Update ROM: Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Beta 2

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 04:34 PM, 05-Jun-14

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Download Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Beta 2



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10 responses to "Update ROM: Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Beta 2"

Sambidoplang Blog on 04:48 PM, 05-Jun-14

Download Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Beta 2

Farhan firmansyah on 04:49 PM, 05-Jun-14


Sambidoplang Blog on 04:53 PM, 05-Jun-14

game keren,wajib download bro :v

abra on 05:29 PM, 05-Jun-14

ini sampai gym berapa min.

Bulbaquil on 05:43 PM, 05-Jun-14

Gan request game crystal revolution/neo crystal.gbc

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:05 PM, 05-Jun-14

beta 2 sudah hampir full, sudah bisa menangkap arceus dan melawan darugis.

dracho on 06:18 PM, 05-Jun-14

sorry gan.. bug"a d mana ja...??

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:24 PM, 05-Jun-14

*When choosing if you want to play as a Boy or a Girl, after you select your
choice, the sprites in the introduction (Which are already terribly colored.
Sorry about that) gets a little darker and glitchy looking. However, this is nothing to worry about as once you start the game, the player's character
sprite returns to normal and never become glitchy again.
*Be sure to receive your Pokedex from Prof.Mercury's assistant. If you do not, most of your Pokemon Will Not be able to evolve.
*Do not return to the deck of the ship, it will freeze your rom.
*As of Beta 1, Cries are not inserted into the hack. Shiny 6th gen Pokemon are not inserted into the hack yet either.
*The player's back sprite in battle only has one frame (The one where he/she
is holding the Pokeball) due to my laziness. I didn't feel like re-coloring the other frames.
*The Heroine sprite walks a little weird when walking left and right.
*Talking to Gary a second time in Noble Town will freeze the rom.
* A few of the trainer sprites are horribly colored and edited. This is due to me editing on a PC with a very dark screen that cannot be brightened. For this, I apologize & I hope this doesn't ruin your

Anonymous on 11:11 AM, 17-Aug-14

How to download the file

Aaron on 03:07 PM, 23-Jul-15

Is there a way to fix the rom if it freezes? I didn't know so I talked to Gary a second time in Noble Town.

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