Update ROM: Pokemon Dark Energy Beta 4.1 (GBC) + JAR

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 09:42 AM, 08-Aug-14

Under: Pokemon gb/gbc hack

Pokemon Dark Energy is a rom hack by Miksy91. It offers a unique gameplay experience by mimicing that of RPG games; There are lots of quests and the gameplay is focused on development of the story rather than "traveling from town to town". Even so, most gameplay related things are borrowed from the original game the hack is based on, Pokemon Silver.

Below, you can find information you might want to know before starting to play. This information mostly contains changes to the way the game engine works. (After all, you would normally assume several things function the way they would in the game the hack is based on.)

Naming Characters
There will be situations when you can give a name to a certain person. If you give it an "empty" name and click END, a default in-game name is picked for that person.

Battle Modes
There are two battle modes you can choose from - Normal and Active. The current battle mode can be changed by opening Options from the Menu.

Move Tutors
Certain people, who have pokemon with moves they couldn't normally learn, can teach your pokemon the same abilities. Only a few may do this though.

Some other "illegal" movesets could be learn with TMs. Others won't be obtainable at all.

There are 7 sidequests you can finish in this beta. A rumor is that if you complete at least 5 of them, and talk to a certain person, something might be unlocked...

Other than that, finishing all of the sidequests doesn't serve for any special reason, at least not yet. But every sidequest as its own gives you a handy prize!

Pokemon Changes
-Traded pokemon always obey
-"Trade-evolution" pokemon evolve now by leveling them up (some evolutions could be changed to evolution stone evolutions though).
-Eevee and its upper forms have had lots of changes. All that's related to this is revealed in the game.
-Magikarp evolves now by Water Stone (due to certain in-game sidequest).
-All the pokemon that evolve with evolution stones have their upper- forms' movesets edited.
--How this works is that you don't have to wait for the pre-form to learn a certain move (like Pikachu's Thunder or Vulpix' Flamethrower) before giving them the evolution stone. Their upper form, in this case, Raichu learns Thunder and same way, Ninetales also learns Flamethrower.

Usually when you think you got stuck, try talking to people around the area and that should give you the "keys" to move forward.


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22 responses to "Update ROM: Pokemon Dark Energy Beta 4.1 (GBC) + JAR"

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:43 AM, 08-Aug-14


japun on 10:10 AM, 08-Aug-14

sayang sekali, masih beta.

tHr3e on 11:45 AM, 08-Aug-14

yang *.zip langsung ane sedooott gan.....

Zaky M Albanna on 03:54 PM, 08-Aug-14

Eident mana Eident :v

Derby on 04:03 PM, 08-Aug-14

ane dah tunggu* ini
ane copet dulu gan

groundeon on 05:46 PM, 08-Aug-14

nanggung bgt dr 4.0 ke 4.1 fitur tmbahannya apa gan?
Jgn kya pokemon maize donk..

Namikazv on 07:04 PM, 08-Aug-14

Horeee,akhirny dishare jga dark energy v4.1 ya walaupun dah telat bnget
Tpi tak apalah,izin bwa plang min
Oh ya,betanya ampe mana min?
Dlu kan nyampe goa trus dah slesai,skarag ampe mana?

Wira on 08:06 PM, 08-Aug-14

Akhirny GBC kluar juga..
Izin mainin gan.. walaupun beta..

NF1234 on 08:19 PM, 08-Aug-14

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!!!

Miksy91 on 09:10 PM, 08-Aug-14

Changes between betas 4.0 and 4.1 Beta 4.1

Beta 4.1 is an improved version of beta 4.0 which I wanted to release by the end of 2013, but I was out of the hacking scene for quite a long time but have returned to continue working on this project and finally finished everything for beta 4.1.

There are some changes here and there but nothing that drastic.
Probably the biggest improvement I can think of right now is re-coding how feeling cold works in North Star.
In 4.0, you would freeze by walking on spots where there are trigger events that "activate" the freezing.
Now in 4.1 it's adjusted to real-time clock and you may get frozen just by standing at the same spot for too long.

Other things I can pick up are fo example re-writing the script for th gentleman asking for Super Onix, asking it possible to insert the code of the PC (in Argent Central) automatically once you have done it before, and re-writing dialogue in the beginning to give a better view on who Maxime really is.

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:59 AM, 09-Aug-14

@Miksy91,thanks for your information,we really appreciate it

Profesors on 04:08 PM, 09-Aug-14

Min game pokemon GBC apa yg EEVEE bisa ditangkap bebas??

Adi gunawan on 06:02 PM, 09-Aug-14

Wuihh.. Gbc baru.. ¤_¤

Acoi saputra on 10:10 AM, 10-Aug-14

Waw, keren aku tunggu yg full gan ifin biggrin hehehe

Ryokudo on 08:01 PM, 13-Aug-14

Ijin sedot gan.. biggrin

tof on 12:03 PM, 14-Aug-14

wuiihhh..dah rilis ya,lama dah tunggu

X-scizzor on 03:54 AM, 18-Aug-14

Gan kok kagak bisa download?padahal ane udah klik alamat biar ga exe/blank kok yang muncul php? Tolong dong gan.

d ditto on 05:53 AM, 18-Aug-14

x, tutup browsermu dan coba download lagi,pastikan browsermu mendukung java script seperti operamini, ucbrowser dll

Catking on 05:56 PM, 18-Aug-14

Mikys91 can you make this hack become just like cystal ver. Because i don't like if the pokemon just standing like a rock

EMOsi on 04:15 PM, 13-Oct-14

makin sepi aje ni bloG,udh mao nutup ye?
apa udh pada mati???

Gelap on 10:07 PM, 19-Mar-16

Terus berkarya gan
ditunggu update nya yah (y)

fgh on 12:41 PM, 19-Oct-16

Can i play that in meboy f-2.2.. Cuz i want that 4.1 version.. Why i cant download it in jar where can i download it in jar? pls..sad my phon is nokia asha 200.. Pls

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