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Pokémon: Chronicles of Soala


Hi there! For those who don't know me, I used to be a moderator here a few years ago. I was also working on a hack, Pokémon Liquid Ocean, which won Hack of the Year back in 2006. After many times of restarting the hack, I decided to keep its thread closed and not post any updates until I it was finished, or at least almost finished, since there are still some new Pokémon and moves to be added, but these aren't as important, since the world and story are complete. After everyone thought I stopped working on Pokémon Liquid Ocean, there was an attempt at making a sequel, called Pokémon Soala Adventures. And so, since nothing is the same as in the previous alpha of Liquid Ocean, I decided to call this hack Pokémon: Chronicles of Soala. I'd like to dedicate this hack to everyone who supported me through all these years, you all know who you are, but I dedicate this especially to Spheal, my favourite Pokémon ever.


  • 3 new regions
    Travel through two whole new regions, Soala and Osenia, and explore the Orange Archipelago! Collect all 20 badges, 8 from each region and 4 from the Orange Islands, and enter the Pokémon Championship!
  • Variety of different environments, including space and the past
    Travel through snowy mountains, underwater temples, tropical islands, volcanoes, swamps, jungles and more! You also get to travel to Space with one of the organizations you will encounter to investigate the recent sightings of Jirachi. With the help of the Chronos Tribe and Celebi's power, you also get to travel back in time, and discover the origins of the regions and their secrets.
  • 9 rivals
    Not just one, but 9 rivals to battle you along your way to be the best trainer there is! Some are new, and some are old, including Red, Crystal and Ritchie! The best part about this is that you are able to choose how to interact with each one, which means you can ignore/avoid/get rid of most of them should you choose to. However, you will be rewarded if you keep them all around by the end of the game, since every one of them is important in their own way.
  • Decision-based storyline
    In the game you will encounter several organizations, small, big, evil, good, each with its own dreams. After finding out about their goals and intentions, you get to choose which one to side with, or even two. You can even not side with any organization and oppose them all. The decisions you make will heavily affect the final part of the game and the ending.
  • Latest generation Pokémon
    Currently, there are only 673 Pokémon catchable in this game. the 649 from all 5 generations and 24 from Gen VI. I'm currently working on the sprites of the rest of the Gen IV Pokémon, and I'm hoping to release a new patch with all 719 Pokémon available soon!
  • New moves and abilities
    The majority the new moves and abilities of the newer games have been implemented. Some new ones have also been added as well. Just like with the Pokémon sprites, a patch with all moves and abilities so far will be released in the near future.
  • New music
    Almost all the tracks in this hack have been changed. Some are familiar tracks from the latest generations, some are completely new, thanks to Link and his team from Pokémon: Phoenix Rising.
  • Side quests
    Attend the Pokémon Ranger academy and become a Pokémon Ranger! Rangers can take on side quests to help people in need from all the regions. There are over 30 side quests of varying difficulty, some have special rewards and new characters involved. By completing them, you get Quest Points which can be redeemed for rare items.


[DOWNLOAD] [GBA] (5.1mb)

Upload by:Twin head dragon

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93 responses to "Download Pokemon Chronicles Of Soala (GBA)"

Twin Head Dragon on 02:55 PM, 27-Apr-14

Rogue Cheney on 02:58 PM, 27-Apr-14


Derby on 02:58 PM, 27-Apr-14

kgak ada tutornya ya gan?

Andi Tri Kusuma on 03:02 PM, 27-Apr-14

kayaknya bagus tuh

Azmi on 03:06 PM, 27-Apr-14

Alhamdulillah gba akhirnya update, ijin download gan

Rizky Amorieztan on 03:09 PM, 27-Apr-14

wahh harus dicoba niehh,,,

ini beta berapa gan,,??

Lone on 03:22 PM, 27-Apr-14

Keren nih..,

Tyrannitar on 04:10 PM, 27-Apr-14

Ini gba kan , bukan gbc

Sambidoplang Blog on 04:22 PM, 27-Apr-14

@Tyrannitar, gba ini biggrin

Ryuga on 04:55 PM, 27-Apr-14

Apa pokedexnya benar-benar mencapai 673? Dan betulkah itu adalah jumlah pokemon yang dapat ditangkap?

FairyVerz Wirawan on 05:15 PM, 27-Apr-14

nyimak aja gan

fikri fauzi on 05:42 PM, 27-Apr-14

buatin walktroughtnya dong

Staravia on 05:54 PM, 27-Apr-14

wow izin download gan

azieds on 06:41 PM, 27-Apr-14

udah full ato belum gan

dimasria on 07:36 PM, 27-Apr-14

sistem evolusinya gimana?

Fadils FullBusterz on 07:38 PM, 27-Apr-14

Aduh Sayangnya Fire Red rom nyA Kaga bisa cheat Uang,,

Volt Storm on 07:50 PM, 27-Apr-14

nyimak aja sob hp ane gak bisa maen gba :3

Dhanzz on 08:35 PM, 27-Apr-14

pas itu ane pernah maen nih game , dan screenshotnya beda dengan gameplaynya

Ada wizard oak lah coolspheal lah

Twin head dragon on 08:44 PM, 27-Apr-14

@dhanzz,iya gan,ane coba juga beda,ada naruto lah,inuyasha lah,dll

groundeon on 09:21 PM, 27-Apr-14

namanya unik,ijin comot gan,

Fadils FullBusterz on 09:55 PM, 27-Apr-14

@Twin Di Mod dong Uang Banyak,,

osaikawa on 10:06 PM, 27-Apr-14

Ada cheat nya gak min

azurra on 11:11 PM, 27-Apr-14

susah banget nyari jalan nya.. wew

Altra03 on 04:36 AM, 28-Apr-14

@Fadil, daripada cheat uang, mending cheat duit aja #nah_loh

Rama59 on 07:40 AM, 28-Apr-14

Pokemon starternya apa?

Kevin on 12:50 PM, 28-Apr-14

Ini udh full blum ?

Silver on 03:30 PM, 28-Apr-14

Gan katanya disuruh nyebrangin pond waktu dihutan tapi gak bisa lewat, pas dipencet (A) malah njelasin kalo karakter kita alien dan bla bla bla...........

Sambidoplang Blog on 03:35 PM, 28-Apr-14

@Silver,lewat pohon putih di kanan gan

Dhanzz on 04:08 PM, 28-Apr-14

Keluar dari kantornya gimana ??
Yang ada lukisan lukisan

Sambidoplang Blog on 04:32 PM, 28-Apr-14


tHr3e on 04:56 PM, 28-Apr-14

@Twin head dragon : waduh... Ada naruto dan inuyasha.... jadi penasaran gan.... Gak pake lama, langsung aja ane comot ya gan.....
@Sambidoplang Blog: makin jaya aje nie bl0g... ^_^
sering² d0nk update yg gba nya jangan cerpok/(cerita pokemon) mulu yang diupdate gan......

Fajarlagi on 09:34 PM, 28-Apr-14

Gan kn ane udh ketemu 9 bunga, trus gmana lgi gan?

Gold on 10:55 PM, 28-Apr-14

Eh? Inuyasha? Naruto? Gak salah?

Dhanzz on 01:46 PM, 29-Apr-14

Cara nyari rod of season gimana ??
Ane cuma ketemu Tree of Nine Flower

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:48 PM, 29-Apr-14

@Dhanzz, rod of season tersembunyi di danau, klik A di setiap sisi danau biggrin

osaikawa on 06:35 PM, 29-Apr-14

Gan admin : gak bisa di download tolong perbaiki dong

Kimi on 06:49 PM, 29-Apr-14

Mas Twin tolong buatin tutorialnya ya, tutorial yang simpel juga nggak apa" smile

Kimi on 06:57 PM, 29-Apr-14

Pokemon ini kan sudah full version, kenapa di tulis beta karena nanti game ini akan di upgrade jumlah pokemonnya mencapai 700 lebih. Jadi saya mohon di buatkan tutorialnya.

kj on 11:18 AM, 30-Apr-14

gan cara keluar dari city kaya apa

DhodixRosicky on 11:43 AM, 30-Apr-14

Nyimak aja dah.. biggrin

Dhanzz on 02:37 PM, 30-Apr-14

Ane kalah sama Cirno yang ke 3
Dan masuk Hell

fikri fauzi on 07:59 PM, 30-Apr-14

gan kann udh lawan timer fuji truss muncul nya saya di deket danau kalaur mau keluar dari daerah tsbt gimana?(komen di atas) lewat pohon putih nah pohon putih itu di gimanain??

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:29 PM, 30-Apr-14

@fikri fauzi,pohon putih'a ditembus,cari aja

kj on 08:57 PM, 30-Apr-14

Cirno yg ke 3 dimana

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:14 PM, 30-Apr-14

@kj,lawan yang 1 dan 2 nanti lawan yang ketiga

fikri fauzi on 07:00 AM, 01-May-14

maksudnya gimana sih?
kalau bisa di video punya ente

Twin head dragon on 08:04 AM, 01-May-14

@fikri,ya elaah,cari pohon putih,keliling ampe ketemu,pohon putih ntu bisa ditembus

fikri fauzi on 08:10 AM, 01-May-14

jadi harus di cari terus ya?

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:13 AM, 01-May-14

@fikri fauzi,iya,kalau udah di air cari rod of seasons(gak kelihatan,tekan a satu-satu) dan cari lalu bicara pada pohon yang bunganya sembilan

fikri fauzi on 08:13 AM, 01-May-14

cara nembusnya gimana?

fikri fauzi on 08:17 AM, 01-May-14

cara nembus pohon putih nya gimana?

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:28 AM, 01-May-14

@fikri fauzi,ya tembus aja,anggap aja ga ada,itu coba jalannya satu-satu

fikri fauzi on 08:30 AM, 01-May-14

di tembusnya di bagian tengah pohon

Kevin on 04:36 PM, 01-May-14

Ini udh bnar'' full ?
Kok aa tlisan full dan beta 9.0 ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:50 PM, 01-May-14

@Kevin, sudah full, tinggal fix beberapa bug.

Řîžāł on 09:56 PM, 01-May-14

Rom Base Apa Ini?
Mana Walkthrough Nya?
Blog ini Makin Mundur ajza ...
Jarang Update Game Nya Lagi?
Sekarang Makin Maju Coolrom ....

Sambidoplang Blog on 05:58 AM, 02-May-14

@Řîžāł,ya coba aja bandingkan gba hack disini dengan coolrom,kalo ga suka ya ora po po

abra on 09:33 AM, 02-May-14

gak seimbang. di tower musuhnya kuat, lvl 80, 90, 100 kalo kalah batle trus masuk lubang game'nya mental / keluar dr emulator.

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:43 AM, 02-May-14

@abra,di tempat yang banyak lubangnya ntu automatic game over gan,hacker'a jahat juga...

abra on 10:32 AM, 02-May-14

jadi mau gak mau hrs bisa menang ya gan,,, ane dah maen save load tapi susah ngalahinya... Yg palg berat lawan yg lvl 100, sedangkan pokemonku tinggl 1...

terpaksa harus cheat STAT nih gan,,, code cheat slot 1 lvl 80 codenya berapa gan? Saya taunya cuma code lvl 100.

Sambidoplang Blog on 11:15 AM, 02-May-14

@abra,kata hackernya,cirno MUSTAHIL dikalahkan,apalagi abilitynya wonderguard,cheat stats gak akan berguna,coba cheat move toxic,protect,dan detect,juga leech seed

abra on 11:29 AM, 02-May-14

ane belum pernah cheat move gan, apa ada tutor cheat move?

poket monster on 11:31 AM, 02-May-14

gan gue ke sasab di hutan yang abis lawan timer fuji lalu disitu kalau mau keluar gimana?

Sambidoplang Blog on 11:50 AM, 02-May-14

@poket monster,baca komen yang diatas
@abra,ane ga tau,ga pernah ngecheat

Synister on 04:32 PM, 02-May-14

Ini kalo gk salah rom base nya fire red ya gan ??

Synister on 05:21 PM, 02-May-14

hbs ngalahin wizard oak ma buka ruangan yg ada mesin2nya terus kmn lg ..bingung nie

Lucario_95 on 07:55 PM, 04-May-14

cheatnya cari aja di google
terus kalo udah max semua statnya kalahin pake rock smash

Lucario_95 on 07:56 PM, 04-May-14

kalah menang tetep aja ke hell -_-
kejam hackernya -_-

Cooltrainer_Krisna on 07:58 PM, 04-May-14

gan kalo gitu itu screenshotnya pokemon apa???

no name on 06:29 PM, 06-May-14

Gan gimana cara cheat code yg agar dpt mengevolusikan pkmn ke mega pkmn?

Sambidoplang Blog on 06:42 PM, 06-May-14

@no name,kalo gak dihack mega ga ada gan,mega hanya di resolute dan victory fire

no name on 09:49 AM, 07-May-14

Ya saya main yg pkmn resolute tapi tdk tau code cheatnya tlong kasih tau dong gan

dark trainer on 11:39 AM, 07-May-14

Gan tlng kasih cheat mega dong bwt pkmn resolute

dark trainer on 05:11 PM, 07-May-14

Gan cpt jwb dong penting nih

Z on 09:14 PM, 07-May-14

gan ane bru salam kenal smile , gan kalo bisa buat tutorialnya,hbs k hell k mana lagi gan

Z on 09:14 PM, 07-May-14

gan ane bru salam kenal smile , gan kalo bisa buat tutorialnya,hbs k hell k mana lagi gan

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:18 PM, 07-May-14

@Z,hell itu game over gan

ddddd on 10:51 AM, 08-May-14

Gan ada nggak cheat mega kalo ada aku kasih cheatnya

kim on 08:26 PM, 08-May-14

gan itu waktu pwrtama diauruh keluar dr sana disuruh baca note trus gimane lg ya?

Dhanzz on 06:07 AM, 16-May-14

Di resolute ngapain ngecheat ntar geh dapet mega rocknya :v

Mayank pokemaster on 11:14 PM, 25-May-14

I have completed this game and features of this game is will get 3 spheals of level 80. At last you have to beat ice fairy and game will will fight goku,naruto,prof. Oak,god of time and many others

Sambidoplang Blog on 09:05 AM, 26-May-14

@Mayank pokemaster,yes,it is fake,i got tricked by the details in pokecommunity

Poketrainer Abdee on 03:45 PM, 29-May-14

game ini bener bener fake!!fake!! GAME s***n

dAvid on 08:02 AM, 30-Aug-14

Gan gmn cra keluar dRi gedung

iskandar z on 05:59 PM, 07-Dec-14

musuh terakhirnya greget gan
ability nya wonder guard, dan gak punya kelemahan, mana gak bisa cheat lagi

zidane aditya on 03:07 PM, 09-Dec-14

Ada tutorialnya gak gan

NEW on 12:09 AM, 14-Jun-15

gan saya udah nglahin cirno3 kok abis itu gamenya tamat gan

y24plfvu on 11:36 AM, 10-Feb-16


s2qpk7e9 on 07:45 PM, 11-Feb-16


x2bms7b0 on 03:21 PM, 26-Feb-16


mbcj5g43 on 09:10 AM, 01-Mar-16


wsy2q6ec on 01:16 PM, 01-Mar-16


hvrbinn7 on 02:34 AM, 27-Mar-16


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