Update ROM: Pokemon Glazed Beta 6F

Posted by Sambidoplang Blog on 05:57 PM, 13-May-14

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Changes in Pokemon Glazed, Beta 6
* The Rankor region is entirely accessible.
* Shaymin, Deoxys, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Arceus are now obtainable. This means that every legend is attainable in Glazed.
* You are now given the option to "Quick Walk" back to Palmtree Resort after the Fusion Labs event.
* The Northcoast Hotel has been given a revamp, and the gift Ditto is now nicknameable.
* The Johto League is now accessable from the teleport menu.
* Added accessability to Mystery Island, which can be accessed by talking to Soheal at his dock. He will only appear there when you have beaten the Tunod League, and defeated him at his home. Mystery Island contains each starter Pokemon, but each group will only be unlocked whenever you have received the option for that group of starters. (Kanto are unlocked after choosing one from Oak, Johto are unlocked after choosing one from Elm, Unova are unlocked after choosing one from Gran, and Kalos are unlocked after choosing one from Sycamore. Hoenn and Sinnoh are unlocked by default.)
* Due to the starters being relocated to Mystery Island, I have replaced the Pokemon on the Forlorn Cape with the base forms of Pseudo Legends(Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Gible, and Deino).
* An Aide in Elm's Lab will tutor False Swipe, if there's just one of those Pokemon you're having trouble catching.
* I have retconned Trapinch, Vibrava, and Flygon, at the expense replacing Corsola, Remoraid, and Octillery. Additionally, I have re-introduced Mawile, taking out Girafarig. Sorry to all those that might have used them :<
* The levels of the Johto wilds have been boosted drastically
* Fixed a glitch where going east along the Temporal Sea kept looping.
* Subfalls Cave now has a purpose, containing the only Old Amber in the game.
* Fossils revived in Northcoast Town can now be nicknamed.
* Eight Donuts have been introduced, which raise various stats on consumption during battle.
* Fairy Type has been implemented, along with all Fairy-Type retcons.
* Draco Meteor, Scald, Moonblast, and Play Rough have been placed in the game, with Draco Meteor and Scald as a move tutor, Moonblast as TM43, and Play Rough as a simple learned move.
* Johto Pokemarts have useful items now.
* I have removed the Whirlpool blocking the way to the Johto League, and replaced it with a badge check. It seemed silly to make you learn a move for one specific obstacle.
* Dig is now not a required move, but it opens up an optional area in the game.
* If you were expecting Fury Cutter to go, you're sorely mistaken! It's still there razz
* Added a fix to those who got stuck on the Church of Alpha event, due to missing a script located in Whitney's gym.
* Pokemon have been updated to their Gen VI stats.
* I have changed the traded Snorlax to be holding Leftovers, and I have changed it so you give a Fraxure for the Seadra at the Path of Victory.
* The Rock Climb-able rocks near Masiland Grotto no longer cause "Walk-on-water" and "Surfing on land" issues.


Upload By:T.H.D.

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53 responses to "Update ROM: Pokemon Glazed Beta 6F"

Fadils FullBusterz on 06:10 PM, 13-May-14

Full Bangget nih,,

Twin head dragon on 06:25 PM, 13-May-14

Update ROM: Pokemon Glazed Beta 6F | Sambidoplang Blog


Pokemon_master on 06:28 PM, 13-May-14

Thanks in advance, I'm pretty sure that your site was the 1st who update it into beta 6f.

The Gonners12 on 06:32 PM, 13-May-14

Kunjungan perdana. . .

小早川李ザキ on 06:39 PM, 13-May-14

sesudah rankor lanjut kemana?

joni on 06:43 PM, 13-May-14

ke hatimu

deden on 06:50 PM, 13-May-14

小早川李ザキ @ yaudah tamat palingan tinggal ngoleksi pokedexnya

yveltal on 07:01 PM, 13-May-14

@joni, hahaha.....
Betul itu gan, ane setuju

小早川李ザキ on 07:06 PM, 13-May-14


Daviddanang on 07:34 PM, 13-May-14

maaf save glazed 6b gabisa di pake sama 6f ya ?

irkhammaghfurin on 07:55 PM, 13-May-14

Ane ambil sob, tpi ksih link mobile viewnya dong sob ane pke uc b(gx biasa) xl yg nymbung ke axis opmin srng eror sob kdng trlempar ke xl opera tpi buat brows cpet bwt dwnlt sring ggl & lmot
mngkn ada yg snasib dg sya & pnya slusinya
sori sob curhat dikit ane googling gx nmu ganggwnnya

abimaulana on 08:04 PM, 13-May-14

gan di versi ini hoenn sudah ada ya ???

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:35 PM, 13-May-14

@Daviddanang,buka ROM beta 6,klik file,import,battery file,pilih file savnya

Mm.bakuryu on 08:37 PM, 13-May-14

emangnya di glazed ada hoenn?

Mm.bakuryu on 08:39 PM, 13-May-14

lanjut dari beta 6b ke 6F bisa kok tinggal rename file sav nya.

tHr3e on 03:31 AM, 14-May-14

nyimak aja dulu gan..... versinya masih ngambang alias masih dalam versi beta bertahap.... ane nunggu yang full versi final/versi bug fixed nya keluar aja gan........

dracho on 10:05 AM, 14-May-14

Agan2.. Abiz ngalahin Soul di rankor.. Truz ada misi lagi tw langsung ngumpulin pok legenda?? Tolong donk.. Thankz...

Irkhammaghfurin on 03:38 PM, 14-May-14

Mau nanya sob, stlh ke reefen island kn dpt tiket kekapal sob ,trus ada pilihan mau langsung kepulau lain/explore kapal ,ane explore kapal & battle sama pnumpangnya ,nah disitu ane stuck sob gx ada jln kluar
kira2 bisa dilnjutin gx sob ?

chee on 04:56 PM, 14-May-14

ini yang lanjutannya waktu disuruh nunggu 3hari itu ya :v

dracho on 07:25 PM, 14-May-14

Irkhammaghfurin @ masuk kamar 4 klik kasur'a.. Langsung bisa kluar...

Tolong donk klo dah champion rankor harus pa lagi...

Kamuflase on 07:51 PM, 14-May-14

rankor tu region terakhir, kalau sudah tamat paling tinggal nglengkapin pokedex, atau mungkin ada event lagi ane juga nggak tau. nunggu update walkthrough pokemon glazed rankor region saja lah

anwar on 09:04 AM, 16-May-14

game ini pakai physical / special split seperti gen 4 keatas atau gak ???

Bulbasayur on 06:56 PM, 16-May-14



Paol on 09:00 AM, 17-May-14

Setelah dl ksh starter gen 6 di regin island kmana lg gan?


Daviddanang on 11:54 PM, 17-May-14

Uxie, Azelf,
Mesprit, nangkepnya dimane ye?

aries ygh on 06:14 AM, 18-May-14

cara download file di atas gimana gan ?

Lord Raijin on 03:59 PM, 18-May-14

Gan kalo dari 5f bisa lanjut ga?
Atau harus ngulang lagi?

小早川李ザキ on 04:41 PM, 18-May-14

@daviddanang, alpha island sesudah lawan soul

Deewars on 06:08 PM, 18-May-14

@aries ygh, sebenarnya Download di tusfiles mudah kok coba ente bka alamat ini dulu deh http://www.tusfiles.net/?design=2 trus balik lagi ke laman ini n klik tulisan Download diatas kalo udah di tusfiles tinggal klik Download file. Mudah banget kan!

Sambidoplang Blog on 07:38 PM, 18-May-14

@Lord Raijin,rename file savnya sama kayak yang beta 6,terus taruh di folder yang sama dengan beta 6

tHr3e on 08:17 PM, 18-May-14

mudah²n di update-tan rom pokemon glazed yang akan datang ditambahin fitur mega-evolution... partner lucario ane di game ini ntar jadi bisa evolution lagi deh.....


Hikari on 03:43 AM, 20-May-14

gan ada yang tau tempat beli masterball gak

Zito on 10:53 AM, 21-May-14

Cara Nangkep Shaymin Gimana Ya?.Legend Yang Belum Katangkap tinggal 2: Shaymin +Arceus

fahmy devil on 11:22 PM, 21-May-14

gan boleh reqwes adres hex party pokomon emerald gc gan????,,sdh muter'' d mbah google tpi gc ketemu-ketemu jg gan
Ane pke aplikasi zntxthan thu gan

Zito on 08:23 AM, 22-May-14

@Hikari, di Alpha Island

trainer RAD on 08:02 PM, 22-May-14

cara ke GYM leader Silver di Evergreen Town gimana ya?

Daviddanang on 08:51 PM, 22-May-14

soul stadium ini beneran nungguin 3 hari?

Hikari on 01:08 AM, 23-May-14

terimakasih gan

Zito on 10:43 AM, 23-May-14

Yang Belum Tau Nangkap Lugia
,Ho-oh,Virizon,Terrakion,Cobalion,Deoxys,Shaymin,+Arceus Siapa Ya?

yveltal on 09:36 PM, 26-May-14

ane tunggu full versionnya

Josueden on 10:56 PM, 26-May-14

Thanks broo!, its time to play!

auliya rachman on 12:07 PM, 31-May-14

gan gmn cara dapetin lugia , arceus , shaymin , deoxys , palkia , dialga , girantina ??? ane bingung yg bagian dialga , palkia , girantina .. padahal udh ngambil penthouse key + ketiga orb itu...

auliya rachman on 12:47 PM, 31-May-14

gan cara dpet pokegear gmn?

leon on 10:38 AM, 28-Oct-14

gan request file sav pokemon glazed dari awal petualangan 0 badge.full item.

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:24 PM, 28-Oct-14

@leon, udah ada, liat di kategory sav file pokemon.

James on 02:08 PM, 11-Dec-14

Freezes everytime I catch a Kalos starter

Gentleman on 01:49 AM, 27-Jan-15

Kapan Fullnya ini?

converse背包 on 04:50 AM, 17-Jul-15

converse taiwan
converse背包 http://aog.com.tw/converse3.php

Alex on 06:34 AM, 07-Sep-15

Mega Evolutions?

Pokedex on 03:32 PM, 22-Sep-15

Bisa gak kalau sambung permainannya dgn gunakan battery save file yg sebelumnya..maksudnya pake yg dulu dimasukkan ke dalam yg baru..bisa gak???

arceus on 08:41 PM, 01-Oct-15

Tuk para hack. Bisa minta tolong bikinin hack pokemon untuk jenis apa aja terserah.
Tapi ane pengen nyoba mulainya pake arceus
Kalaupun engga tolong di wild pokemon arceusnya masih lvl rendah+ ada mega sama primer stonnya dan lengkap.. makasih

GG on 09:20 AM, 17-Mar-16

Uda ad beta 7, ane ud dpat smua mega XD

Curious Cat on 03:12 PM, 22-Oct-16

Is Sylveon obtainable now that the fairy type is present?

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