, 23-Apr-14

Yah kox beta sih. Kalo gtu tak tunggu Full-nya deh

Akira Kobayakawa on 03:57 PM, 23-Apr-14

wah yang buat game ini niat banget...

Poketrainer Abdee on 04:03 PM, 23-Apr-14

ini ada type fairynya ga?

groundeon on 04:09 PM, 23-Apr-14

maen di symbian mantap bro,

Eident Crawlers on 06:14 PM, 23-Apr-14

Kalo buat mainin XY naturia,,,, emulatornya pakai Jmeboy.... Punya ane bisa... Tapi masih belum dilanjutin.... Soalnya konsen sama game pokemon lain...

Sayv on 10:11 PM, 23-Apr-14

Nyimak Gan....
Hadir Seperti Biasanya.., smile

Tyrannitar on 04:08 PM, 24-Apr-14

@eident , jmeboy bisa dimainin di hp touch gak?

Ridwan on 10:39 PM, 24-Apr-14

keren XY Naturia smile baru main party baru Eevee, Riolu, Flabebe, Axew, Gastly

Ryukey on 02:42 PM, 25-Apr-14

Kapan full nya gan

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