Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Version Beta 0.2.2

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 11:57 AM, 22-Apr-14

Under: Pokemon gb/gbc hack

download pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.2 gbc

Fixed Bugs:
*Wood Hammer's animation is wrong.
*Air Slash's animation is wrong.
*Brave Bird don't have Recoil Damage.
*Struggle Bug have 10% chance of lowering Attack.
*Ace Trainer "Cybil" on Route 44 have an underleved Trevenant.
*Rocket Grunt (f) on Mahogany have wrong level team.

*Restriction system of healing items. The items that recover HP is permitted only used one per battle. Other items that heal altered states are restricted in battle. The Items that are affected by this rule are:
- MaxPotion
- HyperPotion
- SuperPotion
- Potion
- FreshWater
- SodaPop
- Lemonade
- MoomooMilk
- Ragecandybar

[DOWNLOAD] [GBC] (878kb)


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14 responses to "Update Rom GBC: Pokemon XY Naturia Version Beta 0.2.2"

Sambidoplang Blog on 11:58 AM, 22-Apr-14

download pokemon xy naturia version beta 0.2.2 gbc

Irvan Prastyo Wap LiveGames on 12:13 PM, 22-Apr-14

Nuggu yang Full aja gan biggrin lanjutkan

agus on 12:34 PM, 22-Apr-14

Di tunggu yg full finishnya

groundeon on 12:43 PM, 22-Apr-14

thank's,ijin comot gan..

Sirent on 12:49 PM, 22-Apr-14

Yg Jar gan.

Syahrul sannin on 01:19 PM, 22-Apr-14

Gbc lgi gbc lgi,tpi percuma jga sih di hp ane macet

Tyrannitar on 01:27 PM, 22-Apr-14

Gan emulator gbc apa yang untuk nokia asha 305

agus on 01:49 PM, 22-Apr-14

Tyrannitar@ meboy

Sambidoplang Blog on 01:50 PM, 22-Apr-14

@tyrannitar, pakai meboy-f, tapi itu entah bisa apa gk di hp java touch. Di coba aja.

Rogue Cheney on 01:57 PM, 22-Apr-14

Wah pokemon xy ini rajin updatenya, ane tunggu yg finalnya

Poketrainer Abdee on 02:10 PM, 22-Apr-14

tunggu final aja ah

Tyrannitar on 02:22 PM, 22-Apr-14

Meboy f , gak bisa yang lain apa gan

Zaky M Albanna on 04:47 PM, 22-Apr-14

S40 gak bisa maen, jadi nyimak ja lah.

Harukikun on 06:28 PM, 22-Apr-14

ijin save dulu sobat smile

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