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new game > bla bla bla > receive Axew > beat Uranium > talk to man in front of Prof.Ivan's lab > Canyon path > beat Mirage Karls & Bell and receive Pokedex > beat Max and receive pokenav > Amberyellow town > Light path > Cutter alen's house and get Hm01 Cut > Amberyellow library(talk to Silk) > Amberyellow town's gym and get 1st badge > ancient meadow > dead volcano > pure village > pure tower(talk to mirage admin and than Alvaro) > ancient meadow > Greenland city > beat Ash > Greenland city gym and get 2nd badge > darkgreen path > pine forest > forest Chamber(beat mirage admin charlie) > pinearouma villa > beat mirageleader Wind > pine path > Mt.skywall > high path > redwood city > redwood city gym(get 3rd badge) > waterwave path > get hm06 rock smash in fron of fountain > back to mt.skywall > tyron tower > marble grassland > holy spring > marble city > beat ash and find samuel > marble city gym(get 4th badge) > mt.skywall > navel path > heat passage > route 112 > jade pass > jade lake > beat mirageleader ??? > find victini > volcano town > volcano town gym(get 5th badge) > jade volcano > golden temple > jade volcano(beat mirage admin louis) > marble city > rumors forest > bronze port > beat mirageleader wind > light house(beat all mirage and get hm02 fly) > amberyellow town > snow path > mugwort villa > mugwort villa gym(get 6th badge) > walkthrough by http://sambidoplang.heck.in > cloud meadow > rainbow path > rainbow rock(guardian's event) > Halfleaf city > halfleaf city gym(get 7th badge) > beat luke and eve(beach) > halfleaf cave(get basement key) > bronze port storage room > marble city > mt.skywall(must bring 5 pokemon or less in party) > encounter kyurem W, get victiny and beat Wind > halfleaf city(from here u must surf to south and use dive if u find blocked way) > gray island > flora island > flora island gym(get 8th badge) > tyron tower > hall of fame

- continue???

Go to Canyon path(find a cave named 'canyon lab' here, beat/catch genesect and you will meet N... Find N at the top of Mt.skywall and he will give u Hm07 waterfall) > bronze port ferry > whitewave city > white wave public gym and talk to silk > whitewave public gym(get 1st emblem) > sunny beach > ocean passage > crystal villa > talk to uranium and he will ask u to get the key.

How to get the key??
1. Go to redwood city and beat dark worker(behind flower shop)
2. Go to marble grassland(west of marble city) and beat dark worker
3. Go to Volcano path(south of waterwave path/redwood city) and beat dark worker here
4. Go to bronze port and beat dark worker here and he will give u a key. Give the key to uranium and beat Lumiere in cave.

mist path > brightlight city > brightlight battle base(get 2nd emblem) > rocky road > rose town > rose town battle base(get 3rd emblem) > whitewave city > lost path > granite canyon > orange villa > talk to uranium > enter a cave(in orange villa) and beat liam and lumiere > go to crystal villa and get the 4th emblem > go back to orange villa > golden canyon > iris town > iris battle base(get 5th emblem) > walkthrough by http://sambidoplang.heck.in > blue path > skylight villa > skylight battle base(get 6th emblem) > sky tunnel > challange bridge > hall of fame.

- continue???

Go to brightligh city airport > central area > central battle > hiden cave(talk to wind).


- Genesect : canyon lab(canyon area)
- Celebi : Pinearoma Villa/Rumors Forest(use dig beside the genius kid in pinearoma villa and a cave will appear, allowing you to get the GS Ball there and after that, there's a house of time in Rumors Forest where you can catch celebi).
- Darkrai : Whitewave City (Finish the event of WIND in Central Area (Hidden Cave), and Darkrai will appear near the Pokemon Center or PC - left side).
- Zorua : Whitewave City(speak to a girl near the Pokemon Center or PC - left side)
- Rotom : Waterwave Path(After defeating Expert S in 20th Century Company, this pokemon will be given to you by his Secretary in a house - head south to find the house).
- Keldeo : Freshair Bay(Surf south of Freshwind Villa)
- Suicune : Pure Tower
- Deoxys : a Cave in High Path.... if dont appear, go to holy karst cave(west of marble city) and press a pokeball there, after that back to cave in high path.
- Mew : High Edge Falls(a cave in shappine path)
- Mewto : Greenland Cave
-Reshiram(Male)/Zekrom(Female) : Jade volcano
- Entei : Dead Volcano(south of pure village)
- Shaymin : Flora Sea. go to whitewave city dan get a key from someone, then go to abandoned ship(south of redwood city) and talk to Dr.cathy. Then go to redwood flower shop and find Glacidea. Then go to Flower sea and enter a cave, then talk to dr.cathy.
- Kyurem : Mt. Snowy
- Latios(Male)/Latias(Female) : Halfleaf Cave
- Giratina : Crystal Villa(in a cave-house)
- Volcarona : Ancient Cave(mist path/south of brightlight city and use dive)
- Cresselia : Rocky Road. you must sleep in a house of Rose Town(bottom right side) and obtain Lunar Wing to catch it in rocky road
- Raikou : Hidden Cave(central area)
- Arceus : Marble Mineral(Marble City).. Find the Azure Flute in Central Area before catching it - far left side.


Walkthrough pokemon victory fire english language
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43 responses to "Walkthrough Pokemon Victory Fire Complete | English Language"

Ulien on 01:04 PM, 20-Aug-13

ga mudeng bahasanya kang...

Poketrainer Ifin on 01:10 PM, 20-Aug-13

Download | Tutorial | Full walkthrough pokemon victory fire complete | cheat | english language | trik | trick | after hall of fame | how to get all legendaries in victory fire | how to get uranium's key | western tyron

Ibrahim Wamusa on 01:23 PM, 20-Aug-13

mantap gan! Teruskan karyamu oke! biggrin

crut on 05:53 PM, 20-Aug-13

ga paham bahasa inggris biggrin

Ibrahim Wamusa on 06:44 PM, 20-Aug-13

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br gini nulis warnanya [*sub]SAYA[*/sub] warna merah!
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Hapus tanda * biggrin

Ibrahim Wamusa on 06:45 PM, 20-Aug-13

it kode .comment km ksh k cssmu kalau km mau itu kode bekerja d blog mu!

Ibrahim Wamusa on 06:55 PM, 20-Aug-13

oke gan cheesy-grin

Poketrainer Ifin on 10:42 PM, 20-Aug-13

@Ibrahim Wamusa, sip ^^

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Walkthrough pokemon victory fire english

Jam on 08:31 PM, 24-Jun-14

where can i find tynamo and beldum?

derp on 07:41 PM, 27-Jun-14

Where do u get dive?

Sambidoplang Blog on 10:27 AM, 28-Jun-14

@derp, bronze port. Enter the storage room.

gary on 09:43 PM, 29-Jul-14

where do i find HM waterfall

d ditto on 06:20 AM, 30-Jul-14

gary, top of mt.skywall.

Lucario on 09:14 PM, 04-Aug-14

Dapetin hm surf di mana ?

Sambidoplang Blog on 08:54 AM, 05-Aug-14

@Lucario,baca tutorialnya

Surf on 05:20 PM, 10-Sep-14

Where's surf

Ikuzo on 09:50 PM, 21-Sep-14

Can you mega evolve charizard to mega charizard y in this game, if so, how?

granadz on 10:12 AM, 22-Nov-14

easy game, i was able to finish this for 3 days, but not the part after the elite four... and i dont even know how to catch some legendary pokemons,,,hahaha, i just found some but not all..

raj on 10:10 PM, 30-Dec-14

where is glacidea in redwood flower shop

mack on 08:00 PM, 10-Jan-15

I found a latios while roaming around smile

Andrei22 on 05:56 PM, 20-Jan-15

Where is the location of arceus and if so where is marble mineral?

chris on 12:57 AM, 23-Jan-15

How do I restore the fossils

Shady Penguin on 09:36 PM, 28-Jan-15

What The Fuck

@arceus_7 on 03:54 PM, 30-Jan-15

Where to catch victini?????

Eri_Kristian on 02:48 PM, 07-Feb-15

I Don't know how to get Volcarona Can You givi me full walkthrough to get volcarona??

Shintaro on 12:49 PM, 13-Feb-15

where to find dive exact location

noob on 10:16 PM, 03-Mar-15

noob x pandai main

kheinepogito@gmail.com on 09:10 PM, 17-Mar-15

thank you:> posa lahattt!!

Finish on 10:31 PM, 08-May-15

Nice game. I finished it thanks to your walkthrough. I caught all the legendaries. Keep up the goodwork

Diamantino on 01:07 AM, 11-May-15

piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii polla

Rey on 04:34 PM, 15-Jun-15

how can I find volcarona in the ancient cave???

patricia on 07:21 AM, 12-Jul-15

PSbiggrinominic Rabang Idio

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CHaRlEs on 01:29 PM, 08-Mar-16

i beat the central and found some of the legendaries like arceus but i dont know how to catch deoxys

CHaRlEs on 01:30 PM, 08-Mar-16

hahahahah kaya mo pala ->(magtagalog)

CHaRlEs on 01:34 PM, 08-Mar-16

to get volcarona first go to whitewave city then go to the beach then surf you wil find a path in pokenav or any map in mist path go to there and you can see a diving area dive here and u wil see a wall theres a code then dig it and it wil open then you can see volcarona....be happysmilehope that i can help....proud to be a filipino-< hahahaha

CHaRlEs on 01:41 PM, 08-Mar-16

and to found arceus first go to central city go in the outer layer of the building (u can see a many visitor) pass it and u wil see a boy who training go left and go down you will see a twin (a boys who wears green shirts and pants) and go to a left side then u will see a grand mother go to the left then u will see an line that down in bushes go to the down...down and down and down press a and you will see (you found an azure flute) second go to the marble city and surf in upper left side and use waterfall up...and you will see a cave go in it and go upsters and it will says (do you want to play the azure flute?) press a and you will see a glass path that connected to arceus hope you can catch it......XD

Hi on 09:49 PM, 01-Apr-16

Where is the fossil restore????

Steve on 06:25 PM, 19-May-16

Who put this up is a genius,thank you.

poketrainer neo on 04:44 PM, 23-Jul-16

where is celebi in rumors forest

poketrainer neo on 04:45 PM, 23-Jul-16

where is celebi in rumors forest

rzk on 05:15 PM, 22-Aug-16

house light dimana gan

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