Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Beta 0.2.5

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 12:33 PM, 30-Apr-14

Under: Pokemon gb/gbc hack

Fixed Bugs:
*Muddy Water don't do damage.
*Persim Berry can be used in battle.
*Bug Catching Contest have wrong pokemon and level.
*Steel-type no resistance Fairy-type moves.
*Scientist in Mahogany Town have wrong level.
*Youngster in Route 38 have wrong level.
*"Tramp Pokemon" in Rocket's Hideout have wrong level.
*Rival have RED color in Indigo Plateu.

*In Ecruteak City is a person who makes you three questions and depending of your answers you give away one of nine Evolution Stone for your Eevee (This event is from the beginning but forget to turn).
*Updated the levels of the Game Corner prizes.
*Changes in all teams of the Elite 4 in accordance to hack.

[DOWNLOAD] [GBC] (878kb)


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25 responses to "Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Beta 0.2.5"

Sambidoplang Blog on 12:35 PM, 30-Apr-14

Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Beta 0.2.5

Dila alrizky on 01:00 PM, 30-Apr-14

Nunggu final aja

groundeon on 01:08 PM, 30-Apr-14

kira - kira udh oke blm nih gan?

save in on 01:37 PM, 30-Apr-14

Ni udah bisa di mainin di java lum.

COOLTRAINER KYUUSUF on 03:33 PM, 30-Apr-14

Mantap nih nunggu jar.

Poketrainer Aldy on 04:14 PM, 30-Apr-14

full nya aja

Fanz on 04:30 PM, 30-Apr-14

Bos yg jar

Sambidoplang Blog on 04:48 PM, 30-Apr-14

Ini masih belum bisa dimainkan di kebanyakan hp java.

Panji Tranvaner on 07:32 PM, 30-Apr-14

Yang Jar belum ada, dan sekalian nunggu yang finalnya

DhodixRosicky on 07:59 PM, 30-Apr-14

Gan pokemon legend world legenda apa saja dan dimana aja ?

Sayv on 05:58 AM, 01-May-14

Hadir Pagi Gan..!!


Pikachu on 11:52 AM, 01-May-14

Gan game ini bisa dimainin di hp nokia x2-01 ga??

gliscor on 01:15 PM, 03-May-14

cara evolusi feebas gimana??

Lipun on 03:37 PM, 03-May-14

Working .jar?

Hikarikun on 05:38 AM, 04-May-14

Gan ada yang buat Versi Gbanya ga

gli on 03:03 PM, 05-May-14

sudah bisa di hp ga min?

Mukti on 07:56 PM, 07-May-14

Hadir jga

mnethe on 03:42 PM, 10-May-14

please people talk english,..and please put on full version of pokemon prism..and full version of XY

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:56 PM, 10-May-14

@mnethe,some people here cannot speak english,so please be understand,as for you request,prism and xy haven't been finished yet,so even if you look in the whole internet,you won't find them

tHr3e on 02:36 PM, 15-May-14

@mnethe : take it easy bro....wait latest update for xy in this blog......

Lord Raijin on 07:56 PM, 20-May-14

Gan ifin tolong dong yang jar

ELrey on 04:35 PM, 27-May-14

Kak, xy naturia terbarunya kasih yg jar dong

abi on 09:13 PM, 27-May-14

gw dah coba maenin versi sebelumnya di hp nokia 2700c
koq gk bisa ya?
Aplikasi salah tulisannya

abi on 09:14 PM, 27-May-14

gw dah coba maenin versi sebelumnya di hp nokia 2700c
koq gk bisa ya?
Aplikasi salah tulisannya

Zian on 01:21 AM, 25-Jun-14

Kalo udah final keluarin sama yg jar nya ya gan smile

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